11 Moss Wall Art Ideas for an Eco Statement in Your Home

The design world is slowly yet firmly shifting to greener concepts and materials – closer to the outdoors and sustainable solutions that show care for the environment. Therefore, nature-inspired home decor, mostly made of natural materials, is a must if you want to keep up with the latest eco-style trends. Moss wall art is one of the best natural wall accents that will not only enliven your interior design but also positively affect your mood, concentration, and daily choices in favor of your health. With this wall decor option, you have nothing to lose but rather a lot to gain. Check out these fantastic moss wall art ideas we selected for you.

Moss Wall Art with Mirror

We started our list with a practical yet original wall decor – mirrored moss wall art. You can buy them or improvise a tiny DIY project and decorate a mirror with moss, preferably a round one. 

DIY Moss Wall Art Ideas

If you are creative, you’ll surely want to do one yourself. All you need is a wooden board and preserved, dried, or artificial moss. Stick it to the board using hot glue. In addition, think of other succulent plants to decorate the board with. Now, your moss wall art will read original to you.

Preserved Moss Wall Art Ideas in Floral

Add more vibrancy to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom with a rich composition of green moss combined with vividly colored flowers. Moreover, preserved moss doesn’t look different from the natural one, yet you’ll have a great time enjoying it without additional efforts of taking care of it.

Colorful Moss Wall Decor

Swap natural green moss for yellow, coffee, plum, red, or blue moss. Or, use them all together in catchy compositions with intriguing designs. Moreover, depending on your lifestyle and availability, you can opt for natural, quality artificial, or preserved moss.

Moss Wall Art Composition Ideas

Instead of one moss board, consider combinations of more unframed moss pieces in any color you want. Choose various geometric shapes, and opt mandatorily for reindeer moss for its sleek and versatile features that will suit any design style. Even more, adapt the color palette to your room’s color code, even in the most neutral and minimalist space.

Go Big with a Green Wall

Switch from small moss wall art ideas to more outstanding options, such as an accent wall fully decorated with moss. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Thus, your room will be filled with limitless energy to boost your mood and update the entire design of your home.

Framed Moss Wall Art Ideas

The golden mean between small moss boards and sizable accent walls is framed moss wall art – large enough to make a bold statement yet well-balanced within borders. Take a look at the above pictures again. Imagine how simple they would look without their new moss accessory. The tiniest drop of green moss is enough to change the whole design concept.

Illuminated Green Accent

Try out this visually appealing moss wall art idea to attract more attention to your new decor. Underline the lush greenery board with LED lighting, and enjoy the magical play of green shades and natural texture, especially at night.

All Natural: Wood and Moss

Try out the hit of the season – combos of wood texture and green moss for the best eco statement ever. Enrich your living room, bedroom, or kitchen with natural color, beauty, and texture.

Unconventional Moss Wall Art Ideas

Go beyond limits and opt for the most unusual moss wall art designs. Decorate the lounge zone, hallway, bedroom, or bathroom with wavy, geometric, or abstract moss artwork and lend your interior design an eco-inspired state-of-the-art feature.

A Green Oasis in the Bathroom

Our favorite idea is moss wall art in the bathroom. If you decide to decorate your home with natural moss, you cannot skip this option. Add the tiniest pop of natural and lush green moss in the wet area, vanity zone, or as an accent wall. Natural moss will enjoy the habitat, while you will own a trendy bathroom as out of interior design magazines.

More designers have started giving preference to natural home decor, and we see why. The effect on the interior design is immediately noticed, while the homeowners’ mood boost speaks for itself. This is your sign to opt for moss decor, which is easier than ever with our updated moss wall art ideas.

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