A neutral blue shade with light gray undertones got its name for a reason. This is what the sky looks like in November on a sunny day.

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Do you feel depressed, confused, and frustrated? Do you lack peace and positivity? Do you feel like the world around you has lost its color? It’s time for a change! There are many ways to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression, and one of the most effective is to slightly update your house interior.

If you are experiencing all the emotions that we have listed above, then it is really time for you to change something in the interior palette. Designers and psychologists recommend starting with blue shades, which have an amazing ability to restore peace of mind, inspire confidence and help you feel the joy of life again. Let’s take a look at all these possibilities with 2128-50 November Skies, an amazing light blue shade that has been repeatedly voted for as one of the most interesting in the Benjamin Moore palette.

November Skies paint color features

Even when looking at the sample of November Skies, there is an amazing feeling of peace and some kind of joyful expectation. This neutral blue shade with light gray undertones got its name for a reason. This is what the sky looks like in November on a sunny day – still clear, but with a palpable grayish haze that portends frosts, the first snow, and the Christmas holidays.

The 2128-50 paint color is part of the Blues, a separate blues family at Benjamin Moore. The colorists of the brand position them as personifying stability, classics,s and a confident look into the future. November Skies is included in the group of gray-blue colors that help to create an elegant and modern design with predominantly traditional interior elements.

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November Skies: is it warm or cold?

The November Skies blue is well balanced and can be easily classified as a neutral color. However, the noticeable presence of gray makes it really cool. And this is not icy coldness or detachment but rather a breath of fresh air, like an invitation to a stroll through the forest in the last days of autumn. Do not be afraid that the room in this color will turn out to be too uncomfortable – nothing like this will happen with such a calm, soft, and moderately saturated color.

How does lighting affect November Skies?

This may sound surprising, but November Skies is characterized by medium lightness and not too high light reflectance (we will talk about it a bit later). That is why this blue hue is so dependent on lighting.

It is often recommended for south and east-facing rooms because it reveals itself as a very light, pleasing, and truly heavenly blue in intense sunlight or daylight. If there is less light, but still enough, it will manifest itself as the same calm, slightly gray-blue, which, in fact, is its true nature. However, at dusk, on a cloudy day, or in subdued lighting, it fully shows its gray tones. It cannot be said that this spoils the color; it looks very restrained and aristocratic. At the same time, pay attention to this when deciding which room to use November Skies for – you need to be prepared for this effect as well.

November Skies LRV

The light reflectance for 2128-50 by Benjamin Moore is 49, making it the sweet spot in the medium-light tones group. The pleasant blue November Skies can reflect a certain amount of light, and, in well-lit rooms, it looks extremely light and clean and, thus, visually enlarges the space. However, if there is not much light, it tends to take a completely neutral position or look darker than it is. However, this also has its own charm.

November Skies undertones

As you may have already noticed, November Skies is a fairly neutral shade, but not without undertones. The first violin is played by confident gray tones, which, at first glance, seem to be the only ones present. However, if you look at this blue color in the warm light of lamps or in the rays of the setting sun touching it delicately, you can feel the manifestation of a green undertone. However, it is so slightly visible that it does not greatly affect the perception of color in general.

Similar colors

Blue and gray-blue shades are a classic. Therefore, there are a lot of tones similar to November Skies both in the Blues group from Benjamin Moore and other manufacturers. It would be very long to list them all, so let’s focus on those that are more or less well-known and in demand by designers:

  • Nantucket Fog AC-22 – a charming and natural grayish-blue tone from America’s Color Series collection;
  • Bachelor Blue 1629 – a slightly darker and more muted blue with gray undertones, creating an elegant yet not dark atmosphere;
  • Sapphire Ice 808 – a delightful, classic blue shade with a confident presence of gray, giving it both restraint and chic;
  • Manor Blue 1627 – a shade similar to November Skies in lightness, but with a greater presence of gray undertones;
  • Life at Sea M510-2 by Behr – a stunningly soft and inspiring blue, reminiscent of a clear sky a couple of minutes before the sunrise;
  • Simple Blue  PPU15-16 by Behr – the shade closest to November Skies, just a little darker and cleaner;
  • Light Teal by Dulux – a lighter blue, but with the same amount of gray and green undertones;
  • Blue Horizon SW 6497 by Sherwin-Williams – a very pale and cool blue shade reminiscent of a cloudy sky on a windy day;
  • Windy Blue SW 6240 by Sherwin-Williams – a sophisticated, neoclassical dusty blue.

Coordinating colors

Soft and bright whites and delightfully warm beiges, not to mention navy blues and chocolate browns, are obviously the perfect complement to November Skies. Colorists from Benjamin Moore came up with a palette of variations based on Dusky Blue featuring the following colors:

  • Caramel Roxbury HC-42 – a light golden brown shade, warm and truly luxurious;
  • Cotton Tail 2155-70 – a stunningly warm beige shade with natural yellowish undertones;
  • Shooting Star 304 – a mesmerizing light golden tone that can create a stylish and luxurious combination with November Skies;
  • Branchport Brown HC-72 – a dark and intriguing brown tone reminiscent of dark chocolate.

Use of November Skies in interior

Today, blue shades play a significant role in interiors, and if we talk about a group of neutral, light, and grayish blue tones to which November Skies belongs, it is impossible not to note that they are indeed unconditional favorites. It is very pleasant and exciting to use November Skies in interiors as a base, also because the selection of complementary shades and textures is absolutely not difficult. But first things first – let’s see how designers use Benjamin Moore grayish-blue.

Back to Neoclassical

Dusty and grayish blues are called the “new blacks” for neoclassical interiors. Their discreet and noble sound, and at the same time sufficient saturation, allows you to take a fresh look at the elegant design, in which symmetry and a traditional approach to furnishing and decor reign.

Use November Skies for walls with any parquet flooring, furniture in muted whites, beiges, and light grays, go bold with metallic gold accents and wall décor, and you’ll see why the Neoclassical has held a leading position in interior design for decades.

Coastal relaxation

November Skies is another blue hue that literally begs to be included in the palette for coastal-style interiors. It makes no sense to refuse it: the color, which at the same time resembles the autumn sky and the calm sea in the early morning, promises indisputable harmony with white textiles, light furniture and lamps, walnut cabinets, and navy blue accents.

Living room

If the color 2128-50 had not existed until now, it would have had to be invented. Indeed, today, the grayish-blue November Skies is included in the rating of the most relevant shades for creating an elegant and modern interior dominated by elegant and stately solutions.

In addition, its amazing properties from the point of view of psychology cannot be denied. November Skies, like any tone of the kind, allows you to achieve peace of mind, put your thoughts in order, and distract yourself from anxiety and everyday stress. If you need relaxation, a blue room will provide it to the maximum!


If you’re the lucky owner of a spacious bedroom, Benjamin Moore’s grayish-blue shade will fill it with purity and undertones, reminiscent of the movement of clouds across the sky – and the impression can be enhanced by white finishes, light floors, and textiles. If the bedroom is small, you simply cannot do without November Skies, and we will tell you why. When neutral tones are so common to you that they seem rather boring, it is a balanced blue that will provide the color you want so much and at the same time create a harmonious combination with the traditional palette and textures that are trendy today.

If we talk about styles, this wonderful color will be a real find for Vintage, Farmhouse, and Provence, against which retro accents will acquire more brilliance and expressiveness.


Good news for those who have chosen the blue shade 2128-50 for painting the bathroom: this color is so self-sufficient that you absolutely do not need to look for any special accessories, textures, or contrasts. Plumbing can be plain white, floor tiles – light brown or beige, and faucets – traditionally chrome-plated. However, November Skies, with its characteristic elegance, will surely bring everything together and will be able to make the picture more expressive without any accessories.

Kitchen and dining room

Do you want something new and fresh in the kitchen in the truest sense of the word? It’s really easy: just paint the cabinets in November Skies. A combination of light-painted walls, beige furniture, and a wooden countertop will be especially successful, which paired with a blue set, will give the interior a pastoral charm.

If you decide to go the other way and paint the walls blue, you have more room for maneuver here. To give the interior rhythm and clarity, you can use black and white graphic tiles, a navy backsplash, or gold and crystal accents in the dining area.

Use of November Skies for house exterior

November Skies may seem like an atypical option for decorating your house exterior, but we suggest going against any stereotypes and offering your house a truly fabulous look. No matter what climate you live in, you are sure to win.

So, for example, a little thoughtful and light blue will seem like an oasis of freshness against the backdrop of greenery on a hot summer day and will create a festive mood during prolonged rains. Its elegant appearance against the backdrop of snowdrifts in winter will completely charm both your neighbors, the by-passers, and you. In terms of finishes, you can try both cool whites and browns, although we like the former a lot more.

The enchanting November Skies by Benjamin Moore is a story about blue, straddling the world between modern and classic. Creating a harmonious atmosphere in both a traditional interior and a laconic modern home, it inspires and allows you to once again appreciate the magic of color, which everyone forgot about in an era of dominance of neutral and discreet shades.

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