A dark sage paint color that keeps pace with the trendy gray-green shades. It embodies the rainy forest vibe right in your house and boosts your well-being.

LRV 18

According to the Feng Shui decoration rules, blue and green are the lucky colors in 2023, the year of the Rabbit. Some paint manufacturers made various shades of green their colors of the year. Others introduced them into their 2023 Color Forecast. Moreover, more than 50% of North Americans claimed that green is their favorite color in interior and exterior design due to its nurturing and reviving power. 

Behr’s colorists suggest you restore your peace, nod to nature, and create a nourishing environment in your house with the deep gray-green Conifer Green paint color that sought inspiration nowhere else but in nature. 

Conifer Green Paint Color Features

Interestingly, Conifer Green is part of the Gray color family. The name exposes a soothing grayish green noticed in the deep conifer forests. It is a kind of “Twilight ambiance,” if you know what we mean – a rainy and foggy green that feels so calm and healing. 

Some may call it sage green. You know, the popular herb with pale green leaves. Either way, every meaning hidden behind Conifer Green goes to the outdoors. If you resonate with this fresh gray-green, it means you are an intelligent and experienced person who likes to ruminate on deep topics. Additionally, this paint color reads peaceful and growth-inspiring, bound by a love for ecology. It will always be a worthy neutral in interior and exterior design if your goal is to reinstate balance in your home and inner harmony.

Conifer Green: Is It Warm or Cold?

It is a bit complicated with this gray-green. We are tempted to say this is a slightly cool shade of green, yet the facts speak for themselves. Analyzing this color on Bher’s official website, we came across the RGB value, the concentration of Red, Green, and Blue. While the Green amount undoubtedly prevails, there is a tight competition between Red and Blue, yet Red slightly stands out, deciding that Conifer Green is more or less a balanced variation between those two sides. Although, we should mention that it leans towards the warm extreme. 

How Does Lighting Affect Conifer Green?

Entirely bathed in sun rays, CG allows its naturally green notes to overstep gray and give off a summer grass green vibe. When the sky is cloudy, in north-facing rooms particularly, the pine green shade gets covered by a subtle bluish-gray veil. In the room corners, not fully touched by light, be it natural or artificial, CG reveals a darker gray-green or green-gray, depending on the exposure. Be aware that this paint color requires much light to avoid a subsequent dull ambiance. Do you wonder why? Read on.

Conifer Green LRV

You may be surprised, but this is not a usual saturated green tone. Conifer Green enters the dark color category. With a Light Reflectance Value of 18, close to 0(black), CG bounces back tiny amounts of light. The gray undertone comes to the rescue and makes this paint color seem lighter than it is. What other undertones does this forest green have?

Conifer Green Undertones

It may be part of the Gray color family at Behr, yet we cannot help but see the prevailing green pigment. So, be it. CG is a green hue with pronounced gray undertones and a tiny blue tinge.

Similar Colors

Well, blue greens and gray greens were the top color choices last year, and they will proudly wear the crown in 2023. Moreover, such color tones have limitless potential and will most likely stay in trend for a few more seasons. As you might have guessed, the list of gray-green paint colors is long. Get a glimpse of the most prominent shades similar to the favorite Conifer Green:

  • Evergreen Trail BXC-72 by Behr – a slightly darker and colder grayish green with a more noticeable blue undertone;
  • Cactus Garden PPU11-18 by Behr – a brighter and more saturated green with fresh gray undertones that add to the beauty of this slightly warmer paint color;
  • Rooftop Garden CSP-765 by Benjamin Moore – literally, the same gray-green; we have nothing to hold onto, even a few-notes-lower LRV:
  • Rosepine 461 by Benjamin Moore – a richer shade of dark green, probably less fresh, with a balancing gray undertone;
  • Army Greens by Dulux Australia – a bit deeper and muddier gray-green, not too far from Conifer Green;
  • Dried Thyme SW 6186 by Sherwin-Williams – a rainy gray-green, maybe a bit brighter than CG;
  • Retreat SW 6207 by Sherwin-Williams – a visibly lighter and rather gray-blue with green undertones if you like fresher blue greens.

Coordinating Colors

Professionals love to combine the hazy green shade from Behr with other green and gray shades or use it as a backdrop for bright tones from nature, such as grape purple, ocean blue, night sky violet, tropical green, plum mauve, summer sky blue, and so on. Still, its favorite companions are earthy brown shades. Your precise matchings from Behr are as follows:

  • Gallery White PPU12-12 – a canvas-clean white ready to display your favorite accent shades;
  • Pesto Paste S370-5 – a green pesto shade of yellow-green, spiced with earthy warmth;
  • Pinecone Path HDC-CL-14 – a dark purplish brown resembling a forest path covered in layers of worn-out pine cone needles;
  • Thermal S440-7 – an intense and saturated green blue giving off a washed-out navy blue vibe;
  • Black Sapphire PPU15-19 – a deep yet firmly bright purple-blue resonating with the night sky slightly lit by the moon and stars;
  • Vine Leaf N400-7 – a medium-to-dark pure green matching perfectly the natural vine leaf color in its full beauty;
  • Plumville N120-5 – a popular mid-tone mauve, a pastel variation of a bright purple-pink with a blue tinge;
  • Minted Lemon PPU10-08 – a very light pastel shade of mint green with cheerful yellow notes;
  • Voyage PPU13-07 – a bold blue hue, as if borrowed from the rainbow;
  • Cool Ashes N520-4 – a well-balanced gray with perceivable pigment and a subtle blue fragrance;
  • Kilimanjaro N340-7 – a dark earthy brown with green-scented notes resonating with a muddy olive green shade.

Use of Conifer Green in Interior

Unlike usual sage shades, Conifer Green is more profound and richer. Therefore, besides being soothing, it updates traditional and modern spaces. The conifer paint color is a cohesive link between design styles, colors, and textures, making it an unpretentious tool in interior design. We’ve gathered the best design ideas celebrating the natural taste of style and comfort through the gorgeous Conifer Green paint color.

Gray-Green and Gold

The winner of this listing is the combination between Conifer Green and gold accessories. It is not a brand-new pairing, yet its timeless allure is everything your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or dining room may need; a redefinition. The gray-green paint color looks great on walls and cabinets, while yellow gold, rose gold, brass, or copper go for wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers, cabinet hardware, photo frames, mirrors, and other decors. 

A Green Retreat for Reading

If you happen to be a bookworm, you’ll be impressed by the effect of Conifer Green in your reading area. The paint color is mostly applied to bookcases. The soothing green shade has relaxing properties that help you concentrate on the read thought. Designers have noticed the immaculate pairing between CG and the Old Money vibe with Classic decor and antiques. 

You may know those YouTube videos with reading playlists with a Classic library image streaming in the background. Incorporate the concept into your reading zone design and enjoy your favorite book as never before.

Evergreen Traditional

A Traditional design style is a timeless option. It may not be as popular as the emerging Modern, yet there is something familiar and close to the heart about the traditional layout, furniture, patterns, and colors. Speaking of colors, leave everything as it is, and repaint the walls only. 

Conifer Green helps the old-time style keep up with contemporary trends without depriving it of authenticity. By the way, green works well with wood, which covers most furniture pieces in a traditionally decorated room.

Bedroom in the Middle of the Forest

Do you feel your sleeping space requires a more tranquil ambiance? Combine walls painted gray-green with warm wood furniture, bright-colored textiles, and a mix of lighting fixtures (table lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces). Psychologists state that staying in a room with walls painted in this natural green shade induces the feeling of relaxing in a vacation cottage in the middle of a rainy forest – at peace with yourself, with a clear mind, far from the outside hustle, and in harmony with the surroundings. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

The veggie green paint color is a surprisingly flexible shade of green that will bring more taste and authentic beauty to your cooking and dining spaces. Its favorite approach is a traditionally designed kitchen with classic-decorated facades and silver or gold hardware. You can also think of a Retro kitchen in green with bold accents here and there. 

Green has always been a beloved paint color in the dining area. Wood furniture looks “a la mode” on the natural backdrop. Conifer Green is a collected and brilliant color that will make you forget about any worries while eating.


You can surely paint the walls gray-green. We have a better option. Paint the vanity cabinets this way. The best news is that this repainting will work for any design style. However, this color tends to favor traditional bathroom cabinets with gold hardware.

Use of Conifer Green for House Exterior

Get the look: a grayish-green-painted house exterior with natural stone or wood accents (additionally, think of black-painted trim). Conifer Green looks similarly stylish on the front door paired with light-colored exterior house walls. Note that this paint color may lean blue or more pronounced green, depending on the location and climate. Generally speaking, Conifer Green, as the name implies, finds itself at home when used for exterior design.

Like the conifer forests, the Conifer Green PPU10-19 paint color by Behr is an evergreen tone of silver-green that will always be up to date. Don’t lose the opportunity to bring the fresh rainy forest vibe into your house this season.

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