Living Room Paint Colors 2023: Trendy Palettes from Renowned Brands

The new color trends in 2023 clearly show that the new season encourages leaving the comfort zone, expressing your own colorful perception of what surrounds you, and emerging from what was considered up-to-date in recent years. After such a long period of neutrals and cool tones that somehow revealed the lenses through which we saw the world, colorists firmly state that we are finally ready to change the perspective and embrace the brightest colors seen so far. 

Since the trendy paint colors in 2023 are divided more or less into a few categories, these being rich neutrals, natural pastels, and fully bright colors, we would like to share with you worthy paint colors from each group, carefully selected from renowned paint manufacturers, such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Dulux. 

Benjamin Moore: The Champion of Daring Shades

The new color forecast revealed by the giant in the world of paint colors is almost fully based on the trendy design concept all designers are speaking about for the new season, which is self-expression. Inspired by nature and individuality, Benjamin Moore has in store the deepest paint colors with bold roots meant to personalize your living room with a few calmer pops for those who are not yet ready to take on the challenge. 

Conch Shell 052

The middle-tone pink with a glorious dusty effect hides nostalgic feelings traced to childhood memories with beautiful and devoid-of-worries sunsets. This is a perfect representative of rich neutrals due to the subtle gray undertones that keep this color neutral and the rich pink notes that bring color to the space. In the living room, it works great with white shades, untreated wood surfaces, and either Rustic or fully Modern decor. 

New Age 1444

A light and mild shade of purple, resembling a soft lavender color, at times grayish, at others – full of courage. This one is especially trendy in the new season, which is represented by lavender as the color of the year, once purple has made a standout comeback, with any shade finding its place in 2023 interiors. The greatest news about this dusty purple is that it collaborates with any color scheme, decor, and design style due to its versatility. 

Cinnamon 2174-20

Imposing pastel shade of brown with warm orange undertones that cultivate comfort and depth. This is a relatively dark paint color that works well under appropriate light conditions, although a dark scenario is not a “no” for this shade. Among its favorite companions are traditional and classic design styles that acquire a redefinition of their conceptual values under the inspiring shade of earthy color. 

Savannah Green 2150-30

The yellow-green shade, resembling a rather mustard-green variation, shows the slightest tinge of golden sparkle. With a well-hidden ochre base, the pretty balanced shade reveals endeavor and enriches the space with an unusual accent. The slightly bold yet surely pastel color inspired by natural tinges of vivacity works impressively well with any style you decide to integrate into the living room.

Raspberry Blush 2008-30

The color of the year 2023 at Benjamin Moore, a charismatic coral shade diluted with orange, with a deep and magnifying base, allures and brightens with its vivacious notes. This definition of self-expression in terms of color is the designers’ favorite bold paint color for design projects meant to make a statement and express emotions. 

North Sea Green 2053-30

Blue-green pearl with deep gray traces that offer this moody shade a pleasant surface. Relatively dark and imposingly sharp, the perfect teal shade firmly enters the category of the boldest paint colors that work for the living room in the upcoming season. As delicate as it is, the flamboyantly elegant green inspired by the deep sea perfectly combines with gold accents.

Sherwin-Williams: The Leader of Natural Hues

The renowned trendsetter came up with a color collection for 2023 that evolves around natural shades, and it has a rich selection of earthy colors, pastel hues, and slightly bolder shades meant to connect with nature, ensure your well-being, and offer you space to express your way of interacting with the surroundings. Tell your own story with the following Sherwin-Williams living room paint colors.

Silvermist SW 7621

A foggy paint color that literally reveals the morning coolness with subtle silver-bluish notes floating in the mist. A true neutral tone with rich undertones that emerge from an impartial base, showing a soft blue shade. The all-time favorite neutral firmly goes further and enters the new season, serving as an irreplaceable background for the daring 2023 accents.

Evergreen Fog SW 9130

The color of the year 2022 at Sherwin-Williams, a gray-green shade, is still trendy in 2023 since it shows an unmatchable connection with everything traced to the natural surroundings. Deep enough to stand out and balanced enough to welcome other accents, Evergreen Fog refreshes, sets new beginnings, and inspires. No-fail paint color for those who want their living room to acquire harmony and a gentle ambiance.

Redend Point SW 9081

The brand’s color of the year 2023 is a soft mauve shade with the warmest intentions to feel like a hug in the new season. Similar to a very dusty pink paint color, this shade has its say through hidden bold scents. At some level, it serves as the best representative of calming pastels in the new paint color trends of 2023. It goes so well all by itself that no other accents are necessary for a space painted this way.

Malted Milk SW 6057

In contrast with the other bold shades that compose the living room color scheme for 2023, as suggested by colorists from Sherwin-Williams, this shade can be called an off-white, a very warm and pleasant shade. Still, it reveals a very light and dusty pink with perceivable gray notes, defining the rich neutral shades category. The blushy pink variation is a worthy partner for light colors and serves as a great alternative to usual neutrals.

Toile Red SW 0006

Very dark and intense red penetrated by a drop of dusty gray that lends this paint color a dark burgundy effect. Inspired by the earthy colors, this paint color offers the living room a stately and secure feel, while the deep notes ensure the space receives the appropriate amount of intrigue and drama for what professionals call romanticist pieces of art rather than a living room makeover.  

Kale Green SW 6460

At first sight, a pretty audacious shade of green. Once applied in combination with a light paint color, Kale Green acquires a soft pastel effect. Fully traced to nature, the dark green paint color reminds us of how lucky we are to admire the outdoors greeneries and bring their vivacious color to interior designs. A living room painted this way will simply thrive and refresh every cell in your body. 

Fabulous Grape SW 6293

Dark purple with delicious warm undertones resembling ripe grapes. The shade is truly fantastic due to the magnetic sparkles found on the surface of fruits. You cannot simply go unnoticed with a paint color like this that is so dramatic and outstanding. A living room fully painted in this shade would feel like a late summer kiss – charming and unforgettable. 

Indigo SW 6531

Dark and enchanting simultaneously, the bright blue paint with playful scents devoid of undertones brings vibrant elegance and irreplaceable character to the space. Designers are all in for combining this paint color with living rooms decorated in a Neoclassical style. They state that the new pop of color is a perfect trendy alternative to the known grays and soothings blues. 

Behr: From True Neutrals to Deep Pastels

The new color collection that Behr came up with for 2023 is known for its timeless neutral shades that smoothly develop into fabulous pastels. This color brand is definitely a go-to source of colors for the living room for those who are not yet ready to go bold yet are firmly on their way. The following transition paint colors will surely make the switch from fully neutral to fully bright seem easy on the true connoisseurs of unobtrusive shades. 

Blank Canvas DC-003

The color of the year at Behr, a seemingly clean canvas white with the slightest touches of warmth, feels like a splash of light in the conglomeration of bright and eye-catching shades that lead the new season. This fully neutral paint color is the safe background we cannot simply go through the 2023 interior design trends without. 

Half Sea Fog N470-3

Middle-tone gray-blue, with blue notes surely leading, which stands out through a perfect balance between bold and balanced. The soothing blue shade is known to work best with light wood flooring and accompanying white paint colors, paired with decluttered spaces and well-lit interiors. 

Conifer Green PPU10-19

Either gray or green, but surely rooted in the deep forest life, where everything thrives and seems intriguing at the same time. The shade is pretty dark, yet poor light conditions bring the best out of it. Consider the soothing gray-green in a formal living room and let the drama go on with stately furniture and awe-inspiring decor. 

Dulux: The Change is on the Way

After years of neutral paint colors, be they warmer or cooler, we want to stand out, share our feelings, create an environment we are happy about, and put our own designer mark on the space. The color scheme prepared by colorists from Dulux for the living room in 2023 shares the same concepts and stands behind the design approach of not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone while staying true to your personality with paint colors that stand out yet care about your well-being.

Wild Wonder 

A positive and change-inspiring yellow with a balanced mustard green base to not disturb the sought-after sense of calmness that we still hope to reach. The nature-inspired shade pairs with sustainable materials that positively impact our interior, us as human beings, and the environment. 

Pure Blue Half 

An enchanting pure blue with a light and alluring base. Refreshing like a morning breath of air and undisturbed like the clear sky, the soft blue paint and its calm notes are there to balance any contrasts and make any style feel welcome. 

Cinnamon Sand

Pastel shade of earthy terracotta with a positive orange tinge, one of the top paint color trends in 2023 that designers cannot stop talking about. This is the best paint color in terms of warmth, style, and balance due to the harmony between the comforting earthy base and soothing dusty effect. Such a paint color will keep your living room warm all year long. 

Princess Pink

The beloved pink color is not going anywhere in the new season but rather hastens its strength and shows popularity as never before. Even though Princess Pink is slightly sharper than the soft pink you are used to, it feels dusty and appealing in well-lit living rooms. The new pink is so versatile that even the most daring accents feel at home with this shade as a background.

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