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Passionate Blue S41H9

A watercolor shade of bold blue with vibrant notes. Make a difference in your home with a standout blue inspired by retro styles.

Clouded Sky S35A3

A grayed mid-tone blue resembling the cloudy sky that will deliver a solid sense of calmness due to the soothing features of this saturated neutral.

Pure Blue S33A1

A pastel gray-blue with the lightest green note meant for relaxation spaces like the bedroom. Restore calmness in your home and inner peace.

Provence Blue HDC-AC-23

A soothing green-blue inspired by the French Provence fields of sage and lavender that will add refined air and serenity to your home's design.

Gale Force SW 7605

A modern navy blue tone, one of the top shades, with organic green undertones that render elegance, calmness, confidence, and originality all together.

Jacaranda SW 6802

A tropical blue that reads bold, challenging, and creative. This unsual paint color is perfect for those who want to express their creativity through design.

Stardew SW 9138

A magical gray-blue with the slightest trace of green that will add an appealingly nostalgic effect to your home, together with its sleek and fresh side.

Benjamin Moore
Polar Sky 1674

A powdery blue with a trace of gray-green, reminiscent of the winter morning sky and known for its calming and refreshing abilities.

Upward SW 6239

The color of the year 2024, a gorgeous gray-blue that marks the shift to light neutrals full of contentment, well-being, and optimism.

Benjamin Moore
Blue Nova 825

A celestial violet-blue, known as the color of the year 2024 and the freshest navy blue that reads confident and intriguing.

Sea Kelp S34A8

A nocturnal gray-blue with a magical green trace; this popular navy blue substitute reflects calmness and harmony through oceanic depth lenses, perfect for inside and outside.

Pharaoh's Gem S28H9

A bright emerald green with blue undertones that reads luxurious and tropical; one of the most vivid paint colors this season, rendering growth, patience, harmony, and energy.

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