A rich earthy taupe with warm undertones that radiates eco-friendliness, endless comfort, and adapts to any taste, adding its unique note of sophistication.

LRV 31

Designers and homeowners worldwide apply more sustainable design techniques to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our common home – Earth. They start with color and restore the popularity of nature-inspired hues, where earthy tones hold the lead.

Have you known that clay-sourced colors are among the first natural colors used by humans? Soil tones were used during the Renaissance to create the renowned masterpieces we all admire today. And, starting with the 70s, people have used earthy shades in their houses, returning to a more peaceful environment.  

Paying tribute to the long history of earthy shades and celebrating their new meaning – love for nature and environment protection, Behr’s colorists invite us to redefine our perspective on design with the brown-traced Pure Earth paint color. 

Pure Earth Paint Color Features

The soil-toned hue from the famous color brand is a deep taupe shade, mixing brown with gray. At Behr, it reveals its personality within the Neutral color group. Besides its connection to earthy shades with a glorious past and craving for natural and untreated, Pure Earth is an impressively calming and well-grounded color. Additionally, the earthy hue is associated with cozy and luxury due to its resemblance to expensive materials. 

PE, which is basically a brown-gray shade, is a never-outdated timeless, organic, and versatile paint color. If you are modest, love to share empathy, value comfort, lean more towards the conservative side yet adventures speak to you from time to time, and not least, care about the planet and sustainability, Pure Earth is your paint color.

Pure Earth: Is It Warm or Cold?

Most paint colors traced to earthy shades are warm, which, of course, is the case with Pure Earth. The name itself shows that we deal with a brown shade that we simply cannot call cold. Even the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value reveals a more significant amount of red in this color, which once again proves the visible warmth in Pure Earth.

How Does Lighting Affect Pure Earth?

The warmest brown-gray you can experience unfolds under the warm natural lighting in a room flooded with sun rays, which is a space with southern exposure. You’ll enjoy the same result in a room with west-facing windows in the afternoon and east-facing windows in the morning.

Pure Earth doesn’t lose its warmth in spaces with northern exposure. Although, it seems darker and more grayish there. We would even say less warm yet still preserving its comforting features, making it a great color option for spaces penetrated by cold natural light.

You should definitely consider an appropriate amount of light, natural or artificial since this paint color is pretty dark. Therefore, you’ll avoid making the space feel enclosed or dull. 

Pure Earth LRV

We like to prove our words, and if we say Pure Earth is a pretty dark paint color, we don’t lie. Let’s see what we can find on Behr’s official website. Pure Earth has a Light Reflectance Value of 31. When 0 stands for true blacks and 100 for true whites, 31 fits in the medium-to-dark category. You won’t have a problem with this taupe shade under ideal natural light conditions. 

Pure Earth Undertones

Gray and brown are the base colors. If you look carefully, you may notice a tricky blue-green undertone, which stands out most in rooms with northern exposure. As for the rest, a subtle yellow trace undoubtedly keeps the paint color warm.

Similar Colors

Taupe is among the few colors that help an interior or exterior look more elegant without making it stand out. Therefore, brown-gray is an all-time trendy color, appearing in different tones at various paint manufacturers. We’ve prepared a list of the most prominent similar colors to Pure Earth.

  • Studio Taupe PPU5-07 by Behr – a lighter gray-biased taupe better used as a substitute for Pure Earth in sunlight-flooded spaces;
  • Silent Sands T by Behr – almost the same brown-gray shade; only the slightly higher LRV by a few notes would distinguish between the two taupe shades;
  • Alexandria Beige HC-77 by Benjamin Moore – a more profound taupe with brown-biased notes that slightly fade into a green-brown shadow;
  • Weimaraner AF-155 by Benjamin Moore – a substantially lighter brown-gray with blue-violet undertones making it slightly less warm;
  • Sanderling SW 7513 by Sherwin-Williams – literally, the same taupe variation with a 99.5% similarity to Pure Earth;
  • Utaupeia SW 9088 by Sherwin-Williams – a considerably warmer, as if pink-injected taupe, pretty close to its counterpart from Behr yet resonating with a warmer clay shade.

Coordinating Colors

The top color options from the light group of paints are crisp white, warm off-white, and lovely pinks. Switching to the other side, darker browns, mid-tone pastels, and deep, richly pigmented fruit colors will astonishingly stand out on the neutral taupe background. Let’s see what the colorists from Behr prepared for us!

  • Dove HDC-MD-21 – a neutral white with neither warm nor cool greige undertones making this shade stand out among the available white variations;
  • Buckwheat Flour S280-1 – a delightful tone of very light yellow diluted with washed-out pink;
  • Bali Sand N250-2A – a creamy mid-tone beige with sandy undertones as if reflecting the sunrise light;
  • Mayan Ruins N300-7 – an organic and dark earthy brown with yellow-green undertones, used for down-to-the-earth design concepts with well-grounded ambiances;
  • Fine Wine S120-7 – a deep and rich purple shade resembling the naturally brewed wine color;
  • Decanting S120-4 – a warm purple shade with a charming lavender scent;
  • Garden Vista N430-3 – a refreshing green-blue that reads peaceful, harmonious, and balanced;
  • Ombre Blue S510-3 – a well-saturated watery blue slightly washed-out, inducing calmness and creativity;
  • Royal Liqueur PPU2-19 – a dark and luxurious orange-brown that can easily be regarded as another great earthy paint color;
  • Meteorological N430-6 – a dark and intensely cool blue-green to use mainly for accents;
  • Superior Blue S490-7 – a bright shade of dark blue, a more saturated version of the trendy navy blue that pairs perfectly with brown hues.

Use of Pure Earth in Interior

You should definitely refrain from using Pure Earth in home offices or spaces where you have to be active. The taupe paint is not as energetic as it is soothing. Simultaneously, its relaxing feature is excellent for bedrooms and living rooms. Mostly eco and sustainable-centered, the brown-gray shade from Behr suits Rustic and Eco-style interiors. Paired with other neutrals, the taupe shade can become the highlight of effortlessly elegant spaces. And not least, the most contrastive and exciting design concepts arise from the combination of taupe with juicy natural colors. Rediscover the taupe’s potential in interior design!

Modern Rustic or Eco

It is time to become more conscious about your effect on the environment and opt for sustainable solutions, even when it comes to interior design. Opt for the Eco-style that has become a lifestyle rather than a design approach and enjoy a healthier ambiance both for your interior and the outdoor environment. Start with a nature-traced background color, which is Pure Earth from Behr, and paint with natural texture on the neutral canvas, such as wood, sisal, bamboo, jute, organic fabrics, and indoor plants. 

Following the same design concept with environmentally-friendly solutions, you can also apply the Rustic style if your individuality is closer to a traditional naturally-textured design.  

Taupe and Neutrals

Mix the warm taupe shade with grays, whites, and blacks if you fancy a balanced color palette and a more formal ambiance. Achieve your dream modern or traditional design with an elegant twist, all due to the ability of Pure Earth to add harmony and subtle luxury to neutral or monochromatic interiors.

Cozy Bedroom

If you crave comfort as much as we do, you will surely like a lovely and relaxing paint color like Pure Earth in your bedroom. It doesn’t have disturbing undertones besides its peaceful taupe base color evocative of nature. 

Think of a pairing between taupe walls and white bedding with darker earthy throw pillows and blankets. Decorate the sleeping space with black or gold accents, like stylish table lamps on nightstands (mushroom-style fixtures look organic in modern interiors). 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Designers use Pure Earth as a transition color in modern kitchens with white cabinets and expensive stone backsplashes or countertops. They decorate the composition with brass hardware and show-stealing ceiling fixtures. In the dining room, the taupe paint color highlights the room with hospitality and style, working great with richly colored chairs around the dining table or all-wood furniture. 


The warm earthy brown-gray from Behr acquires a luxury look when applied to the bathroom walls or vanity and paired with gold hardware, be it brass, rose gold, or bronze. The color is pretty deep, and it requires a competitive contrast. Make sure you combine it with a skillful white shade.

Use of Pure Earth for House Exterior

On one side, Pure Earth is a versatile modern color. On the other side, the charming taupe shade is rooted in tradition and conservative design solutions. Luckily, both sides of the coin work for exterior design. Repaint your traditional wood house walls taupe and enjoy your house’s inviting and stately appearance. At the same time, with a splash of taupe on a state-of-the-art cubic exterior, your ultra-modern home will acquire a delightful luxury note. Not least, white-painted houses welcome the earthy paint for the garage and front door. 

The Pure Earth PPU7-05 paint color by Behr holds together the old-time finesse with a modern tinge of luxury, sought-after comfort, and interest in more sustainable design solutions. This earthy brown-gray is everything a contemporary paint color should be.

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