A red-pigmented earthy brown with chocolate fragrance that will reshape your home's design regardless of the design style.

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In Dulux’s colorful palette Muse, you can find the melodic brown shade Guitar. To be frank, it is love at first sight. Well, browns are the trendiest earthy colors. We wondered what could be so special about another brown shade, and the answer is quite impressive. We decided to share this exclusive chocolate brown paint color with you, its specifics, and the best ways to make it part of your home design. Explore Guitar by Dulux with us!

Guitar Paint Color Features

A mix of earthy red and milk chocolate stands at the base of this accent brown paint color. The first thing that got our attention was its name. Is it because of the color or the effect of a guitar found in this paint color? We think both. This warm and down-to-earth color delivers much safety and comfort. Colorists don’t hesitate to encourage us to use Guitar by Dulux both as a primary and accent color. It’s hard to comprehend, but this seemingly traditional brown bears so much contemporaneity in its cheerful character. Unlike other browns, you’ll safely use this one in any design style. 

Guitar: Is It Warm or Cold?

Everything is indicative of this color’s warm temperature. But we always check facts. You’ve probably heard of the RGB value – the concentration of red, green, and blue in a paint color. How do you think which one prevails in a brown shade? Of course, red – responsible for warmth. Even if you use this paint color in a north-facing room, it will preserve its comfort.

How Does Lighting Affect Guitar?

The difference isn’t big if you use Guitar by Dulux under various lighting conditions. However, you should know that the warm yellow-orange natural light in rooms with south-facing windows will cast a warmer trace on this brown. A more muted earthy brown, yet still bright, will embrace a painted space bathed in cool natural light coming through north-facing windows. Despite its vivid features, Guitar reads considerably dark at night when artificial light is the only source. Ensure enough wall sconces, table lamps, or ceiling pendants to keep this color comfortable. 

Guitar LRV

We were surprised to find out that such a vivid brown is pretty dark. In terms of Light Reflection Value, Guitar bounces around 11% of the light it receives. So you should ensure perfect lighting conditions. Or, use this deep brown for an accent wall or furniture instead of a primary color.

Guitar Undertones

A chocolate brown shade like this has subtle reddish undertones inspired by earthy colors and creamy yellow notes responsible for the milk chocolate effect. Other noticeable pigmentations are not to be discovered in this brown shade.

Similar Colors

Browns are many, and the slightest change of undertones can make a difference. Explore the trendiest brown paint colors similar to Guitar from Dulux. By the way, other brands decided to join as well.

  • Havana by Dulux – a noticeably lighter and more neutral brown with perceivable gray undertones and a more unbiased temperature;
  • Woodland Brown by Dulux – a darker, closer-to-earth brown with deeper gray undertones;
  • Java 2106-10 by Benjamin Moore – a forest-soil brown with a slightly muted gray undertone;
  • Adirondack Brown 2095-10 by Benjamin Moore – a brighter brown paint color with bolder red undertones;
  • Java SW 6090 by Sherwin-Williams – a green-pigmented warm brown, pretty close to Guitar;
  • Brown Velvet N160-7 by Behr – a lighter, slightly more neutral velvet brown with a soft effect.

Coordinating Colors

Soft neutrals with warm undertones, yellow-traced paint colors, and bold blue shades are the top choices. Let’s see what colorists from Dulux recommend!

  • Antique White by Dulux – one of the most popular off-whites with warm yellow-pink undertones;
  • Clay Pipe Quarter by Dulux – a soft neutral with the lightest pink undertones and the slightest warm trace;
  • Poached by Dulux – a pastel shade of bright yellow that will steal your attention at first sight;
  • Passionate Blue by Dulux – a retro-inspired watercolor blue with a bright color base.

Use of Guitar in Interior Design

Brown has become one of the trendiest colors in interior design. It works well with most design styles. The chocolate fragrance in Guitar provides a charming effect. All these features prove Guitar to be a perfect paint color for contemporary interiors, whether traditional, modern, or transitional. 

Rustic & Brown

Keep the timeless combo of wood and brown in your Rustic interior with warm brown-painted walls. Experts recommend opting for the trending moody palette with a slightly enclosed ambiance. Exposed wood, indoor plants, and natural fabrics will follow suit.

Modern Brown

Add a trace of warm brown to your modern home by pairing it with neutrals. Every room works as long as you keep the balance since Guitar is a pretty deep color. The greatest thing is the hidden comfort in this earthy paint color.


For this personal space, we suggest a moody color scheme with brown-painted walls. The slightly enclosed effect will provide a comfortable ambiance for you to relax after a long day. The specific beauty of this earthy shade is its warm undertone.


Use Guitar by Dulux for cabinets or walls paired with any color and material you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. However, don’t overdo this part. If you want to keep the kitchen well-lit, ensure perfect lighting conditions and add brown in small doses.


Is brown a good color for the bathroom? It is if you want a time-tested palette with a timeless appeal. Wood, golden hardware, and luxe decor add expressiveness to Guitar.

Use of Guitar in Exterior Design

Guitar is not that often used in exterior design. However, if you like this color, you should go for this option. It is pretty saturated, and you can apply it to both the exterior walls and the front door. 

The Guitar paint color by Dulux is a more unusual brown shade. It shares the same comfort with earthy colors. Still, the best part about this accent color is its bright personality that will shape your home’s design.

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