Spacious and light woman’s bedroom + home office with gold sparkles and a Biophilic relaxation area

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When classy white meets the minimalist layout, black accents, and a few sparkles of gold, the bedroom interior instantly achieves a modern appearance. The pearl of this design plan is the biophilic relaxation area that makes sure the contemporary open-floor bedroom is not devoid of the natural element.


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The beyond-limits spacious bedroom that successfully makes the working area part of the interior reveals a light color palette, classic wall patterns, large windows, and lots of free space alongside the rich combination of furniture pieces and modern decor. If the ceiling painted in the sleek white shade Decorator’s White CC-20 from Benjamin Moore, the beige window treatment, and the light laminate go hand in hand with each other, then the black marble tiles alongside other black accents contrast the palette to the appropriate level so that the interior would not feel blurred.

To make sure the space receives the most appropriate amount of light, designers opted for full-length windows that reveal the outdoor view, decorating them with plain blackout curtains in beige for full privacy during the night. 

It is no surprise that such a large interior was enriched with several light sources, each standing out through its functionality or style; from the practical spotlights all over the space to no less functional black track lighting and two flamboyant pendants for each area.

Since this space implies the combination of two functional areas + a relaxation space, the separation elements on the ceiling, the partition wall between the sleeping area and the working one, and the use of different flooring cover types smoothly underline the borders between those areas. 

Sleeping area

The main character is, without any doubt, the bed, which in this case showcases a low-profile platform and an orange faux leather frame and headboard, with the latter slightly curved. Next, white takes the fore with the extra fluffy shag area rug that adds the right amount of coziness to the overly simplified layout. At the same pace, the white acrylic bedside tables with a modern design and the white and black triangle end table ensure nothing surpasses the contemporary limit. 

A bit of contrast, if well-balanced, never spoils the composition, and designers decided to bet on black, going with a houndstooth accent chair that also introduces a new detail – gold. Its sparkling frame reflects itself into the full-length mirror with a frame of the same material. The golden play goes on, and the narrow console table with the classy white and gold combination underlined by the intricately shaped base in the company of gold decor makes a no less sparkling statement. 

The most common and reliable approach that involves gold is to consider this finish for the pendant, and this is what completes the design – a contrasting chandelier with ivory bubble shades and a gold frame right above the sleeping area. 

All things considered, this bedroom perfectly reflects the lifestyle of a woman who keeps pace with contemporary simplicity and sleekness of shapes, appreciates functionality, and wants to emphasize feminine energy through the go-to gold sparkles evenly spread throughout the space. 

Working area

The space meant for occasional remote work or dealing with personal business is smartly separated from the bedroom with a partition wall so that each area acquires its own environment. 

Here, the color palette hosts a new guest – the accent wall painted in the soft Creamy Mushroom PPU5-13 from Behr that doesn’t go far from the prevalent beige and is definitely close to the more intense beige curtains. 

The furniture has been carefully selected according to the overall approach, opting once again for timelessness. The first unit that draws attention is the white and gold desk with intricate legs that unobtrusively shape the space, adding elegant value to the look. Its neighbor, the black and gold bookshelf, doesn’t stand a step back in terms of finesse, offering storage space for work-related units and decor that complete the aesthetics. 

Black hits once again with the accent pendant that beautifully reflects a hat-like shape with sleek lines and smooth curves that look like they flow in the air.

Relaxation area

With a slightly different approach to materials, this area stands out by revealing a coolish combination of stark white and black marble that ensures this refreshing feel one would like to experience when seeking relaxation. 

Still, the defining feature in this area is the biophilic design approach that smartly integrates natural greeneries, stones, and sand indoors and makes them seem like they have always been part of the interior, all due to the large window that allows natural light to fully penetrate the space – a pattern that can be noticed throughout the entire open-floor interior.

An area like this would not go without pieces of furniture one can fully dive into the land of relaxation with. The set of two beige floor lounge chairs with extra soft foam and ergonomic structure radiate comfort only by looking at them, while their minimalist design and slightly warm shade are irreplaceable in this context. 

Another role played by this biophilic refuge is to serve as an inspirational view for the working area and a calming landscape for the sleeping space since this part of the interior is smartly located to be seen from both functional areas, and impressively reflect a new meaning for each in part.

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