Large masculine bedroom with an integrated home office in gray with a soft Industrial twist

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The neutral color palette, simplistic layout, and functional approach to furniture stand behind the masculine bedroom plan that firmly enters the contemporary design trends. With additional strings to the masculine energy-radiating Industrial style, this large open-concept personal space with an integrated home office and built-in closet sets a contemporary environment any man would appreciate.

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The exceptionally spacious and well-lit open-concept bedroom that successfully integrates the working space shows a prevalence of neutral shades with a gray base and additional white and black traces, which is peculiar to spaces intended for men.

Another feature that perfectly radiates the masculine energy is the soft Industrial approach that slightly prevails over the space through the same concrete-replicating wallpaper and black metal pieces as part of a larger composition. 

While the ceiling painted in the go-to Ultra Pure White 1850 from Behr sets a formal environment, the combination of black marble tiles and laminated boards on the floor separates an improvised entry area from the personal space where one relaxes on the one side and works on the other.

The large windows make sure natural light fully filters into the space and opens a perfect outdoor view that extends the room borders. Still, the gray blackout curtains are there to ensure privacy during the night or day if one decides to take a nap. 

The overall modern design solution could not overlook functional lighting, providing the space with practical spotlights and track lighting, while the bedroom and working area received edge-cutting ring pendants with adjustable strings that add the ultimate sense of sophistication to an overly simplified look. 

To avoid disturbing the walls’ raw features, designers decided to go with stainless steel interior doors, which add to the Industrial feel of contemporaneity. 

Considering that Industrial materials are associated with masculine energy, such surfaces as black metal and glass were integrated into the walk-in closet, which not only underlines the practicality of the space but also balances the neutral color palette. 

As experts in the field suggest, men’s bedrooms are not only about functionality and neutrality. A pop of vibrance here and there is much welcome in interiors that crave raw surfaces and impartial colors. This idea was successfully integrated by decorating one of the walls with a bold painting that radiates courage and expression. 

Sleeping area

Gray-painted, still, quite imposing, the accent brick wall adds texture to the space and goes hand in hand with the intended Industrial effect. The gray shade is what neutralizes the raw surface and brings in the soft approach to Industrial. 

Since men’s bedrooms require larger furniture that serves practically its purpose, an enormous bed with an orange faux leather headboard was put in place. Orange may seem too daring for a neutral palette. Still, even a masculine interior requires a bit of contrast. 

As for the rest, the sleekness of lines and dark accents prevail with sturdy C-shaped bedside tables, a narrow console side table with storage, and the standout triangle wood and metal end table. 

To dilute the strong effect of clean lines and dark shades, experts came up with the idea to add a Modern houndstooth accent chair with a gold frame, whose soft angles are also welcome in such interiors, although in a moderate quantity, just like in this case. 

Since men strive for functionality and comfort, the sleeping area could not be deprived of a comfy area rug, and the best choice is undoubtedly a shag rug that preserves the neutral shade. The additional minimalist wall art above the bed adds character to the space and personalizes it, while the large screen TV on the other side completes the design plan for this area, which makes the last statement through a bunch of pots with indoor plants that look good on any background.

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Working area

Wood and metals are favorites in spaces designed for men. They have been successfully integrated into the working area, a mini home office perfectly separated from the bedroom through a partition wall. 

The office desk that serves as the main character in this space goes beyond its practical use. The astonishing architectural design adds visual interest, while the contrast between wood and black metal offers an appealing source of intrigue alongside the floating drawer. 

On one side of the desk, the ergonomic office chair provides the working area with a comfortable seat for long hours of work, which suits the owner of the room particularly well if he works remotely. On the other, elegance makes its move and enriches the interior with a Modern gray and orange accent chair. 

Besides the piece of art provided by the desk, the real masterpiece unveils its contemporary value: the abstract brown painting, so versatile to suit any taste and so unique to add a touch of individuality.

The favorite wood and glass surfaces reveal their texture again. This time, it is the built-in bookshelf of wood and glass that doesn’t take an inch from the space yet provides a functional storage system. 

Back to black accents, designers could not let the available free space go just like this and decided to decorate it with a minimalist magazine rack of black metal, whose straight lines and slightly curved edges make for a great Industrial statement. 

Now that the whole design project is fully covered, it is worth taking a look at the bold accents again. The orange bed headboard and the orange accent chair in the working area reveal the same splash of vibrancy that the large painting in the entry area hides behind stylish creativity, which ensures harmony among the functional areas as part of the same interior.

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