Timeless and ultra-modern black and white kitchen + living room

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With a black and off-white background, minimalist layout and elegant details, sleek lines and round edges, raw surfaces and soft textures, this spacious interior that smartly pairs two functional areas reaches state of the art. The solutions integrated into this room are designed for a family whose members strive for contemporaneity while appreciating elegant masterpieces.


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The ultra-modern interior reveals a contrasting pairing of colors that harmoniously underlines the defining features of the open-floor kitchen and seating area. The additional free space and extra-large windows emphasize the simple approach to design and the desire to bring the natural landscape into the interior. 

Despite the classic mix of colors, the interior takes an opposite direction by considering the brownish-black Urbane Bronze SW 7048 from the color brand Sherwin-Williams for the ceiling and light pebble tiles for the flooring. Still, a touch of the soft Cloud White OC-130 from Benjamin Moore infiltrates into the seating area, reaching one of the walls, while the mega-popular gray of cool and soft Revere Pewter HC-172 from the same manufacturer enrich the relaxation area with an accent wall that doesn’t disturb the prevailing neutrality.

Designers made sure that the lighting sources go hand in hand with the edge-cutting black ceiling by adding tracking light systems and black minimalist pendants inspired by the popular Sputnik design, with a whole composition in the seating area and separate pieces above the kitchen island.

Since the interior involves two functional areas, an appropriate delimitation is required so that the cooking process would not interfere with the TV time in the relaxation space. The black-painted wood partition wall manages this task to the fullest, while the metallic-bars-like design allows the light to fully penetrate the room. 

Seating area

The off-white seating area relies on a more comfortable environment with a light background that displays a large screen TV for evening family gatherings that would be filled with coziness due to the built-in artificial fireplace, which doesn’t cease to keep it contemporary.

This is where the love for elegant pieces arises with a beige Chesterfield sofa and an accent chair of a similar kind; both lifted up by gold legs that don’t seem far from the beige shade.

To complete the relaxation area with enough seats for whole family gatherings, even in the company of a few friends, designers decided to add two extra seats in a slightly different style, which gravitates towards the contemporary side. The off-white boucle lounge chairs with the same gold base soften the room’s contemporary formality with rounded edges. 

The composition is enriched with texture through the beige area rug with Boho patterns and accents through the black coffee table with a round shape and a glass top. 


The roots of the ultra-modern interior start in the kitchen, where the sleek wood cabinets painted in black, devoid of handles, the hidden storage system, and impressively textured stone countertop and backsplash with white patterns set just the right mood. 

The center of the cooking area is the matte black island with the same standout countertop that flows into the large black painted wood dining table. 

Nature takes the lead with the ashwood and rattan chairs, which preserve the black and seem like they have always been part of this interior. The textured matte black walls on the opposite side of the windows host a well-organized storage system with glass doors, reminding us that this splash of sleekness and contemporaneity is actually a kitchen. 

As a final touch, designers referred once again to the natural element and decorated the cooking area with a glass aquarium that dilutes the neutral palette in the most pleasant way.

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