12x10ft White and gold bedroom


Exclusive bedroom design with a crispy white and sparkling gold palette that looks like a fairytale oasis for the lovers of clean and decluttered. The contemporary sleeping zone, which has no unnecessary furnishing or decor pieces to disturb the serenity that only the daring sun rays dare invade, features a large all-white bed as the centerpiece and dazzling gold accents spread all over the space. Similar to a remote resort where you can be one with your thoughts, this tranquility-injecting interior offers you the right escape from the current world situation and daily bustle.

120 sq ft

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Like a white canvas, the crispy white background of this white and gold bedroom decorated in the Contemporary style unveils the true beauty of monochromatic spaces. No doubt this sleeping area is relatively small, yet the color choice comes in more handy than ever. Even the entering door fails to stand out, with the walls and ceiling painted in the sleek and cool Decorator’s White CC-20 paint color from the famous brand Benjamin Moore. 

The designer’s plan for the white color moves forward. The floor is fully covered with an off-white carpet revealing the tiniest touch of texture. In terms of textiles, we cannot help but notice the slightly standing-out window treatment with a discreet white sheer panel and two silver blackout curtains. Yet, nothing stops the warm sun rays from streaming in and softening the truly sober environment. 

The key focus of the space is the large bed with a high platform and sizable headboard – all in white faux leather. Even the bedding matches the same color notes for the purest sense of a true shade of white. The small size of this room gives us a hint that the bedroom is meant for one person, yet the homeowner will definitely have enough space to relax on the huge bed. Right on the opposite wall, one can notice the TV set, which is thoughtfully chosen – not too large nor too small for the given space. It may be all minimalist and decluttered, but nobody cancels the late evening and weekend TV series binge-watching. 

Since the Contemporary design style allows for customized decor and is much freer when it comes to adding personal touches, the designer did not think much when choosing the ever-trendy gold accent as a partner to white. And there is plenty of gold in this room, compensating for the lack of texture and brighter accents. The pair of white and gold lamps invite harmony and balance to take part, while the additional open shelving system suitably replaces the nightstands. Right above the bed and across the ceiling, generally speaking, one can find the adjustable spotlights, again – with gold finish. It is Contemporary we speak about, and the space cannot do without practical lighting. Of course, the main element that denotes the harmony between white and gold is the accent wallpaper with hexagon patterns that slightly reshape and visually increase the design. Last but not least – two differently sized side tables used as indoor plant holders here perfectly take those few inches, and of course, they are rounded – the designers’ favorite form in the new design season. 

Luckily, the white and gold accent wall underlines more or less the room borders. Otherwise, the room would seem like a blank canvas – it’s amazing how a few geometric patterns in gold can open a new perspective for a design project. The designer didn’t want to risk the flawless effect, yet the room simply required a few more accents to look complete, and the designer’s choice in favor of a pastel-colored gallery wall with aesthetically pleasing pictures proves the intended personalized decor attempt to be successful.

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