Cozy and eclectic living room in white and beige with rustic elements and an exclusive antique vibe


When thinking over this spacious living room of a regular rectangular shape, the designer paid tribute to three styles, Antique, Modern, and Rustic. The modern base and decor with a reference to mid-century create a surprisingly harmonious union with monumental finishes, smooth lines of arches, and charming details as if borrowed from a mountain chalet.


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Elegance and solemnity seem to be the antonyms for coziness and tranquility. Still, the designer’s talent allowed him to achieve all these goals at once in the atmosphere of this living room. The subdued beige color code with definitely warm notes does not encounter any sharp contrasts, and the soft white and airy gray shades of furniture and floor coverings just help to create an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere. An arched entrance without doors and the same arched windows set an equally soft and soothing rhythm.

There is a significant number of references to antiquity that have a rather substantial impact, and their mixture looks really natural and well-balanced. A luxurious, full-wall relief depicting everyday life or myths of Ancient Greece seems to have arrived here from the Athenian temple thanks to the net of craquelure that covers its surface. The texture of old, white rough-worked stone on the walls and gray-beige terrazzo tiles on the floor just enhance this impression, along with the arched window frames. However, the designer deliberately avoids a deep emphasis on antiquity, allowing him to reach a perfect balance between the reminiscences of the past and the purity and restraint of modern.

Another inspiring aspect is the arrangement of furniture and accessories. Symmetry is chosen as the key to harmony, which is manifested, among other things, in clear and clean lines and impeccable observance of all the proportions. Two Minimalistic down-filled armchairs and two sofas of a shade of light gray stone are placed right opposite each other around the mid-century coffee table on dark metal hairpin legs. A wooden end table of a complex silhouette adds comfort, makes the furniture ensemble more balanced, and creates another privacy area inside the space limited by sofas and armchairs.

Thus, here we see a closed and extremely cozy recreation area, which is equally perfect for a romantic evening, a family tea party, or a friendly chatter. Visual completeness is also provided by four golden floor stick-like lamps placed in the corners of the room together with green plants in large stone-like pots. The location of the lamps right near the wall relief is a good move since their design against the background reminds the viewers of some ancient torches.

The decoration of the ceiling in this living room is a surprising and bold finding. Wide classical cornices and cutters of a deeper beige tone seem to be quite a predictable move. However, everything changes in the middle, where a kind of caisson, trimmed with a shiplap, is arranged. It becomes a kind of base for an unexpected and spectacular accent – A rustic deer antler chandelier. Thanks to the exquisite shade of antique bronze and the ceiling preparation, the chandelier does not look alien at all and adds a warm and intimate vibe.

The textile design of the room is relatively restrained, but at the same time, it is quite textured and full-fledged. Light translucent white tulle creates air movement; beige curtains made of dense fabrics provide privacy. A low-pile white and gray carpet with a natural stone pattern gives extra warmth and softness and contributes to the bliss of staying in the room.

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