The brand's representatives refer it to the group of so-called true grays. This means that this shade of gray is nothing more than a fusion of black and white. It has no undertones.

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Dulux is known as one of the largest paint manufacturers, and therefore it is not surprising that the brand’s palette is incredibly extensive. At the same time, Dulux specialists closely follow the global trends in interior design. They do not get tired of creating palettes for a trendy interior or a stylish facade.

Today, when minimalism and conciseness reign in the field of interior design and gray shades occupy a powerful position in the list of the most relevant colors, this brand opens up ample opportunities for the realization of your ideas. Light and dark, cold and warm, versatile in undertones, and serenely clean – Dulux offers grays for all tastes. At the same time, the brand’s specialists are not shy about talking about their own preferences.

For example, Louise Tod, Senior Color Designer, frankly admits her affection for cool and neutral grays. However, according to her, it is the delicate grays with a silvery shade that carry a unique charm and allow you to create a timeless interior. Well, if you are interested in a similar palette, it’s time to talk about one of these colors – the sophisticated and, at the same time, simple Chic Shadow by Dulux.

Chic Shadow paint color features

As we said above (and as you probably know), the grays are very different. Even Dulux clearly distributes the shades created by the company into several groups – light, dark, warm, and cold. As for Chic Shadow, the brand’s representatives refer it to the group of so-called true grays. This means that this shade of gray is nothing more than a fusion of black and white. It has no undertones, which means that it is as neutral as possible and can be used in almost any interior – including because of the fairly high lightness.

Indeed, the combination of purity and lightness makes Chic Shadow incredibly light and, one might say, almost weightless. Such a gray color does not depress and does not oppress – rather, it resembles a morning pre-dawn haze, foreshadowing a clear day.

Chic Shadow: is it warm or cold?

Since Chic Shadow is devoid of color undertones, it is evident that the combination of black and white determines its relationship to cold shades. At the same time, we would by no means call it cold in the complete sense of the word: this gray is light and calm enough to be considered cool. That is why it is often recommended for houses built in regions with hot climates, as well as for rooms with windows facing the sunny side.

How does lighting affect Chic Shadow?

Being completely neutral, Chic Shadow exhibits entirely predictable behavior depending on the room lighting. It is pretty logical that at maximum natural or artificial light, it looks very bright and somewhat resembles a light, subtle haze. It seems like a very delicate gray in a balanced setting, including on the sample, and if there is not enough light, it looks darker. That is why, in most cases, Chic Shadow is visually safe and does not contain any surprises – except for one nuance, which we will talk about below.

Chic Shadow LRV

The LRV light reflectance for the Chic Shadow by Dulux is relatively high at almost 50. This figure confirms that our neutral gray is in the middle tones group. All this means that it has a high enough potential to increase the space of a room visually, but only with a sufficient amount of light, which it will reflect successfully enough. If it turns out that there is not enough lighting, then it will seem wholly ordinary and utterly neutral gray. Also, do not be afraid of too bright a beam of light: medium colors, which include Chic Shadow, may look light but never go-to white.

Chic Shadow undertones

As we said earlier, Chic Shadow has no undertones and captivates with absolute neutrality. At the same time, you can find quite a few opinions on the net about the perception of this gray shade from Dulux. Some believe that beige tones are pretty noticeable in it. It seems a little bluish for some, and it is entirely light lilac for others. However, this effect is most often associated with the finding of furniture, textiles, or decor of more saturated colors in close proximity or direct contact with surfaces painted in Chic Shadow. That is why carefully weigh the pros and cons when choosing colored or vibrant details for your interior.

Similar colors

The constant experimentation with neutral grays and the variety of options available in color palettes from various manufacturers is hardly surprising. You can find shades similar to Chic Shadow both in the palettes of Dulux itself and in the catalogs of other paint manufacturers. So let’s find out a little more about light and neutral grays so that we have more room to maneuver when creating a design project for a room or apartment:

  • Found Fossil – calm and balanced neutral gray, perceived as warmer due to the subtle presence of light beige tones;
  • Dusted Cappuccino – very light and soothing gray, almost devoid of undertones;
  • Night Jewels 4 – very calm, but slightly darker neutral gray;
  • Ice Gray 8497 by Behr – a darker neutral gray, in which cold, steel tones slip more clearly;
  • Agate P-505w by Behr – a slightly lighter neutral gray that appears warmer under appropriate lighting;
  • Coventry Gray HC-169 by Benjamin Moore – slightly cooler and darker neutral gray;
  • Himalayan Trek 1542 by Benjamin Moore – almost the same neutral gray color, which differs only slightly less light;
  • Techno Gray SW 6170 by Sherwin-Williams – an almost identical Chic Shadow light gray color – perhaps softer and more peaceful.

Coordinating colors

Being almost completely neutral, Chic Shadow will delight you with remarkable combinatoriality. Feel free to try to combine it with the same neutral and dark, and light tones, as well as deep and bright shades. If you still don’t know where to start, don’t be discouraged: the color experts from Dulux have already prepared a list of complementary colors for a harmonious start in the colorful world of the brand:

  • Pressed Thistle – deep purple with a sophisticated and natural bluish tint;
  • Gentle Lavender – a very light, pastel, delicate lilac color for both neoclassical and modern sophisticated interiors;
  • Honey Mustard – a warming honey-mustard shade for exceptionally cozy combinations;
  • Natural Slate – a rather dark and at the same time calm gray for original tonal transitions within a laconic modern design;
  • Polished Pebble – a very light and airy shade of gray that seems almost white;
  • Celtic Cream – a very delicate and flirty pinkish-beige, takes on peach tones under specific lighting.

The use of Chic Shadow in interior

Dulux’s neutral gray Chic Shadow is the benchmark for versatility. It is equally good both in classics and in modern interiors. It becomes an excellent backdrop for luxurious details and flawlessly sets off the texture of fashionable natural materials. That is why we are happy to introduce you to some ideas for using this mesmerizing paint in various designs.


The color, somewhat reminiscent of a light and promising morning fog, is considered optimal for a harmonious base of an interior in a trendy eco style. Indeed, just such a neutral background will help focus attention on the warm and always up-to-date wood, the nobility of the stone, and the freshness of green plants, which are must-haves for this kind of interior. If you’re leaning towards a light base when looking for eco-design solutions, Chic Shadow should definitely be on the list of contenders.

Living room

A living room in gray will not be boring at all if two conditions are met – successfully choose a gray tone for the walls and select furniture and accessories correctly. A win-win solution, in this case, would be to use soft white in the finish – for the baseboard, ceiling, and fireplace surround. When it comes to furniture, it can be just as neutral when furnishing a modern living room, enchant with depth and richness in classic interiors, or delight with vibrant colors if you’re gravitating towards a retro style. Elements made of natural unpainted wood, glass, chrome, and brass – Chic Shadow will gladly set off any shine and texture.


Calming, light, as if by itself dissipating gray – a real find for a cozy and simple bedroom. If the color of the walls seems too cool to you, try to balance it with textures and warm shades of natural wood. So, for example, the headboard can be decorated with an accent wall made of wooden slats, on either side of the bed, it is quite possible to place the pedestals in a rustic style, and the bedspread of a pleasant earthy shade will harmoniously overlap with the linen texture of the curtains. You will feel the true serenity in such an interior, perfectly matching the trendy concept of “refuge.”

Another exciting option for the bedroom is the combination of walls in Chic Shadow with white trim and graphite furniture. Such a room seems to be constantly shrouded in a soft fog, promising total relaxation and detachment from any problems.


Chic Shadow can help create such a welcoming atmosphere for your hall. The delicate gray color on the walls will look calm and welcoming, and if you supplement it with a honey or walnut floor and don’t forget about lamps with soft light, then the atmosphere will literally be inviting. Collages and posters on such walls also promise to be a good solution since they provide a precise interior rhythm.


Due to its neutral nature, Chic Shadow promises to be the perfect backdrop for cabinets and kitchen islands of any color and design. However, the idea of a minimalistic kitchen seems especially attractive to us, where the walls are painted in light gray and are in perfect harmony with the white tiles of the classic square shape. However, you can try both the hexagonal and the subway tiles. Brushed black metal, brightly colored chairs, a touch of brass, chrome, and ceramics add the personality you need – and when it comes to decorating the dining area, consider a colorful fluffy rug.

The use of Chic Shadow for house exterior

If you chose Chic Shadow to paint your home, we are sure that you did not do it to stand out among the neighbors. Moreover, not all designers approve of the idea of a neutral gray color for the facade because it will make your house appear impersonal and even somewhat ghostly. You can try to fix the situation with the help of contrasting black or brown window frames and front doors or the roofing in juicy burgundy and wine shades, but is it worth it if there are many other more interesting and saturated colors for coloring the facade in the Dulux palette?!

Dulux’s Chic Shadow light gray is an excellent example of a light and neutral shade that can quickly adapt to almost any decor. Due to the lack of undertones, it is very predictable and suitable for those who are just trying themselves as a designer of their own home – and experienced owners will enjoy finding stylish and sometimes unexpected color combinations based on this beautiful tone.

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