White and blue bedroom with a Modern Art Deco appeal

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Where the Modern layout based on functionality and neutral color palette ends, the flamboyant Art Deco with its bright splash of color and sparkling accents take this bedroom interior on a new adventure. The bright blue drop of color on the neutral white backdrop alongside the elegant gold details bring a refined echo of the 20’s into this contemporary setting that slightly roars minimalism.


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The impressive fusion between Modern and Art Deco strikes with full intensity in this contemporary bedroom. Modern prevails with a neutral color palette, involving one of the timeless shades of white – Cloud White OC-130 by the renowned brand Benjamin Moore on the walls and ceiling. The slightly warm notes that flow through this paint color resonate with the off-white appearance of the bleached wood flooring. With a no less impressive speed, the textured molding on the walls and ceiling alongside the chevron parquet shape the overwise simple backdrop.

Among the standout features that define this personal interior are the free space and great lighting conditions that meet the standards of homeowners who appreciate the functional use of space and natural light. To make sure everything goes this way particularly, the designer opted for full-length windows accompanied by plain silver-gray curtains that don’t interfere with the course of light.

The personality of this room relies on Art Deco, which brings an exceptional sense of individuality to the space. This design story couldn’t go without a neutral intro, although the main focus is the bright blue accent wall and bed with a wall-mounted headboard. This is when the love for the 20’s grandor comes to the fore. The teal-blue shade is a real find for its companion – the overall off-white color palette, which is noticed on the bedding as well. 

Since the bed is one of the main furniture pieces in the bedroom, the designer made it a center of attention, adding the gorgeous velvety surface that spreads to the headboard with a similar elegance. 

The contrast would seem out of control if it weren’t for the room elements that unnoticeably smooth the transition from one style to another. The designer successfully integrated two bedside tables that show an impressive mix of white, black marble, and brass alongside the modern round shape. The same goes for the IC lighting sources reflected through the white and brass pendant, wall sconce, and floor lamp underlined by contemporary sleek lines and edges. Even the main pendant showcases the renowned Sputnik design yet effortlessly brings in the beloved Art Deco combo of white, black, and gold. Since these light sources are more of decorative pieces, the interior received additional LED strips to evenly brighten all functional areas.

Not ready to give up, Art Deco strikes again. This time, it goes for the modern TV stand that reveals patterns peculiar to the style defined by eclectic luxury. The fine touches of stainless steel and gold develop the intended elegant effect. 

Not a single contemporary bedroom would work without a TV, which has been successfully hung above the TV stand so that the homeowners could conveniently watch their favorite TV shows in their free time. 

When the movie directed by Modern and Art Deco seems to come to an end, a new design solution interferes. The irreplaceable natural approach finds its way to an already sophisticated interior, yet it manages to fit in just right. The natural wood and rattan lounge chair reveals its light-colored surface on the bold background. 

Current trends bet on comfort, and the designer could not skip this part, opting for a comfy area rug with Oriental patterns defined by black and gray. It would seem that another style tries to disturb the harmony between minimalism and flamboyance, yet the distressed design of this rug makes it almost fade into the light flooring so that it wouldn’t steal the show. 

The connoisseurs of Minimalist Art Deco would appreciate the exquisite layout of decor the designer came up with. The gold leaf wall decor and the white and gold floating shelves with their own decoration preserve the vibe of an era bathed in metallic accents, while the almost unnoticed glass vase with natural filling goes hand in hand with the rattan lounge, setting a new harmonious connection. 

One last thing that doesn’t stand out but clearly hides behind the appealing look of this interior is the balance of contrasts, styles, textures, and colors that set the foundation for this modern bedroom, which would not go unnoticed by enthusiasts of the roaring 20’s who want to personalize their contemporary personal space.

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