Artwork Above Bed: Stylish Ideas for Filling the Empty Space

All bedrooms need a focus. Decorators think the space above the bed is the best way to reveal your personal touch on the design. Although picking a piece of art doesn’t sound hard, the choice is challenging. You cannot opt for just any wall art. It should follow the room’s design theme and harmoniously integrate into the color palette. Therefore, the range of decor possibilities goes beyond expectations. That’s why we gathered a list of the most stylish artwork-above-bed ideas. Inspiration comes while searching. So, take a look!

Vintage Wall Art

Framed pieces of art depicting old-time natural landscapes with vibrant colors are a favorite theme among interior decorators. Unsurprisingly, this artwork above the bed bears the comfort of the good old days, and this nostalgic sentiment fills the bedroom with comfort.

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Large Canvases

If you have a spacious minimalist bedroom, you’ll love the effect of a large framed artwork above the bed. It can be a painting or a real-life photograph. The immense size will catch all the attention and give the bedroom a point of interest. 

Organize a beautiful gallery in the space above the bed. Instead of arranging everything in a perfect horizontal line, opt for a free layout, not necessarily in the center. It can also be closer to one side of the bed. The key idea is to pair various art pieces under the same color palette or theme. 

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Mural Wallpaper

Decorate the wall behind the headboard with a themed mural. It works as wall art and spruces up the space no less efficiently than paintings. Mural wallpaper is affordable, easy to apply, and perfect for those who like to change the wall decor from time to time.

A New Headboard

For an original artwork above the bed, try a new, creatively decorated headboard. Look for vivid prints and color combinations inspired by cultural motifs, botanical patterns, or retro forms. It will undoubtedly draw your attention as soon as you enter the bedroom.

Textile Wall Art

We are witnessing the firm switch from traditional paintings to unusual wall art, such as the trending-now textile artwork made of fibers. Decorators go as far as decorating the space above the bed with richly-printed rugs. The extra benefit of such decor is the feeling of comfort that floods the space. 

Artisanal Art

Today, handmade art pieces are impressively valuable in interior design. In the spirit of Eco-style, decorate your bedroom with handwoven wall artwork made of sustainable materials. This artwork-above-bed idea primarily suits Rustic-scented bedrooms.

Textured Canvases

Add visual value to your bedroom by filling the space above the bed with texture. Fabric or plaster canvases work the best. The richly-grained surfaces make enough statement without color, becoming a great wall art option for minimalist bedrooms.

Floating Shelf Decor

Instead of traditionally decorating the walls with art, consider a floating shelf above the bed and accessorize it with a blend of artwork, candles, plants, and accents. You can change the decor occasionally since you can easily move items from one place to another. 

Botanical Beauty

Botanical herbariums are all the rage now. Fill your bedroom with countryside air by decorating the space above the bed with pressed wild plants. Closer to natural and unsophisticated beauty.

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