A watercolor shade of bold blue with vibrant notes. Make a difference in your home with a standout blue inspired by retro styles.

Hackrea, Visualizer

Bold paint colors have always been a professional tool for underlining the unique personality of a home. Bright colors are different, and blue is one of the designers’ favorites. Even more, blue is expected to become the new sage green in interior design. In this sense, we invite you to discover a new blue paint color, part of the Muse collection – Passionate Blue by Dulux. Despite its bright and catchy appearance, this cartoon midnight blue shares the same tranquil and confident features as the trendiest blues. 

Passionate Blue Paint Color Features

The name firmly describes an expressive shade of vibrant blue. Passionate Blue is a deep yet impressively bold watercolor blue. Romanticizing Impressionism, this artsy paint color paves the way for upcoming bright colors. Additionally, it takes one note of inspiration from the retro styles with their vivid palettes. In interior and exterior design, balance is key when it comes to such lively paint colors. Use the perfect amount of Passionate Blue, and you’ll enjoy its full range of qualities. In a world of enough soothing blues, stay original with a statement variation like Passionate Blue. 

Passionate Blue: Is It Warm or Cold?

It’s good to know that colorists use a specific red-green-blue concentration to develop a color shade. Blue is indicative of the cool side. Unsurprisingly, the blue amount prevails in Passionate Blue’s RGB value, which is self-explanatory. But what does it mean in terms of temperature? You’re right! Passionate Blue is a cool paint color. However, we can never say it is cold. 

How Does Lighting Affect Passionate Blue?

Passionate Blue by Dulux is one of the rare paint colors that stay true to their original characters, even when various lighting conditions attempt to affect them. Still, Passionate Blue feels slightly different under the influence of various exposures. Take, for instance, Passionate Blue in a room with northern exposure. It will gain a relatively calmer, more soothing effect while preserving its initial boldness. The story slightly changes in rooms with south-facing windows. You’ll notice a more saturated blue. Some even say there is a moderate trace of purple in Passionate Blue when sun rays reach a painted surface. 

No doubt, Passionate Blue requires a large amount of natural light, especially when used on all walls. This requirement doubles at night when artificial light is the only source. You can either use this blue paint color in small doses or enjoy the resulting moody effect with a retro twist. 

Passionate Blue LRV

Let’s check some facts! On a scale from 0 to 100, the Light Reflectance Value helps colorists understand how light or dark a paint color is. Considering that 0 stands for black, just imagine how dark Passionate Blue is with an LRV of 6. It’s hard to understand how such a bright and cheerful blue can be so close to dark colors. This proves one more time that this roaring blue works only with appropriate lighting conditions. Otherwise, you risk making your space feel daunting. 

Passionate Blue Undertones

It’s not every day we deal with a pure blue shade. Frankly, Passionate Blue doesn’t reveal any additional coloration – a clean blue shade. Yet, you cannot deny that it is a truly vibrant and attention-stealer shade of dark blue. It will perfectly work solely as well as part of a neutral or colorful palette in your home. 

Similar Colors

Sometimes, the slightest variation makes a difference. Make your difference with a darker or lighter blue. Check out this selection of top blue paint colors similar to the irreplaceable Passionate Blue by Dulux!

  • Blue Expanse by Dulux – as if Passionate Blue were diluted with a drop of water, this slightly brighter blue offers a lighter alternative;
  • Blue 2066-10 by Benjamin Moore – a rather indigo tone due to the visual violet effect in this close shade of blue;
  • Admiral Blue 2065-10 by Benjamin Moore – a noticeably purple-pigmented dark blue with a marine character;
  • Daring Indigo PPF1166-7 by PPG Paints – a perceivably lighter and more neutral violet-blue that feels more soothing;
  • Indigo Night DEA 138 by Dunn-Edwards – a brighter yet similarly bold indigo shade you can safely use as a substitute for Passionate Blue for an all-over wall paint idea.

Coordinating Colors

The best options are crisp whites, light blues or greens, and warm neutrals. Explore these best coordinating paint colors:

  • Lexicon Quarter by Dulux – one of the trendiest crisp whites, it steals attention with its cool blue undertones;
  • Whisper White by Dulux – a feathery white tone with dazzling ivory undertones, one of the designers’ favorites;
  • Tapestry Beige by Dulux – a mid-tone beige with a solid earthy effect;
  • Poached Peach by Dulux – considerably bright wheat neutral with a soft peach undertone.

Use of Passionate Blue in Interior Design

Leave your comfort zone and add more character to your home with a bold blue statement or an all-over wall blue palette. Pair Passionate Blue from Dulux with other bright shades for a more expressive effect, or choose the right texture to underline its stately personality. Overall, Passionate Blue is a versatile paint color, and there are many design ideas. 

Modern Blue Accent

Show an individual approach to design with a colorful accent in your ultra-modern neutral-colored home. It can be an accent wall, door, bookcase, cabinet, or even accent chair. The key factor is balance and contrast. Ensure Passionate Blue is accompanied by a true neutral. Designers recommend white – the best color to pair with bright and vivid blue. 

Traditional Blue

What we love about Passionate Blue from Dulux is its ability to switch from ultra-modern to traditional in a matter of seconds. The same bold blue will seamlessly brighten the traditional color palette of your historic property. Now that bright colors are so popular, we suggest updating your traditional living, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room with a pop of blue accent. Or, go for an all-blue color scheme. Dark wood and soft neutrals, peculiar to traditional interiors, work perfectly with blue.


Enjoy the hidden depth and unexpected tranquility of Passionate Blue by Dulux to the fullest in your personal space. Let this gorgeous pop of art color take the lead. Opt for an accent wall in a smaller bedroom. Or, allow this blue to steal the show with a blue all-over wall solution. Crisp white and soft neutrals are the best choices for textiles in a bedroom that reads vibrant blue.


Undoubtedly, you all know that navy blue is a timeless color choice for cabinets. What if we told you that Passionate Blue, a bolder naval shade, is next in line? Be among the first to try this entertaining color in your cooking space. Pair it mandatorily with white paint on the walls and silver hardware for a clean look. 


Bathroom is not only a utilitarian space. It is part of your daily routine, and you should add color to every detail. It will directly affect your mood. Thus, we suggest trying a splash of bold blue in your bathroom, whether traditional or modern. 

Use of Passionate Blue in Exterior Design

Get a unique exterior color palette with the slightest touch of Passionate Blue on exterior walls or the front door. Unlike traditional dark blue shades, this unforgettable paint color instantly catches everyone’s attention through its modest yet catchy features. 

The Passionate Blue paint color by Dulux combines nostalgia for retro styles with the need for more color in our lifestyles. Add vibrant blue pigment to your home inside and outside.

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