Relaxation-oriented colors and mirrored ceiling in a large master bedroom with natural traces


This project design acquires a charming personality due to its inspiring features. The huge space, the tremendous window that goes from one wall to another and from the floor to the ceiling for the brightest effect, and the prettiest collaboration between white, off-white, and green, where the latter stands for nature-inspired details, make for a large master bedroom filled with love for natural, calm, and unique, where the homeowners can safely unwind and express their style through the curved-line furniture. The main accent takes the stage once the whole room gets to be reflected in the courageously designed mirrored ceiling.


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Keeping pace with trendy design options and effortlessly reaching a voguish level, this master bedroom design wins the homeowners’ love through the extra-large space for free movement, astonishingly bright environment filled with as much sunlight as possible, and soothing color variations responsible for the delightful sense of peace and ease undisturbed by clutter, bold shades, and overly sharp lines. The designer skillfully emphasized the large space as it is, ensuring natural light fully penetrates the room through an enormous full-length window decorated with white sheer curtains and neighboring soft gray blackout panels, whose slightly defined texture is supported by the lamb wool surfaces spread over the bedroom. The room elements focus on a prominent soft white color board and rely on the curved edges that are exceptionally stylish now and fit well in spaces meant for relaxation. To preserve the interior bright and roomy, light shades were combined with sizable furniture. 

At first glance, this personal space may feel like a fairytale about luxury. Still, the practical choices the designer opted for stand behind the functional layout that hides under the elegant veil. Uniformly exposed spotlights and energy-efficient LED strips run all over the ceiling with a soft marble effect that is easily achieved through the environmentally-friendly off-white Venetian plaster. The seemingly handcrafted repetitive patterns on the off-white walls are efficiently displayed for appreciation by the quality self-adhesive wallpaper. Last but not least, the deeply textured natural stone flooring is safely replicated through peel-and-stick tiles of the best quality. 

The defining characteristic that slightly takes this interior out of the comfort zone is the mirrored ceiling, which doubles the already impressive size of the room and opens new space for imagination, contemplation, and getaway. Next in the row of the main focuses in the interior is the reflective black accent wall that can be enjoyed right from the bed. To make it contrast the overall light palette, it was decorated with black porcelain panels supported by a Marquina Black marble pedestal filled with pebbles and enlivened by vibrant green cacti. The composition is intersected by white marble and gold cube open shelves with an aesthetics-matching decor. 

Since the bedroom reveals a space that knows no limits in terms of size, it was smartly separated into mini-functional areas distinguished by particular pieces of furniture. Still, the composition itself forms a harmonious interior due to the prevailing white shade, gold accents, and decor inspired by nature itself.  

King-size sleeping zone

The leading character in this area and the interior as a whole is the white king-size bed with a boucle platform and headboard, preserving the same color scheme for the bedding. Since the room is worthy of being called extra large, the designer ensured the furniture fits in without seeming overlooked and decorated the space with two large glossy white nightstands with gold lines that mark the borders of the handleless drawers and bring shape to the curved edges. With similarly great size, the large off-white jute area rug makes an atmosphere of its own in the sleeping space that feels slightly soft – slightly raw yet definitely comfy. 

The designer surprises again with a new alternative choice – the off-white leathaire bench, whose upholstery is as durable yet more breathable than leather for low maintenance. Sticking to two elegant bracket legs and frame with gold finish, the added piece perfectly fills the space in the bedroom that would seem overwise too large and devoid of base furniture. 

Designers know that any spacious room requires details that do not steal from its extra inches yet stylishly or functionally use the existing ones. In this sense, the professional who stands behind this project decided to decorate the wall with floral molding traced to the timeless Classic interiors. The vibe was instantly picked up by the hanging white wisteria garland above the bed – an Ancient Greek palace corner right inside a contemporary bedroom. Back to what contemporary seems like, a tall tripod floor lamp with black legs and off-white linen shade enters the space that literally replicates the concept of calmness where the owners of this successfully designed bedroom can fully experience the sense of composure, be it after a hard workday or right after a good night’s sleep.   

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Trendy lounge area

It does not stand out much from the overall space in terms of zoning yet contrasts the existing shapes with its curved-line furniture. In order not to overwhelm the available free space, a set of two orange tinted glass coffee tables with sculptural rounded shapes were paired with two accent chairs. Following the same rules of construction, the round chair with a tiny supporting back and the repetitive lamb wool texture makes its step on the stage, followed by the sharp-lined chair with a light wood base and the same boucle design for the seats. Both chairs are armless, meaning they are more of decorative pieces, yet their comfortable seats make for the best experience once the homeowners decide to take a seat somewhere else but on the bed. 

Minimalist vanity space

One would not get it instantly that the space arranged in the accent wall area is actually a vanity zone since everything is smartly designed in a minimalist way so that the functional area would not show any visible borders. 

An acrylic vanity desk with a white painted top enjoys the company of two armless and backless chairs of different sizes yet both reflecting the same shape, with a slightly curved acrylic base polished with gold and gray velvet seats. The other tripod floor lamp twin finds its way to the vanity area in case the homeowners need some extra light when getting ready. The designer decided to leave the desk as it is so that the owners can put everything they want on it, even as far as a mirror, decorating the space with a tinted glass vase only filled with white flowers that smoothly reveal their beauty on the dark background. 

Speaking of mirrors, one piece of the kind stands in full length on the marble pedestal showing off a matching black frame. On the other side of the vanity desk, a glossy white and gold chest of drawers, which are again without handles, hosts another biophilic element and victoriously completes the group of items that, together with the accent wall, create a unique environment meant to inspire while getting ready in the morning and calm down while preparing for sleep in the evening.

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