20 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas Your Guests Will Fall In Love With

Don’t think of the guest bedroom as a rarely visited space, not requiring much attention. It is still part of your interior, and this room should keep pace with the latest trends. Although the design should read more neutral than in your master bedroom, it still needs a personality to share with your guests when they are staying over. 

Let’s quickly go through the essentials of a guest bedroom, shared by interior designers with expertise in the field, and get as fast as possible to the best design ideas we borrowed from satisfied homeowners and experts who managed to design a perfect guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Essentials: Good to Know

  • Add personality. Pick a design style for the guest bedroom;
  • Absolute must – bedside tables. Ensure free horizontal surfaces next to the bed;
  • Easy-to-reach lamps. Make it easy and comfortable for your guests to switch on and off the light;
  • Entertainment. A TV or artwork on the opposite wall is imperative for ensuring an engaging ambiance;
  • Storage space. Add a closet, even a small one, where your guests can store their clothes and other belongings;
  • Privacy. Think of an appropriate window treatment, blackout curtains or blinds, and a door lock;
  • Comfort. Choose a good mattress, soft pillows, and quality bedding; make sure you have more than one bedding set;
  • Accessible outlets. Your guests may want to charge their phones or laptops while staying over;
  • Decluttered surfaces. Remove any visual clutter and let your guests use the available surface according to their needs; let them be the owners of the room;
  • Heating and air conditioning. Ensure your guest room is provided with the necessary units to control the temperature, depending on your location;
  • Decoration. Make your guests feel at home by providing a relaxing ambiance through decor, such as scented candles, ambient lighting, and a bunch of up-to-date magazines or books on the bedside table.

Your guests will fall in love faster than you with the following guest bedroom design ideas. Enjoy!

Work It Smart: Guest Bedroom in the Attic

Have you always dreamt of a perfectly designed guest bedroom, yet you don’t have the necessary space for a new room? What about the attic? Transform it into an original and cozy bedroom. Bring in the essentials and decorate this room with taste. Your guests will definitely be impressed.

Add a New Seat: Lounge Area

If the space availability makes it possible, decide on an additional seat in the bedroom. Add a loveseat or two accent chairs as an extra relaxation nook for your guests. They come in handy when you cannot provide this room with storage units. At night, your guests can leave their belongings on those seats. A multi-purpose alternative, to be short.

Small Guest Bedroom: Light Color Code

Choosing the right color palette is the best decision for a small guest bedroom. Color is a true game changer in this Modern White, Gray, and Blue Bedroom Project developed by Robert Lewis, one of the professional online designers at Hackrea. 

The bright color palette full of personality makes this room feel spacious and inviting. As the designer states, this bedroom fulfills its duty up to the last element. Such a perfectly chosen color combination even allowed the integration of an extra-comfortable king-size bed. 

Formula for a Cozy Bedroom: Dark Color

Unless your guest bedroom is really small, switch to darker colors for walls and ensure a moody environment. Provide the nightstands with ambient light lamps and let the dance of light and color play its magic at night.

Personalize the Design: Guest Bedroom Theme

One of the best design ideas to keep any doubts at bay is thinking of a design style beforehand. The best themes of the season that sell are as follows:


Pick the natural theme. Ensure natural light, provide an airy color scheme, introduce natural color, especially green, use sustainable materials, such as wood, glass, and metals, and decorate the space with a natural landscape, be it through a panoramic window or mural wallpaper. Get inspired by this Contemporary Bedroom with Eco-style Elements Design created by Hackrea’s exclusive online designer Alex Jolea.


Undoubtedly, the mix of Modern and Classic still reigns this season and doesn’t plan to get out of trend soon. Lend elegance and finesse to your guest bedroom by decorating the walls with molding, choosing a king-size bed with a large, tufted headboard, opting for a light color palette, and picking a centerpiece chandelier to complete the look, just like in the following photos (Elegant Neoclassical Gray Bedroom Project by Giulia Lombardi, another Hackrea’s professional designer).

Modern Art Deco

The love for the roaring Art Deco style makes designers worldwide customize design projects through elements peculiar to this style. Show off your exquisite taste by decorating the neutrally colored guest bedroom with glamorous pops of color and accessories. Black and gold accents are invited to beautify the design. Make your guests feel the elegance in Art Deco color and patterns, just like this White and Blue Bedroom Design by Alex Jolea does. 


If you cannot decide on a particular style, Contemporary is your safe resort. Choose a modern approach to any design style, and you will surely acquire a trendy guest bedroom your guests will endlessly enjoy. The absolute must-haves are a monochromatic color palette, a functional layout, decluttered surfaces, plenty of natural light, and occasional pops of color or patterns that pay tribute to a particular theme. These inspiring contemporary design photos are borrowed from Giulia Lombardi’s Contemporary White and Gold Bedroom Design.

If nothing has sparked your interest, discover other designers’ favorite approaches in our updated article on the trendiest interior design styles

Canopy Bed

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bed decorated with a canopy. A canopy frame alone is enough. Yet, consider fabric for an additional privacy touch. The wide range of canopy frame materials, shapes, and sizes won’t disappoint you. 

Green-Kissed: Indoor Plants

According to designers, the best accessory for a room is one created by nature. Invite natural greenery to take over the guest bedroom. Decorate the space with large and small pots with indoor plants. A simple yet well-thought accessory brings freshness to the design.

Embrace Bold Intentions

Make your guests want to come over again with a customized bedroom that stands out through show-stealing features, such as bold colors, unusual patterns, unconventional shapes, and daring accents. The guest bedroom is an excellent opportunity to put into practice your deepest design dreams that you are not yet ready to make part of the master bedroom.

Personal Bathroom

It would be much more comfortable for your guests if a personal bathroom were attached to the guest bedroom. If you cannot provide a whole new room for this, consider opting for an open-floor bedroom and adding a mini-bathroom area separated through a non-transparent room divider. 

Think Original, Think Vintage

The answer always lies in the most simple solutions. Professionals claim an interior feels especially welcome when decorated with Vintage accents. Those accessories lean familiar and cozy. This is the easiest way to decorate the guest bedroom since you can finally put in practice decor and furniture pieces that have been staying for a long time in your attic or basement. In the spirit of sustainable design trends, recycle and reuse. 

Use Every Room’s Corner

Don’t leave a single corner unattended by your imagination. For instance, you can add an entertaining reading nook in the window area or transform a free room corner into a secluded relaxation zone. 

Primary Trend of the Season: Two-Bed Bedroom

As of late, we often see this tendency with two beds in the guest bedroom. One of the reasons may be that not all your guests are necessarily a couple. Besides this, the idea of two beds sounds original, outstanding, and sophisticated. Give it a try, as said by homeowners who have already experienced this trend.

Above-Head Storage

If you don’t have much space, yet you want to ensure your guests have a place to store their belongings, we suggest using the area next to your bed for a built-in closet. You can even consider the space above the headboard. Instead of small nightstands, think of an entire wall-mounted wardrobe. Don’t forget to consider a few open-storage shelves that your guests will easily reach from the bed.

Quality Over Quantity: Invest in Bedding

Make your guests feel at home by choosing the best and comfiest bedding. Ensure you have all the essential elements: a good mattress, a soft duvet, plenty of pillows, and quality bed linens. Make sure you have more than one set.

Easy to Reach: Wall Sconces

When staying over at someone, you may not be familiar with where the light switch is, particularly at night. Make it easy for your guests and mount wall sconces above nightstands with an easy-to-reach switch. They will thank you later.

Guest Bedroom or Home Office

Actually, both; a room that serves as a guest bedroom and a personal study when needed is the ultimate trend. Choose a sleeper sofa that you can use as a relaxation seat in your home office during the day and transform it into a bed when having guests over. Save space, work smart, and stay efficient.

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