Traditional all-white kitchen with black hardware


With a tinge of modern color and a hidden sustainable design approach, the otherwise fully Traditional kitchen with beautifully carved cabinets and a cozy dining space embodies the perfect room for family gatherings. The large windows allow light to naturally flood the cooking and dining areas. The black hardware pierced the light color scheme to break the all-white ice. With the tiniest impression of wood and jute texture on the floor, the space acquires a slightly more familiar face. As the last touch, the enchanting chandelier with candle lights and bronze finish put the designer mark on this personalized kitchen design.

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When designing this beautiful kitchen, the professional operated with such core concepts as traditional, contemporary, and comfortable. The Traditional style blooms in a new way under the gorgeous combination of comfort-radiating furniture with modern color, which perfectly suits a family. 

Although the main design style that defines this project is Traditional, the designer didn’t limit the use of contemporary units to make the space feel up-to-date. For a start, the room was fully painted in white, with the gorgeous crisp white paint color Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore on the ceiling and walls and the slightly softer Simply White OC-117 by the same brand on the cabinets. Additionally, the large windows benefit the room by allowing natural light to harmonize with the white color scheme and make for an impressively light and airy kitchen. 

Traced to the 18th and 19th centuries and their perception of what a home looks like, Traditional abundantly uses rich-grained and daring natural texture, particularly wood, which is undoubtedly present in this kitchen with a slightly modern approach, such as the welcoming wood flooring that reveals a bleached effect. With a modern off-white shade, the plain linen drapes also acquire a contemporary appearance. 

Taking a closer look at the cooking area, one can easily notice the timeless cabinet design paired with the classy beadboard backsplash that decides once and for all that this kitchen is traditional. Mostly decluttered, yet allowing itself to expose a few kitchen belongings on the countertop and floating shelf, this area provides a cozy environment for the cooking space. A few inches on the right, the first-class refrigerator doesn’t dare disturb the comfort of the space due to its all-white color that fades into the background. 

The functional zones are not clearly separated in this kitchen, although the soft white pantry with a noticeable design inspired by the good old days slightly underlines the border between the cooking space and the dining zone. Even if the prevailing color is white, the author of this project design decided to go with a slightly warmer shade of white for the main furniture pieces to ensure the Traditional kitchen preserves its welcoming charm. This magic worked well in the dining area, where the familiar kitchen table and dining chairs did their best to integrate into the intended style, and they definitely managed it, providing an alluring ambiance ready to host early morning breakfasts or late evening dinners. 

Now, about the hidden sustainable materials. Considering the latest interior design trends, which are high on eco-friendly solutions, the designer opted for a round jute area rug under the kitchen table and white-painted bamboo open-shelving storage systems where the homeowners can expose beautiful decorative units. 

The room’s highlight is the centrally placed chandelier with a round shape, which repeats itself throughout the space – not without reason since curved edges are exceptionally welcome in current design plans. The lighting source reveals six candlelights paired with an appealing sphere with a bronze finish. The fixture gives a subtle Farmhouse vibe, which works very well with Traditional designs. A bit of functionality for the cooking space – the built-in recessed lighting above the work area ensures the zone receives enough light during the night, which means that the space was smartly designed for any conditions, without mentioning how stylish the tie between Traditional and Contemporary unfolds from under the harmoniously combined design solutions.

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