Exterior House Paint Colors Trending in 2024

It’s always challenging to choose the right exterior house paint colors. At some level, it makes the intro to your interior design. Secondly, it’s a way to speak out your style. Although we don’t often change our exterior house color, 2024 is the right time for a makeover. The new season registers a transition in the world of color and design, encouraging you to consider repainting your house finally. 

Overall, updated neutrals hold the lead. Next, designers give preference to striking light or dark tones. Not least, experts and homeowners favor timeless, vivid colors like yellow, red, or orange that appeal to the crowd. That’s not all! Read on to discover the classic and new exterior house paint colors from our beloved brands Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Dulux to try in 2024, which will last you for many seasons.

How to Choose the Exterior House Paint Colors

  • Consider all exterior house elements: walls, trim, front door, shutters, roof, garage, deck, porch ceiling;
  • Go out and analyze the surroundings; pay attention to your neighborhood and natural environment when choosing the color palette;
  • Think of the natural lighting conditions before choosing colors; colors tend to change during particular times of the day and differ in specific regions;
  • Consider the right paint colors and finishes to match your house’s architectural style;
  • Use a color sample outdoors and analyze its changes during the day to find out which color works best;
  • Choose lighter colors to make your house seem larger from outdoors, or pick distinctive dark or bright shades to underline the house borders;
  • Coordinate the paint colors between the house’s body and accents like the front door or trim to achieve a cohesive result.

Benjamin Moore: Trendy Exterior House Paint Colors

House Body

White Dove OC-17  

A slightly creamy white with the coziest undertones that lends any home an inviting appearance. Since chalky and warm neutrals are all the rage this season, a relaxing shade of white may be a suitable investment. Pair it with a dark front door and window frames.

Revere Pewter HC-172

It is one of the trendiest greige paint colors that colorists cannot get tired of. This versatile balance of cold and soft is a perfect house facade color to pair with darker gray shades for accents.

Black HC-190

This classic black paint will always be a win-win option, especially when combined with a fresh white tone. Still, all-black color palettes look no less fascinating on a modern house exterior.

Regent Green 2136-20

Part of the 2024 trendy paint color palette, this luxury green shade bearing the legacy of the royal past intrigues and fascinates. Use it for the house walls paired with similarly dark colors, or give lighter shades a chance to brighten this dramatically dark green.

Sweet Rosy Brown 1302 

This deep, slightly subdued shade of burgundy with subtle purple notes perfectly represents the trendy dark colors to use this year for your exterior house walls. Underline its friendly features with a matching creamy light shade for accents.

Silver Gray 2131-60

The refreshing and sleek blue-green undertones in this updated shade of pale gray are the best alternative to traditional neutral paint colors if you fancy a balanced and unobtrusive exterior house color. 

Hampshire Gray HC-101

Another trendy substitute for overused grays is this earthy green-gray, almost reading olive. It perfectly blends with deeper green tones or the opposite – bright and light white shades.

House Accents

Swiss Coffee OC-45

Just the right amount of warm undertones make this trendy white paint color one of the best options for the trim, window frames, and other accents on a neutral or deep-colored house exterior.

Lucerne AF-530

Stay up-to-date with this expert-pick navy blue with green hints that will reshape the color palette of your house exterior when used to paint the front door, trim, or window shutters.

Wasabi AF-430

Stand out in the neighborhood with this voguish yellow-green paint on the front door. It stands out beautifully on neutrally colored walls, such as gray or white. Moreover, its citrus character will add a sophisticated style to a modern house exterior.

Sherwin-Williams: Best Exterior House Paint Colors

House Body

Pure White SW 7005

The expert-pick white paint color with a renowned name proudly enters this season’s trends due to its irresistible versatility and balanced features that keep it from looking too stark. The best thing about it is the freedom to combine this white shade with any color you like.

Impressive Ivory SW 7560

Following the current trends that favor unusual pastels over traditional neutrals, you should absolutely try this delicate peach-pigmented ivory tone. Your neighbors will keep asking you what color it is while you alone won’t be able to take your eyes off such an unconditionally lovely exterior house color.

Indigo SW 6531

Tell your story with this catchy violet-blue inspired by the timeless naval paint colors. It is a safe bet if you fancy a bold yet classy exterior paint color. Additionally, think of a cool white shade for the trim to complete the refined character of your new house exterior.

Pewter Green SW 6208

After blue always comes green on the current trendy color palette. This earthy, slightly gray-polished green is undoubtedly one of the year’s most successful exterior house paint colors. It is well-grounded, nods to nature, and ensures a stately look for your house.

Peppercorn SW 7674

Leaning on the deep and dark side, try one of the high-class dark exterior house paint colors this season. Skip light gray shades in favor of versatile colors like Peppercorn. Moreover, pair it with light-colored trim and witness the evenly balanced design of your house.

Fireweed SW 6328

Borrowed from the 2024 trendy color palette, this rich and saturated red paint accessorized with earthy warmth is one of the most popular exterior house paint colors this year. Colorists firmly encourage us to show more personality. In addition, think of pairing this brilliant red shade with white, and you’ll never get tired of your investment.

Rhapsody Lilac SW 6828

Since 2023, lavender shades have gained unprecedented popularity. Moreover, they are among the latest exterior house paint color trends this season. This violet shade from SW is the most enchanting and unusual lilac tone lovers of purple could ever dream of. 

House Accents

Snowbound SW 7004

A not-too-cold nor too-warm shade of snowy white that perfectly integrates into any exterior color palette when used for the trim. Uplift the exterior house design and underline its borders with this crisp white shade.

Billiard Green SW 0016

Last season’s trend goes on. Green is one of the most favored exterior house paint colors, even when it comes to accents. We simply fell in love with how gorgeously this deep and veggie green integrates into the overall house design when applied to the roof. Additionally, pair it with wooden or light-painted walls.

Habanero Chile SW 7589

2024 is the year of endeavors. Find the courage to pick the boldest paint color for your exterior house accents, say a vivid red shade like this spicy pop of color from SW. Yet, note that Habanero Chile may read slightly orange in southern regions, which makes it even more welcome in the new colorful era.

House Body

Cracked Pepper PPU18-01

We start the list with the color of the year at Behr. This intriguing variation of black knows its way around details and finishes. If you’ve always dreamt of a luxurious and deep paint color for your exterior house design, this is your sign to try the elegant dark gray from Behr.

Whipped Cream DC-001

This year, the renowned white shades are replaced by new ones that bring the same, even if not a more unusual appeal, to your home. Thus, try this fantastic creamy white that lends a light and textured appearance to any house exterior, even when used for an all-white design concept.

Laguna Blue PPU14-18

Let’s fall in love with this beloved-by-designers shade of marine blue. The subtle grayish traces add endless beauty and stately character to this trendy blue exterior paint color. White or wooden accents seem like the perfect partners for this alluring blue.

Rumors MQ1-15

Reds have always been a classic paint color for the house exterior. Preserving the trend yet bringing an update, colorists advise using deeper shades of red, such as this earthy red that seems to bear the luxury of old-time royalties. So, if you’ve long been after the noble colors, consider this one the best find. 

Amber Brew MQ4-10

According to experts, yellows and oranges are favorites in contemporary design. Unsurprisingly, the bright orange-yellow Amber Brew leads the trendiest exterior house paint solutions. It gets even better when you get to discover its appearance in different seasons of the year.

House Accents

Malted N160-2

Will pink ever get out of style? We don’t think so. And why would we want it to? For instance, this creamy beige-pink is just the right accent color for your house exterior. Paint the front door, trim, or shutters this way for an effortless, budget-friendly exterior house makeover.


Get the classic black-and-white look that is becoming more popular by choosing Black for accents paired with white-colored exterior house walls. There is no chance your house won’t stand out with such an approach to color.

Mountain Olive N350-7A

This weathered and rich olive green is the perfect front door paint color choice in combination with brick walls or light-colored walls. For instance, pair Mountain Olive with a classic white shade for a confident color palette or a pale pinkish neutral for a soft and charming pairing with olive. 

Dulux: Top Exterior House Paint Colors

House Body

Terrace White

This pretty grayish-white stands out in a sea of trendy white exterior house paint colors due to its modest green-blue undertones that restore well-being. Experts like it paired with a crisp white trim and a popping natural tone for the front door.

Pure Blue

Pick this in-style mix of blue and green for exterior house walls and achieve a trendy house design for the next few seasons. Pair Pure Blue with white trim, and let the resulting color palette define your new modern and expensive-looking exterior design.

Hay Wain 

If you’ve always dreamt of a yellow-painted exterior house, now is the right time to make your dream come true when yellows are in high demand. This specific shade of muted green-yellow will surely win your attention due to its stately and original effect that will resonate with the natural surroundings.

Evening Blush

Proudly representing the trending pink paint colors, this blush pottery pink is full of character and beauty. Unlike traditional pinks, this weathered rose tone proves that pinks can also look noble and confident. This season, we are more than ever free to embrace our favorite vivid shades of color. Why not start with a welcoming and stylish pink?

Passionate Blue

Speaking about blue as a trending exterior house paint color, we must consider navy blue – the classic exterior color. Add timeless appeal to your house with this rich and confident shade of naval blue paired with crisp white trim.

Empty Stage

It’s no secret that dark paint colors are an emerging 2024 trend with timeless potential. Experts invite us to admire this darkest brown’s stylistic value that reveals its true beauty when applied to richly textured finishes. Moreover, it seems to have been created to bond with the green natural surroundings of your home.

House Accents

Lexicon Quarter 

This brightest white with hidden snowy undertones is the best trim color for cool gray and blue exterior house walls. Don’t think twice when choosing this crisp white that experts bet is one of the safest options in terms of neutral colors for exterior trim.


What do you think about a warm, earthy shade of brown for your white exterior house walls? At least experts regard it as the top choice for the next few years. You cannot imagine how imposing such a seemingly simple color pairing can look. Give it a try and find out for yourself.

Hidden Depths

The tropical shade of green with hidden veggie undertones instantly became a favorite among homeowners this season due to its refreshing and uplifting effect on neutrally painted house exteriors. 

2024 is the start of new color preferences for the house exterior. You can always stay safe with neutrals, successfully updated on the brands’ palettes, or gather the courage for an exterior house makeover you have long dreamt of. Will it be a luxury dark shade or an appealingly bold tone? Not sure yet? Have another go through the trendiest exterior house paint colors.

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