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Want to buy wall paint, wallpaper and wonder how it will look in your interior?

Try Hackrea Visualizer

How it Works

Take the guesswork out of it and quickly decide which paint/wallpaper will suit your room best.
Choose a Room
Choose a room from the list or upload a photo of your room(feature in development).
Select the Walls
Select the walls you want to see the products on.
Apply Different Products
Click on the product image to apply it to the selected walls.
Hackrea Visualizer

The Product Types You Can Try

Hackrea Visualizer provides you the possibility to try products from different categories.

Wall Paint

Choose from the wall paint options provided by the most popular brands.
Benjamin Moore
Find Similar/Complementary Colors, Amazon Paint Matches
Visualize Paints


Try our selections of best selling wallpapers on Amazon.
100 Best Selling Wallpapers on Amazon
Brick Wallpaper
Wood Wallpaper
Tropical Wallpaper
Many more wallpaper selections added every week
Visualize Wallpapers

, In Development

Hackrea Visualizer is under constant development. We plan to add the following product categories:
Wall Panels & 3D Wallpaper & Wall Decor
Flooring & Rugs / Carpets
Kitchen Cabinets, Backsplash, Countertop, Hardware

For Online Retailers? Yes, of Course!

Do you sell online and want to offer your customers an exceptional shopping experience?
Hackrea Visualizer is:
Easily integrable on every site
Our specialized team will accompany you on every step of the visualizer integration on your site.
Outstanding Experience
Provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience and realistic results to optimize sales and decrease return rates.
Clear Insights
Make better decisions based on clear insights and relevant stats you can access in your admin panel.
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Differentiate yourself from your competitors by giving your customers a valuable tool to decide which products are best for them.
Hackrea Visualizer