12x10ft Blue-gray and white bedroom design

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The Modern bedroom shows off an incredibly smart use of the relatively small space, where each furniture piece, decor unit, and item of practical use is well-thought-out. Everything starts with the pleasing blue-gray and white color palette that keeps the sleeping area well-lit and doesn’t hesitate to add a few notes of charm due to the blue undertones. A large king-size bed perfectly fits in, while the fabric cover on the bed frame and headboard, accent wall and wall panels, and neighboring nightstands compensate for the quite minimalist layout with welcoming texture. The scene stealer is the gold wall accent that makes the space feel on the right level of style and personalization.

120 sq ft

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The small bedroom designed in the Modern style uses the space functionally up to the last inch. Let’s start with the color code. Blue-gray and white are perfect for keeping a small room bright and not stealing its personal features, where the blue undertones are defining. The ceiling is painted in the soft white Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore, while the walls are covered in Venetian plaster with an off-white color for an extra layer of texture. Now, we switch to the flooring and notice the trendy light wood covering. Everything works in harmony this far.

The single window that is part of this design plan is enough to keep the place well-lit, although the centerpiece linear suspension and hanging fixtures above the nightstands with LED light are quite a help. The white sheer curtain beautifully completes the area where the daylight penetrates the room without stealing its effect, while the additional darkening panels in blue-gray are in place to ensure privacy.  

Though the relatively small space doesn’t quite allow it, the designer effortlessly yet smartly integrated the king-size bed with an upholstered platform and headboard. Texture hits once again, and not for the last time. The neighboring nightstands are covered in blue-gray fabric; the same one can notice on the decorative wall panels and the opposite accent wall. That’s not all the professional had in mind. On the floor, we can admire the extra-soft shag area rug that allures you with its fluffy snowy white touch. 

To keep the bedroom far from overloaded, only two blue-gray Mid-Century Modern bookcases were suitably displayed against the wall so that the owners could store the frequently used belongings at hand. To dilute the one-like-the-other evenings, the author of this project decorated the sleeping area with a large TV, although large enough to fit the available space and not seem too huge and tiring for the bedroom owners’ eyes while binge-watching their favorite TV series. Additionally, the gold-legged TV stand offers extra space for storing the remote control or a console if it is the case. 

What‘s interesting about the design concept of this bedroom is how the designer constantly tries to make the most of the space. The seemingly simple mirror is not hung on the door without reason. It adds the last few inches this small bedroom clearly needs. 

When the time comes to decor, we can admire the accurate choice in favor of a show-stealer gold wall accent with a trendy round shape, adding the last designer mark on the interior. The occasional few decorative units of glass and gold here and there personalize the sleeping area and make it feel welcome. The bedroom can host one person or a couple since everything is thoughtfully designed so that the relaxation zone can perfectly fulfill its duty.

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