How to arrange pictures on a wall beautifully: tips & ideas

You probably know the value of a gallery wall in your interior if you look for ideas to make the most of it. Indeed, like the refined marble accents and irreplaceable gold details, a wall filled with pictures feels like a timeless decor that knows how to underline the character of your house, relying on your personality. 

The gallery wall layout can be quite tricky. An additional picture and your plans for a beautiful arrangement are ruined. A small detail and your gallery wall becomes a masterpiece. Either way, you are the author, while we are here to offer you some practical tips on how to arrange pictures on a wall perfectly. Step by step, scroll through our “how-to” guidelines. When the theoretical part finishes, be ready for the creative chapter, as we will inspire you with a few original gallery wall ideas.

How do you plan the wall art?

Every project requires a well-thought plan so that the result meets the expectations. Even if you have an image in your head of how your feature gallery wall will look like, you cannot risk it like that, particularly when more pictures are considered.

For a start, gather all your pictures and make a scheme on the floor by exactly planning the place for each piece. For a perfect interpretation, consider measuring the wall height and width so that everything fits in. You can easily switch pictures with places until you find a layout that matches your vision of beauty without nailing tens of holes in the wall. 

How do you ensure cohesion?

Be it travel-inspired pictures, pieces of art, photos, or even personal sketches, considered separately or combined. You have to make sure your composition follows a single theme or at least an eclectic mix of subjects with common points. 

What aspects can you rely on? Color – pick a base color and ensure every picture reveals a particular variation of it. Theme – go with a particular aspect, such as travel, nature, culture, or something related to your hobby. Frames – this is the easiest way to put together pictures from entirely different worlds by opting for the same design for all frames. 

How do you design the layout?

Start with the largest pieces and arrange them so that they can balance the entire gallery without loading too much one side or the other. Go on with smaller pictures and play with vertical and horizontal items unless you opt for a symmetrical layout. If you consider an eclectic combination of colors and styles, ensure they are not gathered in one place and spread them throughout the composition, which also goes for frames if you decide to put different styles together. Still, a few unframed pictures are the go-to option for a rich gathering.  

How do you hang the pictures?

Again, start with the largest units. You should already have a floor scheme where the largest units are placed in the middle, not the center. Try to improvise the same layout on the real-life wall. If you consider more pictures or strive for perfection, take the measurements and arrange them exactly as on your draft. The same goes for smaller pieces. 

If you opt for a few pictures only, you can leave as much space between them as you want, considering the available space. Still, make it clear they are part of the same composition, which is easier to state with a crowd of pictures usually put as close to each other as possible. 

You can use a pencil to make some notes on the wall and then just fill the space with the pictures one by one. There is no way you can fail with such a precise layout organization. 

Quick Tip! Make sure the nails you use are a perfect fit for the weight of your pictures. 

How do you make it personal?

No doubt a gallery wall with photos of your own or your family is already personal. Still, you can use the same technique to personalize a wall with art pictures or thematic pieces. Let’s say you have a travel-inspired gallery wall. Consider a few pictures with personal travel experiences, a minimalist drawing done by yourself, or a photo with your favorite pet alongside the main pieces. 

Not everything has to look like art. You may add a few units that go hand in hand with the aesthetics, such as a sconce, mirror, or clock. The main rule is to preserve the style or complete the eclectic combination. 

Uplifted wall art

The unusual uplift effect unobtrusively makes the ceiling look higher and brings a new perspective to the timeless gallery wall in the interior.

Abstract wall art

Nothing hits like an abstract gallery wall that radiates so many feelings at the same time while bringing as many interpretations.

Nature-directed wall art

The all-time favorite theme opens such a wide variety of compositions to enrich any interior with a drop of natural beauty.

Vintage wall art

It is all about the antique frames and worn-like effects on the pictures that can cover various subjects and still strike with their vintage feel.

Maximalist wall art

An amalgam of styles and colors is what defines an original gallery art and brings trendy creative solutions to the fore.

Real-life wall art

The interpretation of real-life memories adds a particular value to the gallery wall; even a single photo of your family in the company of abstract art makes the entire masterpiece feel closer.

Well-integrated wall art

The modest pick of a neutral palette for the pictures that goes hand in hand with the background makes the timeless accent integrate to the fullest.

Glass wall art

The integration of a glass background emphasizes the gallery wall’s uniqueness and perfectly fits smaller spaces.

Corner wall art

The intricate layout shapes the art gallery and reveals its originality from a new angle, a no-fail option for interiors limited in space.

Symmetric wall art

The classic symmetric layout cannot be beaten by any other arrangement when it comes to perfection.

Accent wall art

No need to look further for an accent in your interior when the art wall fully covered in pictures takes the lead.

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