Classy cream and white female bedroom with ochre accents


The customized interior design project celebrates the authenticity of the all-time favorite Neoclassical style in a spacious master bedroom joined by a “get-ready” area. The sophisticated bedroom relies on a fresh and peaceful combination of white and cream any modern woman would fall in love with. The high ceilings, full-length window, functional layout, neutral color scheme, and elegant gold and silver show stealers consolidate the intended style with the enormous queen-size bed with an accent canopy frame as the highlight of the room. The modern bedroom with gracious Classic roots stands out among thousands of trendy interiors alike through the original ochre accents inspired by mother nature.

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The key features the designer had in mind while developing this design project were sophistication, relaxation, and originality, which had to be integrated all at once. The Neoclassical style is what defines a space full of refined minimalism that evokes elegance and calmness at the same time, and the spacious open-floor bedroom with perceived feminine energy gracefully unfolds this concept.

The high ceiling, immense window, and enormous available space serve as perfect conditions for the development of a style that respects the Classic traditions rooted in the Ancient Roman and Greek cultures and appreciates the comfort of modern design solutions.  

As the design approach supposes, the color palette is made up of crisp white, cream, and gray shades, ostentatiously underlined by gold and silver particles of glitter obtrusively spread on the even surfaces. No Neoclassical design works without the predictable yet timeless wall molding that effortlessly runs through the crisp white walls painted in the appealing Decorator’s White CC-20 paint color by the professional manufacturer Benjamin Moore. Since Neoclassical shares a particular kind of respect towards natural materials, white marble wins a special place in this stylish bedroom and fully covers the flooring. To preserve the interior as it is – roomy, light, and airy, the designer ensured every sun ray found its way into the bedroom and decorated the window with white sheer curtains. Still, the chosen style is high on clean surfaces and strict lines, which simply require the slightest sip of softness, successfully inserted here with the additional gray blackout curtain panels that magnificently fall from the ceiling to the floor. 

To let the space breathe, without taking a tiny bit from the roomy effect, the other side of the room facing the window is made of a ribbed glass wall with sliding doors that firmly goes with the overall combination of colors and materials. The natural light that floods the space during the day is practically replaced during the night by evenly displayed spotlights and LED strips on the ceiling alongside the irresistible suspending pedants with a horizontal round frame and cascade lights spread all over the space, which is fully possible in this impressively large interior. 

The fancy bedroom shows exclusive cohesion throughout the interior as a whole, while the partition wall decorated with Classic panels and ochre accents separates two functional areas – the sleeping zone and the vanity space, which are still loyal to the same style. 

Sleeping zone

Neoclassical offers space for elegant choices, yet it is firmly directed toward relaxation. The luxury it comes with fills the sleeping area with the required feminine delicacy, while the clean lines, symmetrical layout, and the scale of integrated pieces make it a place where one can fully unwind while admiring the surrounding beauties. 

The highlight of the room is the queen-size bed with a contemporary black canopy frame decorated with airy silver sheer curtains that soften the imposing sobriety of such a formal interior alongside the cream silk bedding, which is highly appreciated in Neoclassical bedrooms. Symmetry goes on with the equally displayed round gold nightstands on both sides of the bed, hosting two similar table lamps with a geometric silver base and cream linen shade. These are bedside tables with a twist – they have a removable top that the homeowner can easily use as a tray while having the morning coffee in the bed or dealing with some personal business without leaving the bed. 

The wall the bed stands by was efficiently redefined with decorative wall mirrors with a silver frame, a secret designer trick meant to expand the room borders and reshape its elegant status due to the playful way the mirror tiles dance. 

It is not a coincidence the designer decorated the sleeping zone with a large cream shag area rug to define this space as a place where one can feel at home, at peace, and relaxed, features highly valued in interiors with Classic and Modern treces that require a few textile pieces to disturb the predictable state of formality. Following the same purpose, the large screen TV with a complementary marble stand seems to switch the bedroom from the elegant to the comfortable side. 

Vanity area

Preserving the same design techniques that define the sleeping area, the “get-ready” space shows a few accents of its own only to stand out as a separate functional area. Once one steps the threshold onto the other side, a catchy round mirror reveals behind the partition wall in the high-level company of a dressing bench with a fluffy ochre cover of faux fur. This is when the earthy-colored accents start their journey within this bedroom. Next are the tremendous silver pots with live decorative trees that share the same love for the earthy ochre shade, with a slightly more vibrant variation of color. 

A compact vanity table with a white top and sleek gold legs, holding hands with a tiny vanity chair with gold hairpin legs and a velvet top, which replicates another ochre variation, incorporates the perfect “get-ready” area. The neighboring glass and gold open shelves offer enough space for storing personal belongings, which makes a real pleasure out of every morning session of getting ready for the homeowner’s daily routine.  

The only elements that dare interfere with the peaceful and decluttered space are two cream velvet poufs with a gold base and integrated storage space in case there is a need for additional seats.

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