Jungle Interior Design: What It Is, Features, and Ideas

The trending Jungle style in interior design, also known as Urban Jungle, resulted from homeowners’ desire to bring the outdoors in and create a green oasis in the middle of concrete cities. Moreover, we have noticed an increase in the search for jungle-themed wallpaper, green paint colors, and indoor plants among interior designers and decorators alike, which points one more time to the relevance of this style. Although living in a large city keeps us in pace with modern life, we still crave the undisturbed and quiet outside life. If you cannot experience the full range of natural elements and colors of a real jungle, you can recreate it piece by piece in your home. In this article, you’ll discover one of the trendiest interior design styles and dive deep into the key features of Jungle Interior Design. How it started, its integration in your home, design ideas, and tips – all as follows.

What is Jungle Interior Design?

The popular interior design style under the wild name Jungle or Urban Jungle focuses on “natural” yet renders it into the modern urban lifestyle with a dash of tropical. It embraces green life to the fullest through green shades, indoor plants with lush foliage, natural materials, and authentic textures that read wild, untreated, and natural. Botanical motifs, animal prints, and depictions of tropical birds are all welcome. 

The main purpose of Jungle interior design is to deliver a sense of serenity and reconnection with nature while rediscovering ourselves in the daily city bustle. Entering a home decorated in the Jungle style feels like a breath of fresh air, as if you’re teleporting into the real jungle. 

In addition, the daily contact with nature and the freshest indoor air produced by plants will enhance the ambiance, uplift your mood, and positively affect your lifestyle. Thus, indoor greenery is no longer an addition to your home decor – it has become the key focus.

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Jungle Interior Design History

The desire for more visual greenery and clean air has always been there in overly urbanized areas. Still, this trend gained more attention in 2017 when Pantone, the main authority on color, named Greenery, a fresh yellow-green resonating with the flourishing outdoor foliage, the color of the year. Still, the authentic Jungle style goes all the way back to the 20th century when the hippie culture revitalized the integration of greenery in interior design. 

Moreover, we cannot deny the contribution of environmental awareness in this sense, together with the Eco-style and Biophilic design. Today, the Jungle style has a more therapeutic connotation. The green pops of color and freshness in an otherwise overly urbanized lifestyle bring peace to our minds and remind us of our origin. Of course, the tropical character of this style helps us relax and live in the moment. 

Jungle Interior Design Features

Live greenery is the main highlight of jungle interior design. Everything revolves around the green concept. Still, there is more to it that brings an interior close to the tropical ambiance. Recreate this voguish style in your home and benefit from its reviving effect by considering the following key elements.

Tropical Plants

The main character in the jungle fairytale is undeniably indoor greenery. Lush plants with tropical foliage hold the lead. They not only provide lots of benefits for your health and mood but also breathe air into the design. Large, multi-colored, and exposed at various heights, these tropical plants surround you with wilderness. The great news is you don’t have to opt for particular types – the more, the greener, the better. For instance, trailing plants that flow like cascades are a great asset. Check out the current houseplant trends for inspiration.

Natural Colors

Bring nature indoors as much as possible through the right color palette. Dark green and blue are the absolute must colors. Next comes brown, beige, and white. For a pop of color, opt for yellow, gold, and ochre, which are successful indicators of the jungle’s vivid side. Use these hues for wall paint, wallpaper, furniture, and decor. The indoor plants can act as perfect sources of green color.

Sustainable Materials

Resonating with the emerging Eco-style, the jungle interior design also pays tribute to natural texture. Thus, experts recommend consolidating the tropical ambiance with a perfect combination of sustainable materials like wood, bamboo, rattan, jute, sisal, stone, and organic fabrics. Use them all for furniture, textiles, and decor. Together with the primary green color, everything will look harmonious and well-balanced.

Jungle-Themed Wallpaper

If you aren’t much into plants or cannot commit to taking care of them, think of themed wall decorations that will compensate for color and texture. Besides, tropical wallpaper is another huge trend in interior design. Those can be botanical motifs or animal prints, from repetitive patterns to large-scale murals. Luckily, this design trick can be used in any room, visually developing the tropical concept. 

Tropical Birds

Unlike traditional jungle-themed wallpaper, which mostly sticks to a monochromatic green color code, wall covering revealing tropical birds usually brings a splash of bright color to dilute the overly neutral urban style. Think of a cooking space, dining room, or bathroom decorated with colorful birds that become an instant attention-stealer. 

Natural Light

Lighting plays an essential role in jungle interior design. Everything should nod to nature as much as possible, and it would be impossible without a sizable source of natural light. That’s why designers suggest large windows that allow sun rays to flood your home. Both you and your new friends – houseplants will benefit from a daily source of sunlight.

Jungle-Style Furniture

Since the key points of interest are the plants and the “green” mood, you should choose furnishing that goes slightly as a background. The top picks are vintage pieces or even second-hand furnishing. An inherited sofa, suspended chairs, and low-profile accent tables filled with indoor plants sound great. Generate a relaxed layout and add interest by playing with scale – higher bookcases, lower coffee tables, and medium armchairs.

You can also use furniture upholstery to compensate for the lack of enough jungle-themed decor in the space, such as animal or lush foliage prints.

Jungle Interior Design Ideas

You can apply the Jungle style to all rooms or choose a particular area and transform it into a recharging nook. There are no strict rules on decorating each room in part, and you can easily adapt the Urban Jungle style to an existing design style. Yet, using a drop of inspiration from designers won’t hurt. Here are a few expert-pick jungle interior design ideas that you can opt for right now to redecorate your home.

Jungle-Style Plants

If you’re in doubt, consider some of the following no-fail options:

  • Succulents of all sizes, shapes, and colors;
  • Large-leaf greenery, such as the top-choice Monstera Deliciosa, Ficus, palms, and others;
  • Climbing houseplants, such as ivy;
  • Bright blooming plants like orchids or jasmine.

Use the Vertical Space

Since houseplants are the main characters, here is another idea for them. Instead of overloading the floor, especially if you don’t have much space, use the walls to hang your pots with plants. They can also flow like cascades from the ceiling. Or, opt for open shelves or side tables. The Jungle style isn’t about leaving plants in poorly-lit corners. 

Calm Tropical Murals

If you think bold-colored jungle-themed wallpaper may look overly bright for your taste, you can always stick to something more tranquil and visually more relaxed. This is the neutrally colored mural wallpaper with jungle motifs. Homeowners usually apply it to bedroom and bathroom walls. Still, compensate for color with a bright green sofa or the mandatory element – large-leaf greenery. 

Mirrored Jungle

Decorators came up with a great trick to enhance the green effect, especially in small rooms. You only need a large mirror next to the pots with indoor plants. You’ll achieve a double Jungle effect, which won’t go unnoticed. Your interior design will benefit from more indoor greenery without the additional effort.

Original Pots

Instead of opting for repetitive plastic pots for your indoor greenery, look to the unique side. Following the same jungle theme, consider wicker or clay pots that will harmoniously blend with your houseplants and add a few notes of extra texture to your interior.

Rainforest Bathroom

If there is one room where tropical houseplants truly feel at home, it is the bathroom. It can be a specially arranged green oasis in the wet area, a green accent wall made of moss, or occasional pots with indoor plants. We especially love the combination of concrete and trailing greeneries, as if translating the concept of Urban Jungle into reality. 

Green Oasis

Lately, decorators have been paying more attention to implementing the “green oasis” in contemporary interiors. Their awe-inspiring effect compensates for all Jungle-style decor techniques put together. Those are carefully set up areas in the home that provide all the necessary conditions for mini-gardens with live greenery – as if you brought your dream destination ambiance right into your house.  

What Interior Design Styles Work for Urban Jungle?

As mentioned, the Jungle style can become part of other design styles when it comes to the decorative part. Any interior will acquire a subtle yet trendy jungle vibe through a few simple tropical additions. Still, interior designers claim that Industrial, Boho, Farmhouse, Japandi, and Rustic are the most frequent homes for Jungle. Even the trending-now Maximalist interior design approves of the lavish foliages delivered by Jungle.

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