Exquisite combination: gold accents and marble texture in a neutral kitchen + living room

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An exquisitely modern interior with an open floor plan reveals the beauty of contrasting mixes between neutral and luxurious, bathed in full natural light. The overall light color palette diluted with the most elegant gold splashes shows that elegance always finds its way in contemporary interiors alongside the versatile marble surfaces.


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The Modern open-floor interior uses the available space to the fullest and functionally combines the cooking and seating areas, leaving enough free space and ensuring full daylight penetration so that the interior would feel airy and perfectly work for multi-member families. 

By starting with a neutral background, designers set a clean canvas, later painted with bold accents. The cool white shade with a stylish appeal Decorator’s White CC-20 by Benjamin Moore on the walls and ceiling, the medium gray variation on the wood kitchen cabinets and interior doors, and timeless black marble on the floor are the defining colors of the interior. Simultaneously, the gold details take the lead as the main focus in this project.

Despite the full-length windows that provide an enormous amount of natural light, the black track lighting sources functionally brighten particular areas when needed. The experts responsible for this masterpiece added two pendants with more of a decorative role that successfully underline the up-to-date feature with their sleek geometric design showcasing the same black accents. 

Seating area

The main character in this functional area and the focal point in the whole interior is the extra comfy and exclusively luxurious sofa with modern rounded edges and matching throw pillows for the best seating experience during family time. 

Since the sofa provides three seats, experts made sure to add two more seats, considering that the interior is designed for multi-member families. The additional accent chairs with beige velvet upholstery and a gold frame stay true to the intended effect of the sofa, revealing a round shape. 

To make sure the seating space stands out as a functional area, the Modern area rug with gray and gold marble veins engages itself in the play of contrasts, particularly when it enters the contest with the black marble floor. 

Not a single contemporary living room goes without a coffee table, which comes with a double effect in this space. The set of bowl-shaped and drum-shaped accent coffee tables in the prevailing shades white, black, and gold complete the picture. Their gold top has a specific connection with the geometric wall decor with gold lines and the fabulous gold accent wall, where the large screen TV keeps pace with the modern built-in artificial fireplace. 

The white, again round, vase with a beige filling inspired by nature and the minimalist decorative bust add the last piece of sophistication to this contemporary combination of shapes. 


The gray-painted wood cabinets work with the marble backsplash and countertop in this clutter-free and minimalist cooking area. The kitchen also receives a few sparkles with the gold finish on the kitchen island, revealing a similar marble countertop and a new accent – the sleek matte black faucet. 

The dining table of gray wood flows from the island and reveals its own texture in the company of originally shaped off-white velvet chairs with gold frames. Here, designers also made sure that the dining area had enough seats for whole family gatherings. 

Gold makes its last move and ensures the balance is perfect by contrasting the white walls with a side storage system with a gold finish in the kitchen, providing a great accent for the dining area.

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