A nocturnal gray-blue with a magical green trace; this popular navy blue substitute reflects calmness and harmony through oceanic depth lenses, perfect for inside and outside.

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This article is dedicated to those who love dark, moody colors, such as navy blue, shades that soothe and create a secluded ambiance to unwind and recharge your batteries while at home. Luckily, Dulux’s new 2023 forecast puts at our use a whole collection of oceanic hues that help us restore balance while living in such uncertain times. Let’s take a few minutes and dive into the depth of the dark blue Sea Kelp from one of the most beloved brands, Dulux.

Sea Kelp Paint Color Features

Let’s keep it short, SK is a charcoal blue paint color. The name explains what variation of blue it is. Kelp is a brown seaweed known for its rich vitamins and minerals. That’s why SK is a sumptuously intense blue, resembling the sea depth. Moreover, when put into practice, SK gives off a solid greenish vibe. 

The dark gray-blue from Dulux speaks to those who value harmony, strive for consistency, and focus mainly on the sensitive yet reliable side of their personality. When applied to interior or exterior design, SK adds an organic sense of tranquility and inner peace, like a breath of fresh air; this paint color restarts all your feelings and allows you to focus on the moment.

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Sea Kelp: Is It Warm or Cold?

It is high time to bring up the RGB value (Red, Green, and Blue mixed to create a color). At SK, the Blue value obviously outpaces the other two. Yet, note that Green is next in line. With a reduced amount of Red, Sea Kelp is a cool paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Sea Kelp?

Unlike its appearance on the color sample, SK prioritizes the green undertones when applied to a surface. Expect a lighter and more greenish charcoal blue in a room flooded with southern exposure lighting. Use the same color in a room penetrated by cold natural light, and you’ll receive a darker and deeper blue with a navy effect that reads slightly green. 

Colorists suggest you carefully use this paint color in your home. Such a dark blue shade needs the best lighting conditions. Otherwise, you may end up with a dull effect. Still, there is always a solution. Try an accent painted with SK. You’ll never go wrong with a limited amount of dark color. 

Sea Kelp LRV

Paint colors with a Light Reflectance Value close to 0 absorb light and don’t bounce it back. The ones close to 100 are impressively skillful at reflecting the light and are used to make spaces seem larger and lighter. SK has an LRV of 9. It will reflect little to no light. So, use it in large and well-lit rooms primarily. 

Sea Kelp Undertones

SK is part of the Blue color family. Its defining undertones are gray and green, varying in concentration according to surrounding conditions. Many regard it as a new organic shade of navy blue that resonates more with the real-life sea depth.

Similar Colors

Rest assured, there are plenty of blue shades to choose from, even close to the “one-of-a-kind” Sea Kelp from Dulux. You know where to find the best alternatives. They are all as follows:

  • Ink Well by Dulux – an impressively close yet slightly less deep dark blue resembling the traditional blue ink color;
  • Surf’n”Dive S35A8 by Dulux Australia – a note-darker navy blue, preserving the same play of undertones;
  • Nocturne Blue 34E3 by Behr – a considerably darker and more profound blue resembling the starry midnight sky;
  • Brush Blue CW-675 by Benjamin Moore – a foggier gray-blue with the same subtle green trace;
  • Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 by Benjamin Moore – a similarly dark yet much brighter grayish blue devoid of the green notes;
  • Sea Serpent SW 7615 by Sherwin-Williams – a more neutral and grayish blue with similarly distinctive green undertones;
  • Sailor’s Coat PPG1153-7 by PPG Paints – a dark gray-blue with a more vivid base color that reads slightly less green.

Coordinating Colors

Pair this nocturne blue shade with similarly competitive white tones or lighter blue hues. If you fancy a contrast, you can safely partner SK with bright pops of color. Visit our article on trendy color collections from renowned brands for vivid color inspiration. In the meantime, Dulux suggests the following no-fail options:

  • White Exchange Half SW1B4 – a delicate beige-infused warm white, unmatchable pairing for such dark and cool colors like Sea Kelp;
  • Lexicon Quarter SW1E1 – one of the top clean white tones with snowy-blue undertones that would resonate with the bluish depth in SK;
  • Natural White SW1F4 – a go-to white, the lightest warm white at this brand, and one of the most beloved white tones by designers and homeowners;
  • Arctic Daisy Half S16F1H – a light and pale yellow as if frozen yet still preserving its daisy-color warmth.

Use of Sea Kelp in Interior Design

SK is primarily a dramatic paint color. It will successfully replace your favorite navy blues and substitute overused gray blues. Like most blue shades, it pairs astonishingly with wood and chooses white as its best friend. We’ve gathered the best design ideas with Sea Kelp in every room of the house that designers shared with us. Some of them may really inspire you.

Sea Kelp and Unconventional Colors

While homeowners were busy choosing a perfect white shade to pair with SK, designers came up with unusual combinations between this dark blue and juicy pops of bright color. Consider SK for walls in your lounge area and decorate the space with vibrant textiles and richly colored furniture. SK will make for a moody ambiance, while the colorful accessories will enliven the room and fill it with energy.

Moody Bedroom

Paint all bedroom walls dark gray-blue and enjoy the moody ambiance that will help you reach the ultimate sense of relaxation. Keep it intriguing with white or other neutrals paired with SK, or add more expressive feelings with expressive colors. Another great idea is to use SK in Neoclassical bedrooms and witness the luxurious vibe that resurfaces when this color pairs with Classic molding.

Kitchen and Dining Room

We all know navy blue is a favorite in kitchens. However, we’ve seen so much marine blue in kitchens that we are finally ready to embrace new colors. Not far from navy blue is Sea Kelp, an organic greenish charcoal blue. Use it on kitchen cabinets or walls, combined with neutral colors or better – bright and fruitful shades. Moreover, both traditional and modern kitchens collaborate with this gorgeous midnight blue.

If you have a spacious dining room and want a dynamic paint color to make a perfect statement in favor of your customized design, choose SK for walls and partner it with traditional, modern, eclectic, or individualized details.


First, a paint color inspired by the marine world cannot help but suit a bathroom. Second, even a smaller bathroom works for SK, despite the rule of not using SK in enclosed rooms. It adds intrigue, drama, and fascination. Impressively, but even here, our new favorite blue shade pairs with vivid colors rather than neutral shades, and experts fully back up this idea.

Use of Sea Kelp for House Exterior

While many modern shades of standout paint colors favor contemporary architectural features in exterior design, SK sticks to tradition more than ever. Designers use this attractive dark blue on traditional wood exterior walls and front doors in the company of light neutral shades for walls. By the way, a blue paint color with green undertones like Sea Kelp effortlessly blends into the natural surroundings.

Dulux’s new navy blue, Sea Kelp, is leading the current color trends. Amateurs of blues in general, dark blues, and especially navy blues worldwide share their love for the newly found favorite. Surprisingly, SK knows how to behave in the company of neutral and vivid colors. Choose wisely, paint creatively, and opt for the organic charcoal blue from Dulux.

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