Ceiling Paint Color Trends for 2024 Unveiled

As designers like to call it, the fifth wall requires as much attention as the traditional four walls when you plan a brand-new design or a makeover. Moreover, unlike ten years ago, when the ceiling color was associated with white only, now you are free to go any way beyond white. Unless your room needs a spacious effect ensured with light paint only, experts suggest opting today for dark or vivid ceiling paint colors to add personality to the space or make it feel cozy. So, exploring the top trendsetters’ color palettes, we discovered the primary ceiling paint color trends for 2024. Read on!

Ceiling Painting Tips and Recommendations

  • Never choose highly reflective paint colors since they underline the ceiling flaws. Instead, opt for flat or matte sheens. 
  • Remember to repaint ceilings occasionally, especially if they are bright-colored, since colors tend to change over time.
  • Experiment with a color sample beforehand and choose the shade that better hides your ceiling’s imperfections (ceilings cannot be 100% flawless).
  • If you have high expectations and aim for the best possible result, contact a professional to paint or repaint your ceiling successfully.

Depending on the room, wanted result, lighting conditions, and design style, choose your new ceiling paint color out of the following trendy selections.

Time-Tested White Ceiling Paint

White works for any room and even makes the smaller ones look more spacious. Besides, a clean white ceiling is a compliment to any design style. Additionally, think of white shades whose undertones match the walls’ color. Here are the best white ceiling paint color trends:

White Dove OC-17 by Benjamin Moore

This welcoming and airy white shade shows the slightest tinge of cream, not too intense to dilute this confident and stylish white tone. Use it paired with similarly painted walls or combined with darker colors in any room.

Decorator’s White OC-149 by Benjamin Moore

This slightly more neutral white with a dash of stylish gray beauty will perfectly pair with any color palette and underline the unique features of the ceiling. Still, white appears different under various conditions, such as lighting or neighboring colors.

Painter’s White PPU18-08 by Behr

The swift and relaxed white from Behr will lend any color palette a calm and unsophisticated look. Just look at how effortlessly this endeared white tone collaborates with light and dark-colored walls. 

A New Perspective on Light Paint Colors

Trying a ceiling color a few notes lighter than the walls or going with a bright ceiling paint color in a neutrally colored space is one of the trendiest ceiling paint color ideas. Draw the eyes upwards and add charm to your new design. Consider one of the following classy choices.

Powder Pink 2009-70 by Benjamin Moore

This peachy linen pink is the go-to ceiling color option for deeper pink walls and a perfect contrast for neutrally colored walls. Make your room feel more cheerful and inviting with this sunset pink.

Dusty Lilac N110-1 by Behr 

A vintage and soft violet shade with precious weathered traces. The violet ceiling paint color trend is huge this season, especially this neutral purple tone. You can use it in literally any room and color scheme.

Back to Nature S340-4 by Behr

This alluring shade of revitalizing green is soft enough to use as a living room, bedroom, or kitchen ceiling paint color. It adds the perfect amount of natural freshness to elevate and update any design. 

Light Drizzle N480-1 by Behr

Part of the latest ceiling paint color trends, this peaceful light blue with tranquil notes of gray knows everything about calmness. Thus, redefine your bedroom’s design with a relaxing pop of blue on the ceiling or add an edgy feel to your living room, kitchen, dining room, or bathroom design.

Creamy Mushroom PPU5-13 by Behr

The coziest and most versatile light brown, resembling a deep and foggy beige shade. Undoubtedly, the cream hints are responsible for its comfy notes. Thus, use this ceiling paint color in an all-beige room design or to contrast white walls.

Working lately with color trends in the world of interior design, we couldn’t help but notice the prevailing features of green and blue. Both bright and dark shades sparked our interest. And why wouldn’t these natural colors be popular? They are organically beautiful, bring you closer to the outdoors, nurture, refresh, and help you escape from the urban bustle. Explore the trendiest green and blue ceiling paint color trends.

November Skies 2128-50 by Benjamin Moore

Feel the embrace of an early November morning in your bedroom with this hazy gray-blue that brings nothing less than the best refreshing effect. Yet, be aware that this slightly light blue can reflect some of the neighboring colors, such as a green indoor plant.

Naval SW 6244 by Sherwin-Williams

A symbol of confidence and rejuvenation, this expert-pick navy blue shade resonates with the night sky and ocean depth. Add a pop of drama to your hallway or study with a naval-painted ceiling.

Laurel Woods SW 7749 by Sherwin-Williams

Get lost in this lush veggie green with a touch of olive that will underline the sophisticated features of the room. For instance, contrast the light walls of a dining room with this deep green or emphasize the beauty of diversity in an eclectic living room by painting the ceiling dark green.

Dragonfly PPU12-03 by Behr

A luxury coastal shade resembling a deep mint green slightly diluted with gray. Add appeal and confidence to your favorite design styles with this charming green on the ceiling that adds interest without overpowering the ambiance.

Xena by Dulux

Olive greens are undoubtedly a prominent part of the new ceiling paint color trends. Of course, they require spacious and well-lit rooms. Yet, nothing compares to the comfy vibe they bring in, especially this rich and warm olive green from Dulux.

If neither neutrals nor light and deep ceiling paint colors have drawn your attention, maybe it’s time to go bolder. Use this opportunity to paint your ceilings in the most unexpected and surprising pops of color. Let’s see what is trending. 

Ripe Lemon By Dulux

Just take a minute to admire the beauty of combining a bright yellow-painted ceiling with white walls. Designers use this pair in kitchens particularly, and we get why.

Potter’s Pink by Dulux

Courageous and warm pottery pink with the softest clay effect. Update your bedroom’s design with a dash of extra comfort by painting your ceiling this radiant earthy shade that will make you fall in love with the new design.

Carmen By Dulux

As intriguing as the name, this deep and rich red shade hides the most luxurious color, perfect for high-ceiling rooms, preferably with white walls. Gather all the courage and opt for this bold and full-of-individuality ceiling paint color trend.

Passionate Blue by Dulux

A truly passion-driven blue with a clean and deep color base. This midnight-sky blue may seem too dark for painting the ceiling entirely. So, use it partially or ensure enough artificial light sources.

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