A delightfully warm white with a cozy pigment of yellow-pink; the color of the year 2023 and the perfect canvas for your creative design solutions.

LRV 84

Most homeowners claim that their perfect home is an oasis where they can unwind and escape daily stress. It seems 2023 is the year when people still look for comfort. The newly crowned color of the year 2023 at the renowned brand Behr is the definition of well-being. Blank Canvas is our safe resort in the transitioning world of color when paint manufacturers all around the world update their palettes with bold and unconventional shades. 

The slightly warm off-white DC-003 from Behr has undoubtedly had its say. While others offer bright colors to express yourself, Behr provides a blank canvas to paint your feelings on. The delightful white shade stands on its own as a cozy and relaxing base color, while its canvas character makes it a perfect background shade for exploring your imagination and coming up with creative design solutions.  

Blank Canvas Paint Color Features

Blank Canvas brings a peaceful, serene, harmonious mood into any space, affirms Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services. When looking at the soft white paint color, one gets an invitation to celebrate the restorative power of a fresh start. Enter the new design era with a clean canvas and paint your own story. 

Interestingly, while the current color trends encourage vibrant options, Behr offers us the opportunity to decide for ourselves what those colors will be, putting the perfect white canvas at our disposal. Colorists from Behr tend to assure us that Blank Canvas is a creative white rooted in tradition and handcraft rather than a clinically clean white. “It envelops you in warmth,” Adds Woelfel. The only question is: How do you use it – as the primary color to create an open and cozy ambiance or as a backdrop color to get creative on your own?

Blank Canvas: Is It Warm or Cold?

A dash of comforting warmth in Blank Canvas makes it feel rather welcoming, a feature noticed when this shade gets compared to true cool whites. Therefore, experts recommend this atmospheric white shade in northern locations with cold weather particularly. It will keep you warm and safe during the short winter days. The engaging and inviting features double up when Blank Canvas takes over a southern home.

How Does Lighting Affect Blank Canvas?

The versatile white paint color is very light by nature. Accordingly, natural and artificial lighting play a substantial role in what it looks like in different conditions. If you paint your room with a northern exposure in Blank Canvas, you’ll most probably achieve a soft off-white with yellow-gray undertones. Be prepared to meet the warm yellow-pink white in a room with south-facing windows. Luckily, you can enjoy the same effect in an east or west-facing space when directly bathed in sun rays. In the same way, you can play with color when choosing the artificial light temperature, although Blank Canvas will show more pigment at night. 

Blank Canvas LRV

Using the Light Reflectance Value, you can measure a color’s ability to reflect light and determine how dark or light a color is. On a scale from 0 (true black) to 100 (true white), Blank Canvas reaches 84. According to colorists, shades under 82 enter the off-white group. While the paint color under the code DC-003 is part of the white color family, it has more body to it. The high LRV explains why designers use this shade to ensure a spacious environment, even in the smallest rooms. 

Blank Canvas Undertones

Why can Blank Canvas be perceived as an off-white? There is enough pink, yellow, and gray to push the paint color outside the white limits. Without stealing much from the bright white base, those undertones are responsible for the comfort that varies depending on the natural or artificial light temperature. 

Similar Colors

Whites are the best-selling paint colors at Behr, and we weren’t surprised to find out that white is among the highly demanded paint colors at other manufacturers. There are many hopeful and creative white variations with warm undertones that suit the play of undertones at Blank Canvas. Get a taste of perfect matches and lighter or darker alternatives to the DC-003 tone from Behr:

  • Silky White PPU7-12 by Behr – a slightly darker shade of white that looks as if Blank Canvas had been covered in a foggy veil, resulting in a more grayish undertone;
  • White Stone DC-012 by Behr – a surprisingly similar alternative to Blank Canvas; you won’t notice a difference, although colorists claim this shade is slightly more pigmented with yellow-pink;
  • Shell White SW 8917 by Sherwin-Williams – a very close off-white with yellow-pink undertones, a go-to paint color to use instead of Blank Canvas;
  • Greek Villa SW 7551 by Sherwin-Williams – a very trendy off-white shade with a soft combination of warm yellow-beige undertones, slightly less pinkish than Blank Canvas, yet a great substitute if you need a fresher white;
  • Whitetail SW 7103 by Sherwin-Williams – impressively close to its counterpart from Behr yet a tiny bit lighter and reading somewhat more yellow than pink when sunbathed;
  • Swiss Coffee OC-45 by Benjamin Moore – one of the most stylish off-whites known so far, less warm than Blank Canvas due to the creamy-gray undertones accompanied by a subtle tinge of green;
  • Dune White CW-10 by Benjamin Moore – a less pinkish off-white with a more neutral selection of undertones.

Coordinating Colors

Relying on the white-on-white trend, colorists emphasize the beauty of pairing Blank Canvas with other whites, such as Whipped Cream, for the trim. If you still stick to the color trend with natural greens and blues that started last year, you can safely combine them with the neutral Blank Canvas. As for the rest, the flexible off-white shade is a great background for almost every accent color, including the entire Behr 2023 trendy color palette. Take a look at the expert-recommended color combinations:

  • Gratifying Gray DC-008 – a mid-tone foggy gray devoid of undertones that reveal a pleasant crispy effect;
  • Vintage Pewter DC-009 – a worn-out gray shade injected with subtle beige scents that passed the test of time;
  • Vine Leaf N400-7 – a dark and summertime warm shade of organic green as noticed on a vine leaf in its full beauty;
  • Midnight Blue N480-7 – a dark and classic blue-gray going hand in hand with the timeless navy blue;
  • Cracked Pepper PPU18-01 – a very dark gray-black resembling the spicy pepper dust with a similarly sophisticated effect on design; use it for a classy black and white combination with Blank Canvas;
  • Palais White GR-W15 – a warm white shade with subtle yellow undertones, pretty similar to Blank Canvas, making it perfect for monochromatic palettes;
  • Seasoned Salt S330-3 – a mid-tone shade of pastel tan with warm yellow undertones;
  • Funhouse M140-1 – an appealingly light pink as out of a doll house, charming and cheerful in its versatile and delicious character;
  • Helium M480-1 – a delightful and very bright shade of light blue to cheer up the ambiance in your space;
  • Bellflower Blue M540-1 – a very light powdery blue with a refreshing spring scent under the delicate neutral veil;
  • Spring Valley S390-2 – a soothing and warm sage paint color, a young green shade with restorative notes;
  • Cherry Fizz M140-5 – a fully saturated and juicy purple-pink that shares the delicious cherry scent;
  • Calypso Blue HDC-CL-27 – a deep and bold teal paint color that bears the fresh allure of the ocean breeze;
  • Cowgirl Blue M530-5 – a bright purple-blue hue used in contemporary design for eclectic selections of colors;
  • Nairobi Dusk PPU3-10 – a medium shade of cream-peach orange with warm clay undertones.

Use of Blank Canvas in Interior

Blank Canvas offers room to envision, create, and express. Enjoy the serene ambiance and silky effect of the off-white tone in your lounge area or bedroom, paired with natural texture only, or use this opportunity to put a personal designer mark on your interior with an artistic approach by writing with colorful words on the white-clean canvas. Let’s go through a few design ideas with this fantastic neutral paint that works with all design styles and color plans.

Organic White and Natural Texture

Blank Canvas is the top color choice for those who still opt for neutral shades over bright pops of color. Not everybody is ready to give up on white in the new bold-colored design era, and Behr offers a fantastic option. Spruce up all rooms in your house with walls painted in the warm off-white from Behr in the company of untreated wood flooring and furniture or raw stone surfaces. Share the lovely summer vibe all year, which is especially welcome in northern countries.

Eclectic Creative Design

The trendy eclectic concept of creating layers of textures and colors by interconnecting styles is the Blank Canvas paint color’s favorite accessory. Enliven and personalize the living room and bedroom or ensure an entertaining environment in the dining area by decorating the off-white walls with artistic decor, opting for richly colored upholstery on furniture and boldly printed textiles, and sprucing up the space through a courageous choice of explosive splashes of color. 

Contemporary Minimalism

Give another chance to the Minimalist style to prove its relevance in the new design era. Firstly, update the background color by painting all walls in the trendy Blank Canvas from Behr. Add more textured furniture with distinctive shapes. Contrast the neutral palette with pops of bright colors, such as vibrant green velvet accent chairs or a large deep blue sofa. Switch to textiles and consider bold-colored bedding in the sleeping space or rich-colored curtains in the lounge area.


Start with walls painted in the off-white shade from Behr. The rest is up to you. Do you add a new pop of color, organic green or navy blue? Do you leave it white or decorate the space with texture? Do you keep it strictly minimalist or overly eclectic? A few vintage accessories may work. Behr offers a clean white canvas. You come up with the design idea for your personal bedroom.


Due to its versatility, the innovative shade of white from Behr’s trendy selection of colors works perfectly for the kitchen cabinets paired with black or gold hardware and for the kitchen walls combined with wood, marble, and other expensive-looking materials. Luckily, both traditional and modern design styles work, and you won’t have a problem adapting the paint color to your kitchen design.


We simply love the look of an all-white bathroom with off-white-painted walls, a free-standing bathtub, naturally textured accessories, gold hardware, and a stylish Vintage ambiance or a fresh Mediterranean breeze completing the design concept.

Use of Blank Canvas for House Exterior

Blank Canvas can turn into a true white shade when interacting with direct natural light, losing a part of its undertones. Luckily, these specific undertones make this paint color preserve its integrity when sunkissed, avoiding an overly bright effect as it happens with the true white shades devoid of additional pigment. 

Speaking of exterior design, you should go for the high-class white from Behr for the exterior house walls and the outdoor living space for an aesthetically pleasing appearance of your exterior design. 

The Blank Canvas DC-003 paint color by Behr smooths the transition from simple to eclectic in the new design age and invites us to explore our imagination, lifestyle, and personality before painting with whichever feelings we want on the clean canvas shade.

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