Extended contemporary kitchen + dining area decorated with natural stone, round shapes, and architectural features

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The trendy design project incorporates the love for functionality in the contemporary cooking area that unobtrusively flows into the dining space with a similar grandeur yet leaves space for round shapes to replace the rawness of the sleek matte black cabinets. The show-stopper in this interior is the natural stone texture that left its mark everywhere, while the perfect lighting conditions and roomy space go hand in hand with the latest design trends.

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The key features the designer relied on while creating this ultra-modern interior design are functionality, the contrasting yet minimalist color code, the balanced mix of soft and raw for diversification, and plenty of free space for practical reasons and the possibility to personalize it by incorporating fine architectural patterns.

It is worth mentioning the extraordinarily roomy interior that follows the rules of designing contemporary spaces, ensuring plenty of room, practicality, and lots of light that bathes the kitchen combined with the dining area through the immense full-length window and light sheer curtains. If artificial light sources follow suit revealing themselves from under practical spotlights and LED strips, then the additional dark gray blackout curtain panels compensate for the lack of softness noticed in the sleek matte black kitchen cabinets that don’t even dare feature a few handles. 

To preserve the bright effect, the professional opted for light stone tiles on the floor and the soft off-white paint Dove Wing OC-18 by the renowned brand Benjamin Moore on the walls. Next comes the spacious feature of this interior, successfully enhanced through the mirrored ceiling. As regards the rest, the space is devoid of clutter, the surfaces are not overloaded, and there is plenty of free space so that the owners can easily move from one functional area to another. The same decor consists of glass vases with plants and a few tinted glass candles only. Yet, the bouquet of real-like orchids brings delicacy to this congregation of neutral and practical.

Cooking area

Starting with the functional matte black cabinets with a touch-to-open system and ensuring every kitchen appliance is hidden within, the designer managed to bring this space to the contemporary level, where even the ultra-modern black refrigerator and slightly Industrial faucet keep pace. Still, to make it stand out, a touch of personalization was required, and this is why the backsplash and countertop were decorated with expensive natural stone, which offers a fancy air. The specialist ensured the homeowners had enough space to move while cooking by going with a straight line of cabinets. 

Following the same color code and texture, the neighboring island features the same perfect combination of black and natural stone, revealing a fine shade of warmth. The electric stove fits just fine with the overall modern layout. In the pursuit of underlining functionality as the main characteristic of the space, the LED strip under the upper cabinets practically brightens the working space. There is one more thing one wouldn’t notice otherwise – this energy-efficient strip emphasizes the gorgeous countertop and ensures it gets to be seen even when standing at the dining table. 

Dining area

To underline this functional area and make it stand out with its own style, the designer opted for a customized oval table with a sturdy stone top and pillar legs, all in white. Considering that the top slightly reminds us of the marble pattern and the Greek column-inspired legs, the interior achieves a new show-stealer that adds architectural value to the open-floor kitchen.

The armless chairs with an ergonomic seat don’t take a step back by revealing the same soft edges and bringing a luxurious scent through their off-white and dark blue leather upholstery. Here is the plot twist – the designer connected the two functional spaces by smartly combining the gold base on the kitchen island with the gold chair legs. 

It is a pleasure to invite your friends over in such a magnificent environment that evokes an authentic sense of luxury right on the strictly functional background if considering the cooking area. Once you look on the other side, you can notice the built-in storage system with tinted glass doors for collecting fine wines that intensify the appealing notes of comfort and escape in this space. 

Overall, the designer perfectly used texture, round shapes, and architectural patterns to dilute the stylish minimalist layout and color palette and add a few accents that make this interior stand out with its own personality since the “not like the others” trend is quite a thing now, and it was fully incorporated in this celebration of practical and beautiful.

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