15 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas to Personalize the Design

“There is no must in art because art is free.” Similarly, you are free to choose your own wall art, especially in the bedroom. What is wall art, actually? It refers to any wall decor, from displaying canvases to revealing your favorite prints or decorating a blank space with any accessory, bought or DIY. You choose, while we inspire you with the best bedroom wall art ideas.

Modern Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom

What do we mean by modern? Any wall art you like. There are no rules for the perfect wall decor in a contemporary bedroom. Choose a piece of art you want, as abstract as possible. Yet, make sure it perfectly fits the bedroom color palette.

Small Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

How to expand your bedroom borders? Make it feel more spacious by decorating the space above the bed with beautiful landscape paintings. Nature-inspired pieces are advised only for a complete connection to the outdoor landscape.

First, we want to emphasize the importance of avoiding abstract art pieces. They have been popular for a long time. Now, meaningful art holds the lead. Thus, combine printed, painted, or photographed art and display this gallery systematically yet asymmetrically.

Another great option for small bedrooms or a perfect way to stand out is hanging your wall art in the bedroom corner. Moreover, stick to the same unusual way of displaying those art pieces, leaving the comfort zone.

Mirrored Wall Accent

Going through the new wall art trends list, we found that mirrors are a preferred accent in bedrooms. If you decide to go this way, choose large mirrors with decorative frames above the bed. Swap commonly used materials for sustainable ones.

One of the best wall art ideas for a primary bedroom is organizing a beautiful, family-oriented gallery wall above the side table facing the bed. Therefore, you’ll always be able to enjoy the sight.

Explore the World: Large-Scale City Maps

Instead of paintings or photos, try the new trend – sizable and framed city maps of your favorite visited or dreamt-about destinations in black and white. Moreover, constantly seeing them will bring up pleasant memories or inspire your desire for a trip.

Minimalist Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Stay within your comfort zone with a perfect bedroom wall art option that preserves the harmony of your sleek and cozy sleeping space. Choose one wall accessory, the simpler the better, and place it above the bed. Voila, you refreshed the decor while keeping it low-key as you wanted.

Framed Botanical Art

We can call it a DIY project, although you can easily find a ready-made piece. Pay tribute to authentic natural beauty by decorating your bedroom walls with framed botanical accents. Moreover, pick a theme, such as autumnal or spring flowers, and change the decor seasonally.

Textile Art Ideas For Bedroom

Add that golden touch of coziness and security with textile art. This bedroom wall art idea is more than welcome in a space we use to relax and unwind. Choose from a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures, and find your perfect combination of comfort and style.

Large Plastered Wall Accent

This neutral bedroom wall art idea will suit those who find beauty in simple and unconventional. Large-scale plastered art is a new way of expressing your feelings through art and shape.


You’ll not see this wall art idea in just any bedroom. Show off your refined taste by purchasing a custom headboard with an attached piece of art of your choice. Stay original and authentic.

Soft Macrame Wall Decor

Swap wall art you can only enjoy visually with wall decor you can feel on the touch. Decorate your bedroom with original macrame compositions, and add that Boho sense of beauty and unusual style to your home.

Textured Artwork

Feel it on the touch, perceive its essence, and see its beauty. Use plastered or textile wall art pieces in your bedroom, and add an expensive touch of art exhibition to your sleeping space. 

Real Life on Your Bedroom Wall

You’ll like this bedroom wall art idea if you are a photographer especially or simply enjoy real-life art. Choose a random photo made by you or scroll through the available images of landscapes, people, or animals. Or, try retro pictures. They add personality to any design concept. 

Suppose you decide to go the classic way with paintings in your bedroom. In that case, we suggest you pick a particular artistic movement, such as Impressionism or Romanticism, and choose a piece of art to decorate your bedroom. Thus, your wall decor will feel more authentic and personalized. Otherwise, the above list of the most original bedroom wall art ideas serves you as a source of inspiration.

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