Elegant and minimalist living room + a refined dining area with subtle art deco references


The dining room and the living room are separated by a wall and a doorway in this project. However, a light color code with a confident dominance of creamy, white, and smoky gray makes us perceive them as a single space. The soft matte sheen of the gold metal frames of dining chairs and consoles also adds harmony to this symphony of light, sophistication, and some unexpected contrasting textures.

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The first thing that fascinates those who step into this trendy and well-balanced space is a fantastic symbiosis of warm creamy and soft white tones, to which the presence of smoky gray adds sharpness and lightness. This color code unites the living room and dining area without needing to remove the wall. A wide rectangular opening with a silver platband is enough to feel the design’s integrity.

This color scheme could make the interior too flat and restrained. Still, designers apply several discreet and, at the same time, bold solutions, thanks to which the space gets rhythm, volume, and inspiring sophistication. The golden dining and accent furniture immediately become the focus of attention and echoes in both rooms, which contributes to the stylistic unity. The wide light panels of vertical slats, which the designer chose for the wall in both living and dining spaces, provide the same feeling. However, personal details also came in handy: besides the consonance, unique accents are present in each area.

Living Area

The finishing of the living room impresses with the exquisite simplicity that distinguishes impeccable minimalism. Smooth creamy panels on the walls, gray laminate with a natural wood pattern on the floor, and a light gray two-level ceiling with a mirror insert in the middle create a well-balanced and welcoming base for refined accents and surprising techniques.

A huge modern sofa with a wide L-shaped couch and upholstery of a wonderful silver-gray shade quite predictably occupies a dominant position in the living room, and that looks natural and predictable. However, its simple clear lines and delicate velvet texture make this domination pleasant. Small narrow shelves against the gray wall behind the sofa also look very organic. However, the surprises begin further.

Panels with color and texture of rare Black Marquina marble that decorate the walls behind the sofa and opposite the window give a cozy and restrained interior an unobtrusive chic. The designer tries on various contrasts using the same panel of slats, as well as an elegant console table of matt gold color, which serves as a stand for beige ceramic vases. As for the console, it is also a part of the ensemble, including another element of matte gold under the TV on the wall and a coffee table with a glass top by the sofa.

Another intriguing feature of the living room is the excellent daylight, which provides a vast, full-length window. Artificial light is presented in concise and modern solutions and includes spots on movable brackets, built-in spotlights, and LED strips for the shelving. Their small size and unobtrusive design don’t catch the eye and never disturb the harmony of precise geometry and smooth accent lines.

Dining Area

The dining room is no less elegant and peaceful than the living room. The same delicate cream shade of the walls and gray laminate with a wooden texture, smoothly flowing from one room to another, become an equally harmonious background – but for some new solutions this time.

Exquisite accent chairs become design stars here. Their golden frame with solid steel legs and a whimsical bend of the top is quite recognizable. However, the secret of exclusivity lies in soft plump pillows woven into the backrest lattice and providing exceptional comfort. The warm beige and velvety texture of the upholstery, coupled with the glowing frame, help revive the refined Art Deco atmosphere. A luxurious rectangular table with a light marble top and black-and-white abstraction on the wall enhances the impression.

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