A Vintage pink paint color of the rarest charm due to playful peachy undertones and the authentic sepia effect for one of the trendiest colors of the season.

LRV 54.26

Once the interior design trends took a serious turn to bolder and original design solutions, paint color manufacturers lost no time. They made sure their new collections were full of trendy paint colors, daring, authentic, and full of emotions. Still, colorists didn’t forget about a smooth transition for an easier adaptation to such a change. 

Conch Shell 052, also known as Tofino Sunset CC-156, by Benjamin Moore is exactly this type of paint color – bold enough to be called a statement color yet balanced enough to stand out on a palette full of bright shades, as it is in the 2023 color collection at this brand. The dusty pink with a delicate veil of warm undertones takes us back to the good old times and offers the comfort we all crave in the contemporary world. 

Conch Shell Paint Color Features

Colorists from Benjamin Moore state that Conch Shell resembles the sunset as captured by a vintage camera. And it perfectly describes what this foggy pink looks like. It may seem pretty light, although the paint color itself is a mid-tone shade of pink, gravitating between dark and light colors, which means the pink notes are rather stark. 

In contrast with other paints from the 2023 trendy colors collection, this one can be called a neutral, yet it definitely knows how to make a space blush and not in a shy manner since it has more body than the classy neutrals. Overall, Conch Shell is a timeless hue, and designers regard it as a go-to paint color for various design styles and color palettes. 

Conch Shell: Is It Warm or Cold?

Summer sunset, pink base, vintage effect – all this is enough to understand that one of the trendiest paint colors at Benjamin Moore is a warm variation of pink. One glance and you are enchanted by the coziness and familiarity that only a color like this can hide with such professionalism. As a matter of fact, Conch Shell is close to the red family of colors, and there is no wonder it gets penetrated by subtle earthy red hints – more like clay. 

How Does Lighting Affect Conch Shell?

Although not that of a light paint color, Conch Shell switches from one variation to another when exposed to different light conditions. Say you have an east or south-facing room. If you decide to paint your walls in this highly appreciated paint color, it will reveal the best sepia effect, particularly under direct interaction with the sun rays. 

On the other side, we have spaces with northern and western exposures, where Conch Shell feels lighter; one would even say gray-pink, but not without a subtle shadow of warmth. Once artificial lighting takes the stage, the vintage pink with dusty undertones switches to easy pastel pink. 

Conch Shell LRV

If you are still wondering why such a light paint color is called a mid-tone shade of pink, this will surely make it clear. We would like to introduce you to the Light Reflectance Value, which shows on a scale from 0 to 100 how light or dark a color appears to be. The LRV of Conch Shell is 54.26, an in-between color, neither dark nor light. It means using it to fully paint the walls in a room with slightly poor lighting conditions is not a pretty good idea. It will simply not bounce back at least half of the light it receives. 

Conch Shell Undertones

The sepia pink paint color doesn’t show off any stark undertones that we can clearly define. What we can state for sure is that it reveals a soft veil of dust and the most welcoming, warm undertones. Still, it is true that, under cool light exposure, it may uncover a few slightly perceivable grayish undertones. On the other side of the coin, if the color directly connects with the warm sun rays, it may reveal a rather peachy effect. 

Similar Colors

Pink is one of the designers’ favorite colors to work with in modern design projects. After thorough research, we found out that Tofino Sunset, aka Conch Shell, has many brothers and sisters at Benjamin Moore and even more cousins at other paint manufacturers. We would like to share them with you in case you find yourself looking for alternatives or want just a bit deeper or lighter variation of the sepia pink. Enjoy!

  • Crazy For You 053 by Benjamin Moore – a crazily similar shade of pink, yet with less of the sepia effect, while the warm peachy and subtly dusty notes are perfectly preserved; great alternative;
  • Romantica 045 by Benjamin Moore – a sweet and romantic pink shade, something in between Crazy For You and Conch Shell, with more intense pink drops that feel lighter yet not as warm; in a few words – a slightly fresher alternative;
  • Sweet Romance 1192 by Benjamin Moore – a visibly lighter peachy pink that seems much more refreshing when applied to a surface, although as warm and pleasant as Conch Shell;
  • Teacup Rose 2170-50 by Benjamin Moore – the lightest and warmest pink so far; a mix of peachy pink and coral that appears brighter than Conch Shell yet devoid of the sepia effect;
  • Bermuda C40-10 by Behr – astonishingly similar to Conch Shell, almost the same shade; only the unnoticeably higher light reflectance value would distinguish it as lighter;
  • 70YR 56/190 by Dulux – the closest shade in terms of LRV so far, and, although very similar to Tofino Sunset, this one reveals a rather clay pink variation;
  • Mellow Coral SW 6324 by Sherwin-Williams – a slightly darker vintage pink with more intense base color notes that would make for a deeper effect in a space;
  • Smoky Salmon SW 6331 by Sherwin-William – almost the same shade of peachy pink, a tiny bit cooler yet not enough to uncover this secret when put into practice.

Coordinating Colors

Any colorist would tell you that you better combine Conch Shell with paint colors with similar undertones for a coherent result or go for a more dynamic effect with contrasting shades, where stark white and intrusive dark shades work equally successfully. For a perfectly selected match, consider one of the following paint colors suggested by the colorists from Benjamin Moore:

  • White Heron OC-57 by Benjamin Moore – classy and versatile white with a tiny shadow of cool that successfully combines with bolder accents;
  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 By Benjamin Moore – a pure white resonating with soft linen and silk, a perfect companion for contrasting colors;
  • Ancient Ivory 935 by Benjamin Moore – vintage white with sepia ivory undertones for a smooth transition to the dusty pink Conch Shell;
  • Consentino Chardonnay 247 by Benjamin Moore – champagne off-white with a tinge of gold that works as an unforgettable neutral partner for the bold pink with similarly warm undertones;
  • Flint AF-560 by Benjamin Moore – bluish charcoal with a perceivable cool cast as a contemporary alternative to usual neutrals for lighter contrastive colors.

Use of Conch Shell in the Interior

Since this vintage pink pairs well with light and dark colors and easily integrates into trendy interiors with modern palettes and timeless spaces with traditional furnishing, it is not hard to play with this color in interior design, although there are a few design solutions that work best for the beautiful and charming Conch Shell.

Freedom of Choice in the Living Room

Conch Shell goes literally with almost any design approach in the relaxation space. If you wonder what those directions are, think of combining walls painted in sepia pink with wood furnishing, such as for the Mid-Century Modern style, for a start. Looking for something more outstanding? Give Modern Art Deco a thought; gold details beautifully combine with the warm undertones in the apricot pink shade. Maybe Modern Western with worn-like leather sofas, appropriate decor, and cacti motifs would match your style. 

All this is a great opportunity to reveal how flexible Tofino Sunset is. It has an authentic effect on every style. You can go as far as the fashionable Boho style that allows for a free decoration of the space, and the versatile pastel pink won’t say a word. 

Personalized Bedroom

Invite warmth and comfort to stay all year round in your personal space with the delightful shade of pink on the walls. Homeowners and designers, who have already worked with the paint color, claim that Conch Shell works well with the Eco-style, pairing perfectly with sustainable materials, such as rattan, wood, bamboo, and organic fabrics for the furnishing and textiles. It looks no less appropriate in minimalist Neoclassical bedrooms combined with bleached wood flooring and beautiful wall paneling. Another great design solution is to opt for pink-painted walls combined with light wood furniture for a serene and comfortable ambiance.  

When New Meets Timeless in the Dining Room

There are plenty of design options when it comes to the trendy pink shade in the dining room. We would like to reveal the best one. Consider Conch Shell to paint the walls and ceiling and go on with light wood flooring and furniture. Don’t hesitate to make an accent dining table the highlight of the room by choosing a designer piece including natural materials, such as expensive stone and wood. As for the decor, play with a pairing between black and gold accents that look exceptionally well on the “neutral” background. 

Contemporary Kitchen with a Vintage Plot Twist

It is not a coincidence we speak about a Vintage-inspired kitchen once the gorgeous sepia pink enters the play. The color that resembles the sunset as filmed on a vintage camera was created for design solutions like this. Consider the magnificent pink on traditional kitchen cabinets paired with a marble countertop and backsplash and intricate hardware as if borrowed from an authentic Vintage kitchen from the 19th century. 

For true connoisseurs of the pink color, you can easily opt for the same shade in a modern kitchen, where this hue all by itself is enough to set the right mood and add character to the cooking space. 

Sunkissed Bathroom

Warm and self-expressive colors are one of the trendiest color solutions for the bathroom. People love the look of a summertime palette in a space that hasn’t gone beyond functional borders for a long time. Conch Shell is a top choice for bathrooms with southern and eastern exposures, where it displays the tricky peach undertones and makes the seemingly cold bathrooms feel warm all year long. 

Transitional Hallway

Why is Conch Shell great for the hallway? First of all, in the collection of trendy paint colors at Benjamin Moore that this dusty pink is part of, this shade smoothly introduces us to the bold pearls of the selection. The same way it works in an interior. It unobtrusively connects different color palettes and design styles in different rooms of the house through a slightly neutral yet personalized hallway color. 

By the way, this unmatchable pink shade is praised by designers for being one of the most welcoming and familiar paint colors this season, which makes it a great asset in the entry space. 

Use of Conch Shell for the Exterior

Colorists from Benjamin Moore tend to recommend not using this paint color for the exterior since it risks looking faded out when coming in direct contact with natural light. Still, the choice is yours. For those who would still like to see this beautiful shade on their exterior, we decided to make this section all about the use of Conch Shell for the house walls, not without professional advice. Tofino Sunset organically integrates into the outdoor landscape and spruces up the house exterior in a way no other pink shade can if the light exposure and natural surroundings collaborate. The subtle sepia effect adds a kind of charm that turns heads and underlines a tasteful exterior design.. 

White, black, and even brown paint colors for the trim and front door are the first options to pair with a house painted in this peachy, dusty, pretty pink. Thanks to the late summer sunset effect of this shade, your exterior will look modern, unusual, and customized, which, to be frank, is everything designers speak about this year. 

The Conch Shell 052 paint color by Benjamin Moore is the perfect introduction to the new era of maximalist design solutions and the boldest colors one could think of. Pink for trendy, the aged effect for personality, and the warm undertones for the comfort we definitely need in the contemporary world.

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