Top 8 Biggest Wall Art Trends, According to Decorators

Harmony in the interior is due to the palette’s choice, finishing materials, lighting, furniture, and the competent selection of decor and style accents. In this case, we are not talking about vases and figurines: according to designers, the primary mood is set by the elements located on vertical surfaces. When entering the room, the look, first of all, dwells on them. That’s when wall art trends enter the stage. 

Not surprisingly, interior experts recommend paying maximum attention to wall decor. Creative and thoughtful use of modern solutions allows you to create a truly exclusive design in which you can feel the individuality of the owners. Wall art offers the ability to navigate current trends. Also, the priority of accents on vertical surfaces fits well with the concept of modern interiors since it minimizes the amount of table decor and avoids visual overload. It remains only to determine the solution.

In terms of the choice of wall art & decorative elements, 2024 promises interesting and sometimes unexpected options. We also offer you the possibility to learn a little more about the most appropriate ways to add freshness and originality to your interior.

1. Modern Works of Art

If you think that artistic wall painting is something from the Middle Ages, you may want to rethink it. Modern technologies make it possible to create real works of art on walls with much less time and physical effort.

If just painted walls seem boring to you, and you cannot find the wallpaper of the desired design, a fresco will be a great way to create an exclusive design that is flawless in every way. Today, experts suggest using various types of painting:

  • On plaster. The technology for creating such frescoes is close to the classical one; however, modern compositions are more resistant than previously used lime and sand. The adjustable base allows you to create both small and large-scale images for large rooms.
  • On canvas. The frescoes applied to a specially primed material are a real work of art, which is very laborious. Typically, such decor is placed in frames or attached directly to the wall, where they play an exclusive expressive accent.
  • On a non-woven base. When creating such a painting, non-woven is used on which a thin layer of plaster is applied. After that, the material is passed through the printer. A given pattern is applied to it, and then the surface is artificially aged and covered with special impregnations to protect it from sunlight and moisture. Non-woven murals are more affordable, glued like wallpaper rolls, and presented in many options.
  • On a rigid base. A fresco is a kind of painting made with acrylic paints on a plastic or ceramic base. The result is a spectacular canvas, possibly even with aged effects – this depends on the original intention of the master.

As for the design of the frescoes, you need to be extremely careful with this. If you do not have the opportunity to order decor according to an individual sketch, you can easily choose a ready-made one. However, you should avoid pastoral and romantic landscapes, seaside views, and medieval streets that were fashionable more than a decade ago. Light, like blurry abstract drawings, graphic landscapes, wall-to-wall portraits, or Japanese and tropical motifs – you will have much to choose from.

2. Face Line Art

This famous painting technique involves the sketchy, abstract depiction of faces using thin, concise, predominantly continuous lines. Face line art does not require color matching or careful detail study. Everything is exceptionally graphic and abstract. Such characteristics fit well into the framework of contemporary design, and therefore it is not surprising that designers have adopted it and quite successfully used it to decorate walls.

If you like this wall art trend, then you have several options for its implementation. In your interior, you can represent face line art in the following ways:

  • in the form of posters;
  • using wallpaper with an appropriate pattern;
  • like a mural.

Besides, you can apply a similar pattern to the walls yourself. Mastering this technique isn’t too tricky, and a little DIY in a modern interior is more than ever welcomed.

3. Eclectic Collage

Turning the walls in your apartment into an art gallery is a beautiful and, notably, stylish solution, suitable for both the living room and bedroom, as well as for dining areas. Simultaneously, it is not necessary to select objects of the same size and in the same style: it is much better if each of them demonstrates a unique idea, even if some common theme unites them.

Such a “gallery”  base can be a monochrome wall of light, saturated or dark shades. Frames are no less critical – designers advise taking a closer look at metallic, black patina, and natural wood. At the same time, it is not necessary to use pictures exclusively in the collage – on the contrary, it is advisable to combine them with the following elements:

  • retro posters;
  • posters;
  • sketches;
  • herbariums;
  • reproductions of street art;
  • book illustrations.

When placing all pictures and posters, it is recommended to adhere to fashionable dynamism: you can arrange them in any order. However, designers still advise first hanging the largest work as a visual reference element. Get more inspiration in our article on gallery wall design ideas and trends.

4. New Trend: Vertical Gardening 

Vertical gardening, which remains one of the critical trends in landscape design, has penetrated interior design, which is excellent news. While the trend towards Eco-style excites interior stylists’ imagination, such a move can be considered a win-win. Moreover, there are several options to create a charming green curtain on the wall at once:

5. A New Perspective on Mirrors

If you need wall art that can decorate and visually change the space, you will hardly find anything better than mirrors. In 2024, you will have many options, but first of all, you should pay attention to the following types of mirror decor for walls:

  • panels of beveled, most often diamond-shaped elements;
  • round mirrors of various sizes – from very small to oversize;
  • Venetian mirrors;
  • products of the original form or in unusual frames.

It is not worth using mirrors one by one – products of various designs grouped on the same wall will look much more spectacular. Such a solution will make the interior more textured and help create a modern expressive accent in it.

6. Textured Wall Art

Gone are the days of minimalist blank walls or abstract art devoid of color and shape. Today, volume and energetic colors reign. Stay trendy in the new design age with textured wall decor – one of the most stylish wall art ideas. How do you make it part of your interior design?

  • Plaster canvases with standout silhouettes;
  • Voluminous, textured plaster forms applied directly on walls;
  • Wall art pieces made of upcycled materials, such as rope, as part of DIY projects.

These are just a few suggestions. Generally, everything that goes beyond the borders of the wall or the wall art frame corresponds to this fantastic wall art trend. People want to feel closer to art, and that’s the way. 

7. Textile Wall Decor

To your attention – one of the top wall art trends in 2024 and an emerging style rooted in textured wall decor – textile art. Not long ago, decorators noticed the uniqueness and exclusiveness of decorating the walls with palpable and outstanding fabric art pieces. Thus, a new trend has spread all over interior design. Expect lots of beautiful compositions made of textiles in various colors and shapes. You can even personalize the design. This trendy wall art option will indeed become the new conversation starter when you have guests over. That’s why dining rooms and lounge areas are the best spaces to decorate with textile wall art. 

8. Handcraft and Artisanal Art

Handmade art pieces are valued in contemporary design more than repetitive abstract canvases you can almost find in any home. So, artisanal beauty proudly enters the latest wall art trends. Now, it’s the heyday of traditional art inspired by various cultures that bring the world closer and help us rediscover ourselves. Opt for wall decor with meaning – it may be an original canvas decorated with fabrics, a handwoven piece of textile art, or a set of handcrafted baskets decorated with ethnic motifs.  

Wall Decoration 2024: Conclusion

The current wall art trends allow you to solve many problems at once – from creating an exclusive atmosphere to masking minor architectural flaws. Having successfully chosen the design option, you get an interior that no one else has for sure.

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