A historic shade of deep yet saturated green. Its confident and lush effect will add character to your home and underline your luxe taste.


The green paint color everybody is talking about this season is Billiard Green, a Historic Collection hue, part of the Sherwin-Williams’ 2024 Colormix Forecast. This deep yet saturated organic green is the dream color of interior designers and homeowners. Only a lush shade like this can bring so much natural beauty, saturation, depth, and calmness to your home. We wondered what could be so special about a green paint color. Let’s take a closer look!

Billiard Green Paint Color Features

As part of the Historic Collection, this considerably dark yet full-of-color green is naturally a timeless paint color. Like its namesake, Billiard Green is a solid, dark green shade, just like the green you see on a billiard table. Its natural beauty makes it a great pairing for organic materials. Regardless of where you use Billiard Green, the space will instantly fill with a chill and relaxed feeling. Colorists also associate this green with the deep tropical forests – fresh and confident. Since we speak about historical color, Billiard Green emanates a subtle note of luxe and tradition.

Billiard Green: Is It Warm or Cold?

Have you heard of RGB? It is a pretty useful tool in the world of color. The RGB value shows how much red, green, and blue are in the color mix of a particular paint color. At Billiard Green, the green amount obviously prevails. It is followed by blue and, only then, by red. However, the difference isn’t that big. What does it have to do with the color temperature? The amount of red is indicative of the warm side, while the blue one is responsible for the cool side. So, Billiard Green is a relatively cool paint color and, by no means, cold. 

How Does Lighting Affect Billiard Green?

Let’s talk first about exposure. A space with northern exposure, bathed in bluish natural light, will undoubtedly ensure Billiard Green resurfaces a cool blue note. Conversely, a more saturated green tone will prevail in rooms with southern exposure under the orange-yellow natural light. Moreover, a considerably warmer green will appear at sunrise in east-facing rooms and at sunset in west-exposed spaces. 

Now, artificial lighting. If natural light casts a fresher and more neutral effect on Billiard Green. When artificial lighting takes the fore, expect a more saturated and full-of-color green at night. 

Billiard Green LRV

We were impressed by how dark Billiard Green is, given its high saturation. On a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white), BG has a Light Reflectance Value of 9. That means it reflects 9% of light and belongs to the dark color group. Painting all the walls in a small, poorly lit space isn’t the best idea. Yet, you never know. Read on!

Billiard Green Undertones

We can firmly state that a subtle blue undertone resurfaces under particular lighting conditions, meaning cold bluish light. However, there is something new on the horizon. Some claim to have noticed a tiny drop of earthy color in Billiard Green, and we cannot help but agree. You’ll see it primarily in spaces bathed in warm light.

Similar Colors

Be sure there are plenty of green paint colors, even if you are looking for a similar color to Billiard Green. We searched through Sherwin-Williams’ collection as well as at other top manufacturers, and this is what we found out:

  • Rock Garden SW 6195 by Sherwin-Williams – a warmer shade of dark green that reads rather military green;
  • Jade Sea V099-6 by Sherwin-Williams – a 99% similarity brings this deep pine green close to Billiard Green;
  • Dark Green Velvet PPG1136-7 by PPG Paints – an unnoticeable gray undertone brings a subtle velvety effect to this perfect green alternative to Billiard Green;
  • Greener Pastures DET 529 by Dunn-Edwards – a catchy olive green that feels slightly warmer due to a tiny amount of earthy undertones;
  • Secluded Woods S420-7 by Behr – literally the same deep forest green you can safely use as a substitute;
  • Crisp Romaine 686 by Benjamin Moore – a bit more bluish pigment makes this similarly deep green stand out beside Billiard Green.

Coordinating Colors

First, think of a perfect white shade for the trim to pair with green walls. It can also be a dark shade since choosing a deep tone for the trim is all the rage. Next, lighter paint colors with green undertones take the lead, followed by brighter or deeper shades of brown. Green and brown go hand in hand. The cherry on the pie – try pairing Billiard Green with unusual accent paint colors, such as a light violet neutral. Discover them as follows!

  • Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin-Williams – a clear white surface combined with soft yellow undertones define this top white paint color;
  • Caviar SW 6990 by Sherwin-Williams – an overly dark neutral tone revealing a subtle warm red pigment; expert-pick choice;
  • Soft Sage SW 9647 by Sherwin-Williams – an Emerald Designer Edition and an expert-pick neutral with creamy sage undertones;
  • Dried Edamame SW 9122 by Sherwin-Williams – a mid-tone shade of pastel yellow fading into a saturated tan tone;
  • Hyacinth Tint SW 6968 by Sherwin-Williams – a delightful purple hue revealing the most charming light lavender.

Use of Billiard Green in Interior Design

We cannot deny the confidence of Billiard Green in traditional or classic interior design. Wait and see its stylish use in modern interiors as well. This gorgeous shade of deep forest green seems to be more versatile than we thought. Give it a try with one of the following best design ideas with Billiard Green!

Luxurious Green

Probably the most noticeable feature of Billiard Green is its nod to tradition. Its conservative look stands for a confident sense of luxe style. That’s why it feels at home in traditional interiors. Besides, Billiard Green pairs so well with natural wood. Decorate your traditional home with a pop of stately green and breathe organic beauty into the decor. Wall panels, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, or living room walls all work for this paint color.


Do you remember we said painting all the walls dark green in a small room isn’t the best solution? Apparently, that’s a real thing now. Homeowners enjoy the secure and comfy ambiance of moody bedrooms, and designers cannot help but deliver their clients’ wanted results. Alternatively, use Billiard Green for an accent wall. Decorators like pairing deep greens with wood or earthy tones, including orange. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Billiard Green is a favorite among designers who recommend green as a kitchen cabinet color. Pair deep green cabinets with gray marble and gold accessories for the best result. Or, use this moss green shade in traditional cooking spaces, where this color is a must. Similar to decorated cabinet facades, wooden wall panels in the dining rooms look much more stylish under the green cover. Thus, Billiard Green is a standard color in Traditional or Classic dining rooms. 


Deep greens are the best color choices for luxurious bathrooms. That’s why designers recommend such colors in high-class bathrooms. Besides, this lush green tone will absolutely thrive in a countryside-style bathroom with wall panels and vintage brass accents. Or, think of a green splash in an Eco-style interior with sustainable materials, especially wood. Billiard Green looks no less suitable in modern bathrooms with a balanced color palette. The design options are many.

Use of Billiard Green for the House Exterior

Unsurprisingly, Billiard Green is one of the trendiest green paint colors for the exterior house. It’s sufficiently saturated, stately, and well-balanced. If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your property and stand out in your neighborhood, opt for this historic green shade for the exterior walls or front door paired with crisp white walls. 

The Billiard Green SW 0016 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is one of the most discussed green shades this year. Its historic feature makes it a timeless option that will keep you in trend for years. Now is the time for a green design update!

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