A bright emerald green with blue undertones that reads luxurious and tropical; one of the most vivid paint colors this season, rendering growth, patience, harmony, and energy.

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Dulux’s new color collection of unusually bright paint colors that sparked the designers’ interest worldwide comes with something more than many vivid tones. They all have exciting stories to share. One of the most striking shades in the Revive selection is Pharaoh’s Gem, a sparkling emerald green with royal origins. 

Today, experts pay more attention to the meaning behind colors and their psychological effects rather than how they look only. Frankly, this precious green is one of the most exceptional colors we have ever encountered. Find out why!

Pharaoh’s Gem Paint Color Features

We discovered pretty amazing things by diving deep into the history behind PG, aka Pharaoh’s Gem. Everything about this color is remarkable. Like its namesake, Pharaoh’s Gem takes after the precious emerald stone, a defining jewelry element in Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra often displayed the so-called jewel of kings. 

Learning such things, we can firmly state that PG is an intriguing emerald green, exposing a beautiful green and blue mix that also gives off a tropical vibe. This paint color is surprisingly bright, and we associate it involuntarily with a fully saturated green tone on an artist’s watercolor palette. 

How does it work in interior and exterior design? Its meaning hides behind emerald symbolism. Besides being the definition of royalty, emerald also stands for harmony, balance, and growth at all levels of your life, professional, interpersonal, and inner self. Psychologists also associate this emerald color with intuition, love, inspiration, and patience. We are impressed by how many positive things this green tone brings to the table.

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Pharaoh’s Gem: Is It Warm or Cold?

We usually use the RGB value (concentration of Red, Green, and Blue mixed to create a color) to determine the temperature. PG is the first paint color we deal with to have a value of 0 for Red. Impressive; this color is fully made of green and blue. Consequently, expect no other effect but a cool one from this emerald green. We wouldn’t dare call it cold.

How Does Lighting Affect Pharaoh’s Gem?

Although a pretty dark green tone, PG shows different interpretations of the same color under various exposures. If you like this color like it is on the sample, deep emerald green with a solid blue tinge, go with it in north-facing spaces. The cold natural light will preserve the royal value of this paint. 

As soon as this color touches a room flooded with warm sun rays, PG turns into a brighter and gorgeously saturated green tone, as if inspired by the lively colors used from the ‘50 to the ‘80s in interior design. A subtle shadow and our new vibrant green reveals its innate blue trace. 

In all these cases, PG shows a cool mint green to the world. Since this color is genuinely intense, we don’t recommend it in small rooms, especially without access to appropriate lighting. Still, you can always decide in favor of an emerald green feature door or accent wall.

Pharaoh’s Gem LRV

Let’s see how many of you know or remember the Light Reflectance Value. If you’re new here, no worries. LRV shows how light or dark a color is by determining how much light it reflects. First, consider a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white). PG has an LRV of 16. We usually call such colors mid-tone shades leaning towards the dark side. PG reflects the tiniest part of the light it receives from outdoors or artificial sources.

Pharaoh’s Gem Undertones

You may notice something new, and you have every right. As for us, PG is a bright green shade with a visible blue undertone that only enriches it with beauty.

Similar Colors

Lively colors are the best color trend of the season, and we should not lose the opportunity to reveal our love for vibrant and self-expressive shades. To your attention: even more green tones that look similar to PG.

  • Forest Splendor S28F9 by Dulux Australia – the same emerald green with a darker color base by a few notes;
  • Ming Jade 2043-20 by Benjamin Moore – a less bluish tropical green with a similarly saturated effect;
  • Manor Green 2047-20 by Benjamin Moore – a more veggie blue-green bearing the same vibrant allure;
  • Mermaid Harbor 490B-7 by Behr – a more bluish-dark green; we would even say a true teal tone of astonishing depth and appeal;
  • Poseidon SW 6762 by Sherwin-Williams – a powerful blue-green resonating with the rich ocean depth as represented in cartoons;
  • Jewel Green 203-7 by PPG Paints – almost the same precious green with emerald blue undertones yet slightly more green-biased.

Coordinating Colors

We live in a design age where any color combination is possible if it doesn’t look untasteful or overpowering. Inspired by the vibrant mixes of color seen in design projects from the ‘50, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, you can come up with a palette of your own. On the Dulux’s website, colorists recommend pairing PG with neutral white or lighter green:

  • Vivid White SW1G1 – a pure white shade with a clean effect devoid of undertones, perfect for contemporary design;
  • Lexicon Half SW1G2 – an immaculate white with neutral features, showing a bit more body and perfect for underlining architectural features inside and out;
  • Island Sea S28H3 – a mid-tone blue-biased green beautified by a watery cast with an impressively saturated effect;
  • Majorca Blue S28E6 – a medium-to-dark vibrant blue-green, a soft teal variation of color traced to exotic places.

Use of Pharaoh’s Gem in Interior Design

A few years ago, we would have been skeptical about a bright green color in the house. We are all in for using it for the most unconventional and common design styles today. It’s like we all have secretly craved working with the boldest colors ever, and it is finally possible. Allow yourself the liberty to decorate any room in your house with PG and enjoy its mood-boosting, inspiring, and luxurious personality.

An Emerald-Accessorized Living Room

This emerald green tone tightly collaborates with Art Deco, Eco, Retro, Vintage, and Modern as some of its favorites. Switch from a neutrally colored and simple living room to a personalized and colorful design to delight your eyes. Live in the moment, and make the most of any corner in your house. 

Try pairing PG with white, bright yellow and oranges, or other green shades. Think of green layers with PG on walls and slightly darker emerald green-colored furniture to add texture visually.

Luxe Bedroom

The best place to experience the PG’s luxurious notes is the bedroom. Ensure a royal ambiance with blue-green-painted walls, even better if your walls are decorated with molding. Opt for a moody dark green palette or accessorize the green background with bright-colored textiles for bedding. This room is where PG isn’t afraid of dark corners and poor lighting conditions. Here, it is a compliment.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Pharaoh’s Gem has a favorite, and this is the kitchen. Here, it can experiment with various styles, colors, and texture options. Its beloved accessories are gold-imitating hardware, wood, and marble (of different colors). 

In the dining room, PG ensures a dramatic ambiance and exquisite style. If you often have guests over, ensure they don’t leave your place unimpressed. A dining painted emerald green will long stay in their minds. 


Blues and greens are the most demanded colors in the bathroom. Considering the current bathroom trends, such a bright green shade like PG is a must in a contemporary bathroom. Delight your eyes and lift up your mood every time you enter the bathroom by painting an accent wall, vanity cabinets, or even a freestanding bathtub with the emerald green from Dulux.

Use of Pharaoh’s Gem for House Exterior

As of late, designers use brighter colors to complete their exterior design projects. As a color that easily fits in the natural surrounding, with a touch of retro sparkle, PG is great for modern houses with intricate features. It looks no less stylish on traditional houses with wooden trim. Don’t hesitate to choose PG for the front door paired with white walls.

Dulux’s Pharaoh’s Gem paint color is one of the most courageous shades of green on the new trendy palette. A genuine emerald among thousands of green variations. Add this sparkling accessory to your next design idea, and enjoy the nurturing and expressive way this color speaks to you.

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