A timeless pink paint color underlined by the slightest earthy brown undertone that looks cozy and appealing simulatneously. This trendy pink is a new gray.

LRV 60

Is it the Barbiecore trend, or is pink indeed so popular? As you might have guessed due to the name, today, we speak about a trending pink paint color that proudly leads the 2024 Forecast. The glowing pink with an earthy sepia effect proves one more time that pinks are here to stay for long. Note that this is not a girly color only. Since interior designers recommend this paint color so much, we decided to take a closer look at this color choice. Stay tuned for Malted’s specifics, matching paint colors, and the different ways to style it in your home.

Malted Paint Color Features

Like the malted milk powder added to your favorite milkshake, this sweet pink shade feels uplifting, mood-boosting, and inspiring – like a dose of sweet berry milkshake. Behr colorists describe it as a light mauve-brown, and we can clearly see the resemblance of this pink to an earthy-pigment weathered rose. It feels appealing rather than repelling because of the glowing sun rays that seem to have flooded this gorgeous pink tone. If you use this paint color in any room, you’ll instantly notice the considerable amount of warmth, calmness, and energy that will become defining. 

Despite its wild coloration, Malted feels airy and unconditionally calm without overwhelming just because it is pink and not a traditional neutral. On the contrary, you can leave your comfort zone and try a brighter alternative to dull and overused neutrals.

Malted: Is It Warm or Cold?

The first glance at Malted will tell you this is a warm paint color. However, we operate with exact figures and facts. All paint colors have an RGB value – the concentration of red, blue, and green. At Malted, the red value, responsible for warmth, prevails over green and blue, the latter, in particular, being indicative of coldness. No more questions as to whether Matled is indeed warm or not. 

How Does Lighting Affect Malted?

In rooms with northern exposure, where the cold blue light prevails, Malted transforms into a paler pink with emphasized gray undertones where the shadow takes center stage. However, in rooms with south-facing windows, Malted turns into this beautiful, delightful shade of warm pink that simply glows bathed in sun rays. Nonetheless, it is a great choice for any lighting conditions since Malted isn’t overly dark or light – the perfect neutral pink. 

Still, colorists always suggest experimenting with a color sample in your home at different times of the day before painting. So, you’ll know for sure whether you like it or not.  

Malted LRV

When reviewing paint colors, you should undoubtedly check the Light Reflectance Value. Malted has an LRV of 60. This means that it reflects 60% out of the 100% of light it receives. We can easily call Malted a mid-tone pink with enough pigment yet well-balanced. Despite its appealing coloration, Malted is a pretty light pink that won’t allow your space to look dark or dull. Even if it is a small space, it will still seem light and airy if you ensure appropriate lighting conditions, such as large windows or enough sources of artificial lighting.  

Malted Undertones

This seamlessly bright pink shade has gray and brown undertones. Gray stands for its neutral character, while brown offers it a natural earthy feature. That’s why Malted feels restrained and charming simultaneously. Its connection to the outdoors is undeniable, as is its limitless sense of comfort and home. 

Similar Colors

Take a look at the best alternatives for this trendy pink from Behr! Both Behr and other giant brands compete for the top substitutes for Malted.

  • Bella Mia MQ3-05 by Behr – almost the same weathered pink, you won’t notice a difference;
  • Josephine MQ3-01 by Behr – a cooler, gray-biased pink you can use as a neutral alternative to Malted;
  • Abalone Shell SW 6050 by Sherwin-Williams – a pretty close pink shade, although this one seems slightly warmer; use it instead of Malted in north-facing rooms for an increased warm effect;
  • Unfussy Beige SW 6043 by Sherwin-Williams – despite the name, it is a considerably lighter version of pink devoid of the brown undertone;
  • Gobi Desert 2110-50 by Benjamin Moore – a more grayish, pale-pink sand color with a substantial muted effect.

Coordinating Colors

Malted, as neutral as it is, loves contrast. That’s why it will perfectly pair with brighter shades that easily stand out in its neutral background. Greens and blues are favored. Still, peaches and bold pinks keep pace together with browns and violets. Explore this huge list of best matching colors from Behr:

  • Island Hopping M180-1 by Behr – a vibrant shade of light peach that will brighten the rather neutral pink Malted;
  • Orchid Haze S110-2 by Behr – a delicate orchid violet tone slightly washed out by gray;
  • Colorful Leaves M190-7 by Behr – a catchy shade of bright orange-brown resembling the late autumn leaves in their full coloration;
  • Moon Glass S420-2 by Behr – a pastel tone of mint green, pretty light and refreshing;
  • Sea Wind S480-2 by Behr – a crisp, pale blue bearing the marine breeze within its cool blue base;
  • Pure Earth PPU7-05 by Behr – a rich taupe with organic earthy undertones that read comfy and inviting;
  • Chocolate Delight N160-5 by Behr – a milk-chocolate brown with sweet yellow undertones;
  • Sophisticated Lilac M110-6 by Behr – a solid violet with rich pigmentation, perfect for statements;
  • Tournament Field M420-6 by Behr – a bright green shade, vibrant and inspiring;
  • Valley of Glaciers M480-6 by Behr – a deep yet vivid shade of green-blue, an accent teal paint color;
  • Cranapple Cream S140-2 by Behr – a lively shade of creamy pink, much brighter than Malted.

Use of Malted in Interior Design

According to the latest interior design trends, you can use Malted – a neutral pink tone in any room, color palette, and design style. The important thing is to know how to style it. Explore the best design ideas with this soft pink paint color from Behr.

With a Vintage Twist

We couldn’t help but start with the Vintage style given the fact that Malted has a weathered feature that beautifully combines with intricately carved wooden furniture, mixed upholstery prints, sophisticated architectural details, weathered metallic hardware, and a time-tested color palette with a nostalgia for the past centuries’ grandeur. So, you can use Malted in any room, focusing on its sepia effect that will perfectly bend with the surrounding style.

Mediterranean Pink

The resemblance of Malted to peach tones makes it a favorite in Mediterranean interiors. Warm terracotta flooring, exposed wooden beams, richly printed tiles, raw textures, earthy color palettes – pair all this with the brown pink from Behr. In contrast with traditional whitewashed walls in Mediterranean interiors, this vivid pink will add energy to the ambiance.

Pink in Modern Style

The versatile blush paint color from Behr can also be used in modern interiors, whether those are high-end design concepts with sleek lines or updated traditional interiors. Malted paired with contrastive colors, especially from the same color family, will make your home look tasteful. Even more, pink is the new gray, and its integration as a background color is much welcome.


According to designers, pinks are among the most popular bedroom colors. Even more, this gender-neutral color is impressively flexible. That’s how you can style Malted in your bedroom – pair it with light wood and wicker furniture. Consider pink-painted walls with green textiles. Or, go with the no-fail pink and white palette. The soft and warm features of Malted will add comfort to your bedroom and preserve the home feeling all year round.

Kids’ Room

This baby pink paint color – soft, warm, and cozy is one of the best choices for the kids’ room. Decorators recommend pairing it with white and light wood flooring and furniture. Besides, the bright accents peculiar to this space will find the neutral pink canvas inviting. Green, brown, and orange are among the best matching colors for Malted in this room.

Home Office

This neutral pink is an exceptionally calm, well-thought-out paint color that will add taste and style to your home office. Aside from being inspirational, Malted will help you concentrate on your tasks. From a traditional home office with pink walls and wooden furniture to a high-end workspace that beautifully mixes black and pink, you won’t regret using this new-age neutral.


Using Malted in the kitchen proves one more time how flexible this charming pink is. You can use it on walls or cabinets paired with neutral or bright matching colors, such as blue or green. Traditional cooking spaces are a safe space for this worn-out earthy pink, while modern kitchens will get an uplift due to this color’s energy and appeal. It’s time to replace overused neutrals with more vivid alternatives. 


The peachy fragrance of Malted will add the sought-after warmth to your bathroom that will last all year, regardless of season. We are even more fascinated by this pink shade when we know we can style it in the bathroom any way we like. Paint the walls or vanity in combination with any other color or metallic accents, and enjoy the updated design of a new bathroom.

Use of Malted for the House Exterior

Although Malted seems slightly lighter when applied to exterior design, it is still a great exterior paint color. It won’t lose its charm under any circumstances. Use this stylish and inviting pink on walls or the front door. By the way, it looks good next to white or black. 

Behr’s Malted N160-2 paint color is a new pink shade that blends style with comfort and delivers them in the most tasteful way. Is it possible for the same pink tone to be luxe and cozy simultaneously? It’s undoubtedly true about the Malted paint color from Behr.

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