A bold grape violet with warm red undertones that can instantly turn into a burgundy shade, impressively stylish and trendy for any interior or exterior design makeover.


According to experts, about 20% of the global population chose purple as their favorite color. This fact will change once professionals from the fashion and design world push the boundaries with bold colors. We can clearly see that violets, lavenders, lilacs, and purples are slowly and firmly overthrowing the long-endeared pinks. Millennials and Gen Z already show interest in the emerging purple shades. Why purple, you may ask. It brings a new perspective on color interpretation. The right shade of purple may help you stand out, find the way back to your true self, escape from the daily hustle, reinvent your style, build a stronger connection with the outdoors, redefine your perspective on the virtual world, and many other ways to see the world through purple. 

Today, we suggest you look at the world through violet lenses with one of the most purplish paint colors at the reputable brand Sherwin-Williams, Fabulous Grape. This color literally awakens your appetite for grapes.

Fabulous Grape Paint Color Features

What at first sight seems to be a true grape purple shade is actually a paint color part of the Red color family. How come? If we were to analyze the RGB value of FG, aka Fabulous Grape, we would notice a strong concentration of Red that overpowers Green and Blue. To be precise, FG is a late, ripe grape purple. This relatively dark yet endlessly bold paint color radiates a late summer vibe. Is it because of the warm undertones or the subtle sepia effect? We think both. We could have said that FG is a violet-biased burgundy, a mix of purple and red. 

Since purple is not that often found in nature, in contrast with other colors, only the wealthy ones could allow it in the past. Therefore, purple is now considered a royal color that reads nobility, royalty, luxury, and power. Yet, its emerging popularity also brings it closer to more down-to-the-earth features like compassion, creativity, intuition, and love, which are of a higher value. Interestingly, you can make any of these statements in your house when using appropriately Fabulous Grape in interior or exterior design.

Fabulous Grape: Is It Warm or Cold?

We come back to RGB. Usually, paint colors with a standout concentration of red are warm colors. That is the case with Fabulous Grape. SW 6293 almost smells like fully ripe grapes or freshly prepared wine. Like a late summer evening on the Mediterranean coast while enjoying a handful of harvested grapes, FG is warm like the Tuscan sunset.

How Does Lighting Affect Fabulous Grape?

The lighter the paint color, the more influence lighting has. While FG is a pretty dark color, lighting barely claims anything. Still, we cannot overlook this part. If you choose FG for your south-facing kitchen, expect a slightly warmer purple, or we dare say burgundy. An almost similar warm grape shade you’ll notice in a room with northern exposure, yet it will read a pale variation of the bright tone known under the code SW 6293. 

Fabulous Grape LRV

Why should we consider the Light Reflectance Value before choosing a paint color for our home? Depending on how much light a color reflects, you’ll understand if it works for your design. Take, for instance, Fabulous Grape with an LRV of 6. Knowing that 0 stands for black and 100 for white, we get why FG is regarded as a dark paint color, bouncing back little to no light. 

If you decide to use FG in your home, choose it for a truly large space or limit yourself to accents only in small spaces. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a powerful color that will enclose and overwhelm your small room. 

Fabulous Grape Undertones

While experts who worked on the development of FG can firmly claim that it is somehow a shade of red, homeowners and most designers will still appreciate this color as a purple shade. Still, this fabulous grape tone has perceivable red undertones that make it so warm and appealing.

Similar Colors

If the list of gray or white similar colors is endless in most cases, it isn’t the same for such vivid and charismatic colors like FG. They are usually one of a kind. Searching for remotely close paint colors to Fabulous Grape from SW, we came across a few worthy alternatives. Some of them may spark your interest:

  • Framboise SW 6566 by Sherwin-Williams – when your thought it couldn’t get warmer than FG, this slightly lighter and surely warmer reddish-purple steals the spotlight;
  • Juneberry SW 6573 by Sherwin-Williams – a royal burgundy tone with an eye-catching red-purple base resembling fresh berry juice, reading more mauvish than FG;
  • Dark Burgundy 2075-10 by Benjamin Moore – a more intense and dramatic purple with stark reddish undertones, indeed a dark shade of burgundy;
  • Grape Juice 2074-10 by Benjamin Moore – a more muted shade of delicious grape purple with pale reddish undertones;
  • Grapeshot A13 by Dulux Australia – a warmer red-biased burgundy as if the FG had been covered with a pale red veil;
  • Passionate Plum DEA144 by Dunn-Edwards – a 98% similar shade of purple with a paler burgundy base;
  • Ruby Nights V040-6 by Valspar – the same reddish-violet tone polished with silver dust for a slightly paler burgundy shade.

Coordinating Colors

Fabulous Grape is a very powerful shade of red-purple or, simply put – burgundy. It won’t get along with similarly stark paint colors, yet will behave in a friendly manner towards lighter and more neutral tones, whether contrasting whites or closer mauves or pinks. If you aren’t afraid of dynamic color combinations, think of the great pairing between FG and shades of black, navy, teal, brown, and green. 

On the SW website, you can find three expert color picks that work when paired with this fantastic fruit purple:

  • Ibis White SW 7000 – the dazzling red and violet undertones in this bright white shade make it a great choice to use beside FG;
  • Touch of Sand SW 9085 – a medium-to-light beige tone with warm sandy notes diluted with powdery gray;
  • Rachel Pink SW 0026 – a pastel yet vivid shade of historic pink, worn-by-time and timeless under a shadowy sepia allure.

Use of Fabulous Grape in Interior Design

This vivid purple color is mainly an accent color unless you can use it on walls in a truly spacious room. Since purples look extremely relevant nowadays, you won’t find this juicy and vibrant paint color alien in contemporary design. If you have a hard time finding the perfect way to integrate this magnificent red purple into your home, here are the best design suggestions from professionals.

Eclectic Design in Purple

In the context of maximalist trends, when rich colors and prints reign, we bring to your attention the stylish use of bright paint colors. Paint your walls with FG and pair them with Neoclassical features, Modern accents, colorful textiles, interesting paintings, or eye-catching accessories. The essential thing is to keep a balance; if you’re unsure, you may want to request professional assistance from designers.

Grape-Scented Bedroom

If you’ve always liked the moody ambiance in your sleeping space, you should try FG on your bedroom walls. Interestingly, it pairs with most textures and neutrals, making for a perfect relaxing mood. Try any style you want, from Traditional to Modern, and achieve an original bedroom you won’t stop admiring.

New Violet in the Kitchen

You may be used to lighter purples on kitchen cabinets, yet this year brings something new. New violets with vibrant and dynamic features enter the play. Choose FG next time you plan a kitchen makeover, regardless of the design style. The most authentic Traditional interiors or fully Modern spaces work. Ensure plenty of natural light to reveal the entire fragrance of this color.


Try something new in your bathroom. Don’t look at it as a functional space only. Paint it with a unique color like Fabulous Grape, and make every visit to the bathroom an escape. You may wonder how such a dark and vibrant color can be used in a small room. You can make an exception here, yet ensure enough artificial light sources.

Use of Fabulous Grape for House Exterior

FG is the perfect paint color for your exterior house walls or front door if you want to make a fabulous statement. Mainly combined with traditional accents in the company of white trim, this beautiful violet shade shares natural appeal and comfort with the homeowners and the neighborhood. 

The Fabulous Grape SW 6293 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is one of the best bold violets you will ever see at paint brands meant to inspire and induce interest in the smallest redecorations.

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