Window Treatment Trends 2024: Designer-Approved

A few years ago, the window treatment was viewed as relatively too much for an interior and used mostly for its functional purpose. Well, it is not a surprise since minimalism was roaring at that time. Now that both designers and homeowners direct their attention toward daring solutions inspired by the opposite of minimalism, maximalism, window treatment has become quite a thing. Although we are not yet ready to embrace the full beauty and richness of such a course, we certainly are ready for new window treatment trends – bursts of color and pattern for a mood boost and a switch from the long period prevailed by neutral design solutions. 

According to professionals in the field, people start celebrating the appeal of curtains and blinds and view them as a design feature with lots to offer to a living room, bedroom, or any room you want. Let’s discover the latest materials, patterns, colors, and styles for the window treatment in 2024!

Back to Natural

The last few seasons have paid more attention to sustainable interior design trends. In 2024, designers will go further and opt for fully natural materials for the window treatment. Organic linen, silk, and cotton are top choices for curtains. Designers suggest purchasing from specialized manufacturers known to produce 100% natural curtains, which you will easily find since more and more brands are turning to the green side. Switch from neutrals to organic colors, mostly natural beige shades, to increase the effect. 

Additionally, think of bamboo or hemp blinds, especially if recycled, to reduce your carbon footprint aside from their stylish effect on your interior design.

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Light and Dusty Colors

If the last season was increasingly about bright and catchy shades, then 2024 is slightly turning to equally vivid yet relatively softer colors. Light, a bit dusty, yet most importantly warm – these are the features of the upcoming window treatment color trends in 2024. People want vivacity, comfort, and authenticity, and the suggested ivory, powder peach (color of the year 2024), soothing blue, and foggy pink fully interpret the desired effect. By the way, dusty pink is a new favorite with its firm sense of familiarity and close-to-heart warmth.

Breezy Sheer Drapes

The translucent sheer curtains with long and clean panels are an irresistible match for contemporary design projects and are a long-lasting window treatment trend. They effortlessly cover the window, completing the design yet not overloading it. They are an excellent choice for large-scale windows and bear a charming ultra-modern air, particularly when combined with clean-lined furniture and decluttered layouts.

Darkening Panels

Blackout curtains have been trending for a few years, and they proudly pass the threshold into the window treatment trends in 2024. They are the kind of curtains that equal practicality with style due to their blackout feature that instantly isolates the room in terms of light, sound, and temperature, adding much-needed texture to overly simplified designs.

Floral Print

Last season’s concept of love for nature passed to this year’s trends as well. The romantic and familiar floral patterns hold the leading role and firmly share their love for soft, vivacious, and natural. Be they tiny repetitive flowers with a rustic twist or sizable botanical patterns in the spirit of contemporary design.

Boho Tassels

Naturally textured drapes with playful tassels are mainstream this season. Although accepted by Bohemian interiors in particular, they are a pretty good design fit for other styles as well. They are more of an expression of your creativity and imagination. In a few words, this is another trend that tries to bring more charm to your house through bold textiles.

Distinctive Panels

If you really fancy a contrast, this window treatment trend is all yours – bold-colored curtains on a purely neutral background. Since mustard orange, deep green, marine blue, terracotta, and earthy burgundy are the trendiest accent colors this season, we suggest applying them to clean-lined and voluminous panels.

Roman Blinds

Trends come and go, but Roman blinds seem to stay. They are a perfect alternative to curtains if all you want is to ensure privacy, although they bear a stylish effect as well, mainly if made of natural materials. Designers usually recommend this solution in small spaces since they don’t take space and reliably serve their purpose.

Roller Blinds

This one works pretty much like the previous option, yet it fits better full-length windows. Large windows with open landscapes to decorate the interior are a must today, and they simply need some kind of window treatment that serves its practical purpose. Again, sustainable materials are a top choice. That is how the roller blind trend emerged.

Recess Curtain Track

Regarding window treatment, we cannot help but mention the curtain rods. The traditional rods, in their simplest form, are an all-time favorite. Still, designers recommend opting for recess curtain tracks, which are fixed in the ceiling and are designed to be invisible. This option directs all attention to the main element – the curtains.

Trendy Prints

Stripes and checkerboards (classic or buffalo) are expected to be some of the top curtain trends, yet other window treatment solutions follow suit. As a matter of fact, larger patterns seem closer to traditional, while tinier stripes or checkerboards look relatively contemporary. Find your style!

Window Treatment Layering

2024 will surely be the season of layers when it comes to window treatment. Pairing two types of curtains, such as sheer with blackout, is the favored solution. Still, combining practical blinds with beautiful curtain panels looks no less voguish. Try out one of these options in the bedroom or living room, and you won’t be disappointed.

Wooden Blinds

Last yet not least, one of the most unusual and stylish window treatment trends is wooden-textured blinds. They are long-lasting, can be repainted, and serve their practical purpose professionally. Even more, designers use them in various styles, from Rustic to Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, and Coastal.

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