Classic background with Modern filling: master bedroom in a Neoclassical apartment that falls in love with Contemporary

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The airy master bedroom celebrates the beauty of Neoclassical the best it can through the sumptuous Classic background revealed by the large baseboard, imposing wall molding, and palatial crown molding. The harmony between decor and furniture unveils a standout balance on the white backdrop. Still Neoclassical, the enormous white leather bed becomes the main focus in this interior, while the minimalist layout, modern shapes, and soft color scheme keep it Contemporary. The bedroom gets contrasted by a single material, which is gold, yet it skillfully brightens the neutral sophistication.


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The formidable design project for this Neoclassical bedroom preserves the integrity of Classic yet makes the most of Modern. The designer successfully disclosed the essence that hides behind this trendy style.

The master bedroom draws the eye with its balance of shades, shapes, and contrasts peculiar to Neoclassical, which relies on harmony and honors the sophistication of simple layouts. The first chapter begins with the slightly warmed-up white walls painted in the timeless shade Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin-Williams, which gives the lead to the classy Pure White SW 7005 by the same color brand on the ceiling. Simultaneously, the bleached wood flooring with admirable herringbone patterns, the white curtains, and pieces of furniture that follow the same color codes make sure the environment remains as intended – soft, airy, and, nonetheless, delicate. 

The Classic says its last word with the beautiful ceiling molding that collaborates with the faux tin board and throws new light on the interior. What comes next is pure contemporaneity, even though Neoclassical makes a few more attempts to penetrate the space. 

The main focus in this bedroom is the enormous white leather bed with a splendid tufted frame placed against the main wall so that it can show its beauty as fast as one enters the room. The homeowners of such an extravagant piece of furniture would surely be bathed in elegance when relaxing on this bed after a long workday. Still, the clean lines and rectangular frame bring this dreamy piece to the contemporary reality of the style. The same bed sheets reveal a neutral beige shade and, of course, the Neoclassical velvet pillowcases. The alien unit here is the houndstooth throw that seems to have been brought from another room. Still, it was not without reason the designer decided to integrate it. The familiar patterns bring a specific feel of comfort to the formal environment.

The contemporary air flows further and reaches the rounded floor lounge chairs with extra soft lamb plush texture and gold frames, where the homeowners can comfortably spend their free time during the day unless they don’t want to dive into the luxury of their king bed. This is when another prominent feature makes its move – golden details. 

The sparkling material quickly spreads throughout the space and effortlessly brightens the soft palette. This is quite a smart decision the designer took since the timeless gold texture is the all-time favorite partner of white. Starting with the gold and marble side table with a round shape that resonates with the curved refinement of the lounge chairs, passing by the gold curtain rods and white and gold floating shelves, and finishing with another accent in this room – the gorgeous bubble chandelier in white and gold.

Considering the large glass vases with bountiful natural filling and the same chandelier, one may get a slight Art Deco vibe, which does nothing else but enhances the decorative effect that is quite balanced in this stately interior. 

To make sure formality doesn’t get out of hand, the designer completed the sleeping area with a light beige area rug with shaggy texture and Moroccan patterns that shapes the elegant atmosphere and makes sure comfort becomes its true companion in this bedroom. 

This master bedroom’s layout is pretty minimalist, which goes hand in hand with what Modern Neoclassical interiors suppose. The space is fully decluttered – no additional decor, no closets, no irrelevant colors. The only added element is a half-height mirror with a white frame that almost fades into the white elegance of neutrally painted walls. 

As the style dictates, this airy space showcases a large classy window and door to the balcony with white frames, whose access to natural light is not put at risk due to the semi-sheer curtains that enhance the spacious feature, defining this project design.

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