A trendy clean white with subtle snowy-blue undertones; one of the best white shades to pair with accent colors and a perfect refreshing and brightening base color.

LRV 90

When choosing a white paint color, we all strive for perfection. What does a perfect white shade look like? We have found one. Lexicon Quarter from Dulux is one of the best available white tones. Its neutral and versatile character made it a true star among designers. 

Interestingly, in the 2023 Color Forecast, we can find this popular white in one of the most unconventional color palettes – Revive, which celebrates the beauty of bright and expressive inspired by the second half of last century with vivid colors and rich patterns. The explanation is simple. Lexicon Quarter is regarded as a perfect backdrop color for this color selection’s vibrant purples, pinks, greens, and blues. This is a tiny part of its potential in design. Discover the full character of this tremendous paint color!

Lexicon Quarter Paint Color Features

Allow us to refer to it shortly, LQ. So, LQ is a fresh white shade with a cool blue cast, relatively neutral yet impressively modern and brightening. It reveals half the strength of the truly cool white Lexicon, another trendy paint at Dulux. The main feature of LQ is its flexibility. You can safely use the same white shade to underline architectural features, make the room feel spacious and well-lit, add contemporaneity to current design styles, and even use it as a background to display bright-colored furniture or modern art pieces. 

Choosing in favor of LQ describes you as a confident individual with optimistic views who craves peace, serenity, balance, and practicality. With the slightest touch of snow, this popular white makes for the most flexible paint color you can ever know. 

Lexicon Quarter: Is It Warm or Cold?

Despite the subtle blue underlayer, LQ is neither warm nor cold. It is a neutral paint color. We are ready to prove it with precise figures. It shows an impressive balance between the red, green, and blue concentrations that create the white shade. The RGB value shows 241 for Red, 242 for Green, and 241 for Blue. Undoubtedly, we can safely state LQ is neutral.

How Does Lighting Affect Lexicon Quarter?

LQ shows off its beautiful blue undertone in a very bright room with no additional vibrant colors. The blue trace slightly fades out as fast as the room gets flooded with warm-colored textures. This white shade seems more neutral under the warm natural light from south-facing windows. On the opposite side, the slightest shadow touch brings a subtle gray effect on LQ.

Consider that LQ tends to pick up the surrounding colors, influencing its appearance and making it feel warmer or colder.

Lexicon Quarter LRV

LQ is a clean white tone and finds itself close to true shades of white with a Light Reflectance Value of 90. A true white hue has an LRV of 100, yet such tones have not been developed so far. Reflecting 90% out of 100, LQ is an excellent choice in small rooms that require more light and a top color option for large and well-lit spaces due to its bright and modern features. 

Lexicon Quarter Undertones

You can quickly get what undertones LQ has from the previous sections. This fabulous white tone shares the canvas with a few drops of fresh blue and a shadowy gray trace that has its own rules and comes to the surface in particular surroundings. 

Similar Colors

If you ever want an alternative to Lexicon Quarter but a truly good one, you know where to find it; your go-to list with substitutes from renowned manufacturers is ready.

  • Peplum Quarter by Dulux Australia – a tiny bit warmer neutral white; we would even underline a rather purplish-blue undertone rather than a clean blue one;
  • Wedding Veil 2125-70 by Benjamin Moore – literally, the same refreshing bluish white that feels airy like a wedding veil;
  • Ultra White CC-10 by Benjamin Moore – a slightly less bright blue-white, very close to true shades of white;
  • Maui Mist BL-W10 by Behr – a substantially warmer white with hazy blue undertones;
  • Frost 57 by Behr – a more neutral tone of white, still penetrated by a less visible fresh blue note;
  • Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams – the so-called truest white at this brand, very close to LQ, yet less bluish;
  • Ceiling Bright White SW 7007 by Sherwin-Williams – a noticeably more bluish white with a darker base that even feels frostier.

Coordinating Colors

LQ is a perfect background color for any paint color, particularly the lively shades from Dulux’s 2023 Revive color palette. It gets more complicated when it comes to other neutrals. This white shade gets slightly pretentious. In this case, consider the following recommended shades from Dulux:

  • Highgate SP2B6 – a light greenish-gray with a relatively neutral base, great to pair with cooler and warmer colors;
  • Tranquil Retreat SN4G1 – a medium, slightly warm gray with no visible additional notes of color, impressively soft and versatile;
  • Winter Terrace SN4A3 – an alluringly warm greige with a cheerful green undertone that makes for an inviting effect on the interior and exterior design;
  • White Exchange Half SW1B4 – a delightful warm white tone with lovely beige notes to use as a base color primarily;
  • Lexicon SW1E3 – the starker version of Lexicon Quarter, perfect to use together in a monochromatic interior;
  • Pre School Half S37B1H – light tone of pastel blue, slightly cool yet welcoming, that creates a serene and peaceful environment;
  • Silver Tea Set SG6H1 – a medium-to-light shade of pure silver-gray, slightly gravitating towards the warm side.

Use of Lexicon Quarter in Interior Design

LQ looks very well in large rooms with enormous windows, making the space bright and airy. Its light blue undertones make for a perfect modern ambiance. When paired with wood, it becomes slightly more comfortable. Experts suggest using it as a base color and displaying the brightest accents on it, such as retro motifs or modern art. 

A fresh and immaculate white is waiting for new design ideas. Here are some exciting design concepts with Lexicon Quarter.

Modern White Base Color

The shadowy gray-blue undertone in LQ adds the latest tinge of modern air to any room, especially if this is a spacious and well-lit room. Choose this perfect white for your next Modern makeover, and mandatorily expose rich-textured materials with natural origins or vivid-colored textiles. Use intricate shapes and original patterns that stand out on the neutral white canvas and underline your designer mark.

White Canvas & Bright Accents

Since LQ is an exquisitely versatile color, you can easily pair it with various flowerful tones of the season, blues, purples, pinks, oranges, yellows, and so on. Enliven your family room or personal bedroom with a vividly painted ceiling, a top trend now, and white-washed walls. Don’t hesitate to place a few more vivaciously colored accents throughout the room and make a vibrant ‘80s statement. 

A Clear Mind in a Clean Bedroom

In the same way, we need “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body); we need a clean space for a clear mind. The fewer disturbing sources and the cleaner the canvas, the more sound your mind is. Pick a fresh base color for your bedroom, such as Lexicon Quarter, and let your sleeping space breathe. Add a few figures of speech in design language by decorating the room with personalized accents, such as modern wall art, naturally textured furniture, or bright-colored textiles.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Lexicon Quarter provides a clean effect, which is excellent for a kitchen. Use it on cabinets paired with marble or wood, in a Mid-Century design for walls with wood cabinets, or choose it for contemporary cooking spaces combined with bursts of modern colors.

This almost-pure white makes serenity and harmony the defining features of the dining room. With such hopeful and refreshing paint on the walls, you’ll enjoy your family time at a new level. The decoration is up to you.

Spa Bathroom

Lexicon Quarter has very calming properties. Regardless of how spacious and bright your bathroom is, LQ will only enhance those features. Create a spa space right in your home with the trendy white paint on the walls, a mandatory free-standing bathtub with an open view, and naturally textured surfaces, wood, rattan, sisal, bamboo, and wicker. 

Use of Lexicon Quarter for House Exterior

The slightly snowy white from Dulux is one of the best house exterior paint colors. Its hidden undertones help the white shade skilfully stand for itself when bathed in direct natural light. Although seeming brighter in exterior design, LQ exposes its blue undertone when the shadow hits or on a particular texture, such as brick.

Use LQ to underline the architectural features of your house. Experts recommend it mainly for southern locations with plenty of sunlight and surrounding exotic greeneries. 

Dulux’s Lexicon Quarter paint color feels at home in Modern design and allows itself the liberty to make spaces look even larger and brighter than you expect. Whether you want a clean canvas to display your favorite bright pops of color or a skillful partner for your beloved neutrals or natural-textured furniture, Lexicon Quarter will never disappoint.

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