It is undoubtedly a shade of brown, but its light undertones and creamy notes cannot simply allow us to skip such an important aspect as its belonging to pastel colors.

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We cannot describe with words our love for soft creamy colors that impress with their ability to integrate calmness in the most formal settings. What we can do is reveal the astonishing features of one particular shade of this kind that reflects the entire range of feelings that are comprised by our admiration. It is no secret that brown is among the most popular colors that designers are not ready to give up on. Its variety of undertones, from cool and dark to warm and light, is responsible for its versatile feature. Most importantly, it takes us back to nature, and regardless of how impressive all the interior styles are, nothing compares with nature-inspired designs, where brown has a leading role. 

The variations are many, and so are their peculiarities. However, experts have given their preference to softer shades of brown for a long time. Therefore, there are plenty of examples in this respect, but one, in particular, has drawn the attention of designers and house owners: Creamy Mushroom. The name itself refers to natural elements and points out its belonging to the brown category, particularly the light shades with pleasant creamy undertones. This is just the beginning! Let’s dive deep into the underlayers of this appealing color and bring all its secrets to the surface!

Creamy Mushroom paint color features

This outstanding shade from Behr is what we call a replication of coziness, comfort, softness, calmness, warmness, naturalness. The list can go on and. It is undoubtedly a shade of brown, but its light undertones and creamy notes cannot simply allow us to skip such an important aspect as its belonging to pastel colors. The recipe for the latter sounds as follows: pick a color on the color wheel, add luminance to it, reduce its intensity, and your pastel is ready. That’s how it worked with our shade of brown, but there is more to be discovered.

Some may say that Creamy Mushroom is penetrated by gray undertones. Others may feel like it hides a few drops of lavender. We tend to believe that everything depends on the angle, lighting, and combination partners. Nevertheless, this impressive shade is indeed full of unusual scents of peace, reflection, and inspiration. 

Creamy Mushroom: is it warm or cold?

Regardless of how hard the gray undertones try to penetrate the surface, Creamy Mushroom is still a warm shade. Furthermore, such a statement involves more than the simple fact that this shade goes in contrast with cold shades. By warm, we mean a soft, at some point airy color that attracts with its appealing notes and surrounds you with peace, safeness, and harmony. Isn’t it what we all dream of, particularly during the past months? 

How does lighting affect Creamy Mushroom?

Let’s speak facts! This creamy shade has a lightness value higher than 70%. It’s clear as day that the lighter the shade, the better its relationship with light. Therefore, a large amount of light, particularly if it is daylight, will make Creamy Mushroom bloom at its finest. When artificial light enters the game, the warm notes will come to the surface one by one, feeling the space with comfort. 

Nevertheless, the slightest change in the amount of light received by this color will make the soft undertones give up in favor of cooler gray notes. However, nobody cancelled the creamy effect, which is perceived in any scenario. 

Creamy Mushroom LRV

Regardless of its lightness value, this brown shade has an LRV of 52. If we were to translate this figure, it would render the following meaning: Behr PPU5-13 belongs to the middle tones. It can reflect a substantial amount of light, although its slightly noticeable contribution to expanding the space. Its creamy effect cannot simply go without softening the environment, and it comes at the price of giving up on the feature responsible for reflectance. 

Creamy Mushroom undertones

As previously mentioned, Creamy Mushroom is penetrated by gray undertones, although within limits. Thanks to this note of coolness, this light shade of brown is not too warm nor too cold. Furthermore, it can be appreciated at some level as a neutral, particularly under the influence of large amounts of light that hide the warm undertones of this color. Nevertheless, brown is still brown, and a slight change in the lighting notes (warm artificial lighting) will reveal the seemingly non-existent yellowish notes. 

Similar colors

The popularity of creamy shades, particularly the ones derived from brown, opens a large variety of colors of this kind. Nevertheless, nothing compares with the unique features hidden behind Creamy Mushroom, although other shades are no less impressive. The range of available colors is so wide that we cannot go further without mentioning at least a few from some of the most known paint manufacturers besides Behr. Let’s go through that list!

  • Agate P-505w by Behr – creamy shade of gray, noticeably colder than Creamy Mushroom;
  • Pavilion Gray 242 by Farrow & Ball – soft shade of gray with creamy notes;
  • Chic Shadow by Dulux – cool gray with noticeable creamy scents that softens the cold notes;
  • Hampshire Taupe 990 by Benjamin Moore – a shade slightly lighter than Behr PPU5-13;
  • Ashen Tan 996 by Benjamin Moore – a light shade of brown with well-perceived cool gray undertones;
  • Bungalow Beige SW 7511 by Sherwin Williams – airy beige with soft light grayish notes;
  • Shiitake SW 9173 by Sherwin Williams – a shade a bit lighter than Bungalow Beige;
  • Ashen PPG 1023-3 by PPG Paints – light gray merged with slightly noticeable drops of beige;
  • Gotta Have It PPG 1076-3 by PPG Paints – light gray with soft creamy scents.

Coordinating colors

The creamy brown from Behr is surprisingly versatile and ready to pair with colors from various categories. Do you think of another pastel, a darker shade, a bold accent, or a particular soothing color? Creamy Mushroom will not skip any of these companions. One should note that the pairing options suggested by Behr experts are so many and varied that you don’t even have to look outside its borders. Let’s see what they have in store for us!

  • New Orleans S570-6 – dark blue with a slight resemblance to a cold shade of purple;
  • Toffee Crunch 700D-5 – cool brown with a subtle haze effect;
  • New House White RD-W10 – crispy white penetrated by creamy scents;
  • Garden Vista N430-3 – cool shade of blue touched by green-grayish notes;
  • Ombre Blue S510-3 – ocean-like blue with shades of cool;
  • Exclusive Ivory HDC-MD-11 – soft white with a beige underlayer;
  • Petal Tip MQ3-30 – light blue, resembling a cool shade of lavender, with soft scents;
  • Brooklyn N440-6 – dark gray with a slight foggy effect;
  • Admiral Blue M520-7 – a slightly lighter version of Naval Blue;
  • Lite Cocoa MQ1-55 – light brown with cool creamy notes

Use of Creamy Mushroom in interior

You are surely on the safe side with this versatile shade of brown. The wide range of colors, it would go well with, suppose a similar attitude when it comes to various styles. Do you fancy a cozy environment within your ultra-modern apartment or a touch of additional softness while embracing tradition? Don’t hesitate and opt for Creamy Mushroom. We wonder how many more secrets this color has. Let’s discover them from the perspective of various design solutions!

Redefine your style

Regardless of what style you decide to go with, the creamy brown shade from Behr will be your true companion. Cozy Farmhouse, outstanding Minimalism, functional Scandi, natural Rustic; the list can go on and on. A touch of this paint on the walls, appropriately chosen decor and furniture, and your interior will sparkle in a new way. If you wonder what the role of Creamy Mushroom is in this context, the answer is simple: to redefine your style by enriching it with comfort. 


Do we plan on speaking about comfort and skipping the bedroom? No way! It seems that this color was created particularly for this space. Paint the walls in this color, combine it with light wood flooring and furniture, and pastel-colored textiles for an airy scent of freedom and relaxation. Nevertheless, dark wood flooring and bolder accents will look as impressive on such a background. It seems that every way you go, you cannot simply fail if this astonishing shade of brown is part of your plans. Feel free to relax at the maximum while our already beloved color from Behr will keep your sleep safe and sound.  

Kitchen and dining room

Creamy Mushroom is indeed a very pleasant and appealing color, and it would be a shame to pass by such spaces as the kitchen and dining room and not give this shade a try. There is not a chance that you will not fall in love with what this shade has in store for you. Perfect for the background in the dining and no less impressive for the kitchen cabinets, Creamy Mushroom is a real find for those who want to keep pace with the latest trends and care for their comfort regardless of which room they refer to. 

Kids’ room

There is increasing popularity among pastels when it comes to kids’ rooms, and we totally agree with such an approach. Creamy brown from Behr serves both as a perfect background for the colorful belongings of such a space and as an astonishing source of softness and calmness that children should be surrounded with. Furthermore, once you decide on this color for the nursery, you can surely keep it for when your child grows up. An appropriate combination with particular darker or lighter colors will adapt this shade of brown to any preferences of your children. 


Another new feature: Creamy Mushroom appears to be inviting as well when applied to such spaces as the hallway. Therefore, it does not only adapt to various shades and styles but also to places. Entering a hallway painted in this color points out the homeowners’ exquisite taste who don’t think only about the look of their interior but also the feelings it radiates. By the way, such an approach will make any coming home welcome for the owners as well. 

The use of Creamy Mushroom for house exterior

This beautiful shade of brown can be easily associated with beige. Although experts do not usually encourage the use of beige for the house walls, it is quite different for Creamy Mushroom. Its soft creamy cover will avoid any fading effect and make your house look perfect any time of the year. If you still doubt it, which you have the right to, you can always go with smaller splashes of this color, such as choosing it for shutters on a white background. Nevertheless, even the tiniest touch of this soft shade will make your house look inviting, which is a much-appreciated feature. 

The Creamy Mushroom paint color from Behr is a balanced combination of naturalness, comfort, and versatility. It brings together features that most homeowners are looking for: outdoor freshness, unconditional calmness, and exquisite style. Be free to implement your wildest design ideas, integrating this versatile shade, and don’t worry about the rest; the newly discovered color will take care of it. 

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