Kitchen Wall Paint Colors 2023: Latest Trends Revealed

It’s not without reason the upcoming season is regarded by designers as a new era in interior design. The all-time favorite neutral shades take a few steps back while the once-thought-too-bright colors take the lead. Of course, the in-between shades make for a smoother transition – everything is well thought-out for any taste. 

Since we tackle the kitchen wall paint color trends, we cannot skip the 2023 color tendencies, which reflect exactly what was mentioned earlier. With a few tips from designers and lots of inspiration from color brands, we compiled a huge selection of hues you can safely use in your next kitchen makeover. The main rule is to ensure the kitchen wall color doesn’t shadow the cabinet paint, even if you go with a one-color scheme for the entire space. Your taste matters the most, yet knowing what colors work best for the kitchen wall in 2023 would not be bad. 

Stark Neutrals: Background Colors that Work with Any Palette

The new pops of fresh colors that will be revealed later don’t steal the show entirely. You can still opt for your preferred neutral shades for the kitchen walls. Either way, it is still the background we speak about, and choosing a color you can use to display any accent on is of great importance. If you are not ready yet to experiment with the new 2023 paint colors, stick to the no-fail neutrals. There is one piece of advice from professionals – make sure it is a stark neutral paint color with rich undertones, and this is exactly what our beloved color brands are best known for.

Simply White OC-117 by Benjamin Moore

This canvas-clean white, slightly touched by the softest feel of warmth, is the perfect background color for all-white and accent kitchen cabinets.

Silver Satin OC-26 by Benjamin Moore

Switching from crispy white to lavender gray, this soft-like-satin off-white paint elevates the most ultra-modern kitchens with the simplest color codes.

Whisper SW 9591 by Sherwin-Williams

A true and versatile gray, airy as a whisper and flexible in use, combining pretty well with the rich colors of 2023 and adjusting to any decor.

Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin-Williams

With a hint of beige, not enough to state this is a greige, this light gray makes for a perfect neutral backdrop that shows a deep essence.

Polar Bear 75 by Behr

A balanced white that would have been taken as cool if it were not for the slightly visible pink undertones that make it a perfect alternative to simple shades of white.

Authentic Tan N290-2 by Behr

The very light pairing of brown and gray with an imaginary pinkish vibe successfully replaces the usual beige paint colors for an updated look of your kitchen in the new season. 

Whisper White by Dulux

A rather ivory shade than a white paint color that shows an irreplaceably beautiful hidden base, which goes beyond the simplicity of a neutral shade.

Sandy Day by Dulux

Calm, serene, and simple greige that stands out from the crowd with a unique color base that reveals itself under different effects when interacting with different lighting conditions.

Blue: Ocean Breeze, Clear Sky, Serene Water in Your Kitchen

Among natural hues, which designers dearly hold in the new design age, blue stands in a leading position, with soothing shades and deep variations equally successful when used for kitchen walls. You will definitely not fail with pastel blues, pale blues, more intense or lighter blues, and blues with rich undertones. Get inspired by one of the available paint colors at renowned manufacturers.

Woodlawn Blue HC-147 by Benjamin Moore

Delicate blue, which can be easily mistaken for blue-gray, while even a few drops of green seem to be diluted in this soothing and refreshing shade that resembles a clear spring sky.

Indigo SW 6531 by Sherwin-Williams

The first accent in this selection is the challenging indigo blue that tries to stay within limits yet cannot help but spread its effortless beauty, whose brightness goes hand in hand with color trends in 2023.

Half Sea Fog N470-3 by Behr

Pretty intense gray-blue, reminiscent of the morning sea surface seen through foggy glasses – so calm and natural.

Pure Blue Half by Dulux

An honorable shade of blue tinged with softness and tranquility for a light and stylish kitchen with a timeless prospect.

Starfish by Dulux

The beloved navy blue with a slightly lighter surface conquers the hearts of designers in 2023 as well, pairing perfectly with light-colored cabinets for a visually alluring and high-class effect.

Kimberley Sea by Dulux

The impressively bold and steady at the same time shade of blue with a pronounced teal undertone shares the magnifying deep sea world and makes for a standout accent in a 2023 kitchen.

Green: Keep Pace with the Biophilic Trend

The “green” trend, which doesn’t necessarily mean the green color only, including also natural materials, sustainable products, and eco-friendly design approaches, is one of the top 2023 design trends, and we clearly see why – designers and homeowners are high on integrating design techniques that positively impact the interior and the environment. And last but not least, what can serve as a better source of inspiration than nature? The same goes for the highly appreciated green shades that seem to be some of the top kitchen wall paint colors in 2023.

Fernwood Green 2145-40 by Benjamin Moore

A tremendously pleasant green with a creamy veil that spreads all over its soothing notes and successfully pairs with light wood surfaces.

Sea Salt SW 6204 by Sherwin-Williams

Return to the beauty of simple things with this Coastal-inspired gray-green that refreshes and brings a sophisticated yet calm effect of contemporary style.

Spring Stream PPU12-07 by Behr

A show-stealer minty green like this allures with its fresh attractiveness and adds visual interest to monochromatic kitchens – perfect for a fast reshaping of a minimalist interior.

Stilted Stalks by Dulux

One of the best kitchen wall colors in 2023, the gorgeous unripe olive green with an appealingly warm undertone offers the right amount of summertime easiness to the ambiance.

Nephrite by Dulux

A cool blue-green that radiates feelings of exceptionally ultra-modern, impressively original, and right on the subject, considering the trendy bright colors of the 2023 season.

Earthy Colors: A Grasp of Warm Oranges and Browns

Warm as the latest trends like, comfortable as the latest trends want, and bold as the latest trends love. It seems the earthy shades are win-win options for your next makeover. What’s great about them is that you can only repaint the kitchen walls in one of those paint colors and not worry about any further changes. The new shades of the kind that colorists from our favorite brands came up with for 2023 are simply astonishing.

Cinnamon 2174-20 by Benjamin Moore

A creamy terracotta shade revealing warm brown notes for a trendy and welcoming accent in your kitchen for years to come.

Peppery SW 6615 by Sherwin-Williams

This pastel shade of orange-red is of fabulous value in neutrally colored kitchens that require a go-to shade with an accent effect in one step.

Reddened Earth SW 6053 by Sherwin-Williams

A pastel brown tinged with soothing burgundy for the best 2023 pastel shade you can dream of in a contemporary kitchen with open space above the work area.

Bright Colors: The Latest Bursts of Expressiveness

With tiny yet firm steps, we have reached the most awaited part of the kitchen wall paint color selection. The true amateurs of rainbow colors in their brightest variation are invited to take their seats and open their minds for new inspiration. Especially for this 2023 interior design trend, colorists created the best-ever rich paint colors with vivacious undertones and natural scents inspired by nobody else but nature. 

Raspberry Blush 2008-30 by Benjamin Moore

It’s impressive how this paint color can be found in the 2023 color trends for any room in the house; no wonder why – such a pretty pink coral cannot go unnoticed, and this is exactly what the new season wants from interiors; this is a perfect accent for your kitchen if you are not afraid to play with bright shades. 

Goldfinch SW 6905 by Sherwin-Williams

The orange-yellow shade that almost sparkles is among the favorite kitchen wall paint colors that work well in both modern and traditional interiors; this is how free the 2023 paint color trends are.

Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22 by Behr

The green-blue hue is undeniably a go-to shade for large spaces since it brings a sophisticated accent that feels imposing and will surely keep your kitchen one of a kind.

Princess Pink by Dulux

The creamy pink is ready to enhance your kitchen regardless of the style and make you feel in trend.

Paper Brown by Dulux

The Spanish-summer shade of peach, in contrast with the previous shades, is perfect to pair with kitchen cabinets colored alike for a full trendy effect.

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