Open-floor Neoclassical kitchen + living room for a couple that craves the Classic without giving up on the Modern

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An irreplaceable feel of formality enters the interior once the Classic background starts this play of styles. The following Modern layout, slightly bold shades, and Industrial textures integrate the contemporary sense of self-expression, while the finest touch of warm wood surfaces and the irreplaceable comfort radiated by the fireplace adds to the sophistication of this interior. So eclectic yet harmonious, the combination of different views on beauty and comfort adapts the open-floor room to a wide range of preferences, which works particularly well for couples with different perspectives on style.

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As fast as one enters the room, an impressive combination of feelings reveals the complexity of the design. The favorite Neoclassical gray with the slightest sense of warmth spreads all over the walls in the pleasant company of the Classic trim and ceiling painted in the perfect reflection of natural cotton Chantilly Lace OC-65 from Benjamin Moore, known to successfully play with color notes for timeless shades. 

The sophisticated sense of Eclecticism requires an appropriate amount of light to ensure every element has the opportunity to reveal its beauty, and this is why the open-floor room is brought to the next level with arch top windows, which is undoubtedly a feature worth considering in Neoclassical interiors. The same can be said about the parquet on the floor.

Since this interior is designed for a couple with one side looking towards the timeless Classic approaches and the other gravitating towards the irreplaceable Modern air that a contemporary setting cannot go without, designers have smartly and stylishly separated the functional areas by taking a bit from each style and even bringing in something new. 

Seating area

Mostly Modern yet filled with Classic air that radiates from the overall formal color palette, the seating area exposes one of the main focuses in this room – the gorgeous velvet sofa with a curved shape and enriched with a soothing yet standout blue color that appears to keep pace with the plain blue curtains. At the same time, the built-in white bookcase almost fades into the background and showcases the functionality of the space. 

The next step fully shows the integration of new concepts – the Industrial-inspired coffee table with an intricate black metal frame and a Rustic round top dares disturb the harmony between Classic and Modern only to add a new point of interest. 

Since there are no separation walls, the borders between functional spaces are unobtrusively set through particular units, such as the neutrally-colored abstract area rug that clearly defines the limits of the seating area.  

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The kitchen is where Classic meets Modern, and the standout line between the half-Industrial and half-Traditional kitchen cabinets is a reliable reason to say so. The metallic cabinets with brushed gold finish on the one hand and the timeless white cabinets with classic shapes on the other seem so different yet perfectly engaged in this dance of styles.

Still, the differences are slightly smoothed by each approach lending a few features to the other. While the raw side borrows the classic marble texture, the other makes the most of the modern handleless solution. To balance the contrast, designers decided to opt for a black accent, which in this case is a matte black faucet with a strong Industrial vibe. 

Dining area

On both sides of the dining area, everything works either for the Classic or Modern approach with elements to satisfy the beauty preferences of each partner. The space where they will be taking their meal together features impartial design solutions that come from entirely different styles.

To make sure that the chosen approach would surely meet the standards of both partners, designers went with the concept of comfort, which is also an aspect sought after in contemporary interiors. The feel of coziness ensured by the fireplace and the Rustic-inspired dining table with a round shape and ergonomically designed chairs slightly traced to Mid-Century Modern manage the task to the fullest. Again, no walls here as well, but one can instantly feel a different mood in this area.


The interior is quite spacious, and a few additional pieces to the overall composition would not spoil the intended effect. The earlier mentioned approach with contrasting accents is also noticed when two accent black floor cupboards decorate the space on both sides of the fireplace, making sure that all functional areas, regardless of what direction they take, are part of the same interior. The decorative vase with natural filling and aesthetically pleasing Classic bust show stand behind the enhanced formality.

Not mandatory in a Neoclassical interior, yet with an impressive effect on the interior, the standout paintings with a Classic feeling serve as perfect pops of color for a unique environment that one cannot help but notice as soon as entering the space, which works for art amateurs especially. 

A set of wall mirrors with Vintage-inspired frames in gold were used to decorate the space above the fireplace and individualize the space further on. This is mostly about harmony: the Neoclassical likes to play with different textures, and this aspect is preserved by stylishly combining marble with metals. In the same way, the intricately shaped pendants, which fully embrace geometric forms and metal accents, contrast the classic white ceiling alongside the less sophisticated spotlights.  

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