A dark shade of collected blue with green undertones that will help you relax, stay true to yourself, and find the courage to define your taste in your own home.

LRV 15

Blue has always been a favorite color for many homeowners and interior designers. If soothing blues, be they with gray or green undertones, delighted our eyes and inspiration last year, now brighter and more saturated blues conquer our love. We are lucky to witness the emerging popularity of one of the best representatives from the Blue color family at Behr – Sophisticated Teal. 

Do you know that “teal” is a Eurasian waterbird with a blue-green pigment around the eyes? Although mostly associated with blue, teal has green and blue color notes. The deep teal shade from Behr stands out among thousands of colors alike. We wondered why, we found out the truth, and we are happy to share it with you.

Sophisticated Teal Paint Color Features

As the name insists, the green-blue hue from Behr is not a simple shade of the kind. What can be that special about a paint color made of blue and green? This is an ocean-depth teal, a stormy sky teal, a wild teal, and, we dare say, a modern art teal. As colorists like to say, Sophisticated Teal is a collected color with good intentions. This teal shade feels healing, calming, enlightening, welcoming, and reviving in any room of the house. 

ST, aka Sophisticated Teal, is your no-fail color option if you are a reserved and private individual, like being yourself, and appreciate mature and logical solutions. This alluring teal teaches you to be more accepting, encourages rational thoughts, and teaches you that worries and anxiety are not permanent by providing an ecological dose of reality. 

Sophisticated Teal: Is It Warm or Cold?

The RGB value of Sophisticated Teal shows the concentration of Red, Green, and Blue in this teal shade. According to Behr’s website, ST has a prevailing amount of Green and Blue over the Red value, making it a cool paint color. However, this trendy tone of teal is pretty saturated and doesn’t give off any cold vibe.

How Does Lighting Affect Sophisticated Teal?

Lighting affects bright paint colors primarily. ST is surely not a light paint color, although natural light has its say on this color. Take, for instance, a room with south-facing windows constantly flooded by the warm sun rays. You will achieve a saturated teal shade with more perceivable green undertones (outdoor or indoor greenery plays an important role here). 

A more soothing teal with balanced green traces on the blue base reveals under the cool cast of northern exposure. The paint color seems darker and colder. We recommend using ST in large spaces with enormous windows. 

Sophisticated Teal LRV

Colorists and those interested in paint colors operate with the technical term Light Reflectance Value, which shows how light or dark a color is, relying on the percentage of light it reflects. ST has an LRV of 15 out of 100. It instantly enters the dark color category. As you might have guessed, ST is not skillful at reflecting light, and you better avoid using it in poorly lit rooms. 

Sophisticated Teal Undertones

Behr made the Sophisticated Teal paint color part of the Blue color family, and we can clearly see the dominating power of blue over green. Consequently, the latter appears here as an undertone. 

Similar Colors

Teal is a must in contemporary color palettes if you plan a trendy redecoration of your house’s interior or exterior. You may be interested in alternatives to Sophisticated Teal that are timeless and up-to-date. Here are the most prominent substitutes:

  • Juniper Berries PPU13-02 by Behr – this is the same green-blue noticed at ST; consider the unnoticeably lower LRV as a distinguishable feature;
  • Shipwreck S470-6 by Behr – a darker blue shade with a much more faded green trace;
  • Polished Slate 713 by Benjamin Moore – a more greenish blue leaning towards a true teal shade;
  • Stained Glass CSP-685 by Benjamin Moore – a comprehensively more saturated blue with an almost imaginary green hint;
  • Riverway SW 6222 by Sherwin-Williams – a slightly lighter teal penetrated by a gray cast;
  • Superstition PPG1035-6 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – an almost invisibly darker green-blue with a less saturated and rather soothing base.

Coordinating Colors

Combine ST with light blue, navy blue, or violet blue accompanied by white trim if you resonate with the stylish simplicity of a monochromatic color code. However, designers are all in for the pairing between this green-blue shade and brown, the same they like the mix of blue and wood. Here is another colorist choice – teal and coral mauve or pastel mauve. To stay on the safe side, consider the following suggested colors by Behr’s professionals:

  • Whispering Waterfall BL-W06 – a crisp white shade with the most subtle trace of blue;
  • Urban Raincoat N440-2 – a light steel blue with a soft, somewhat powdery effect;
  • Nocturne Blue HDC-CL-28 – a dark shade of saturated blue resembling the clear night sky; it shows a remarkable resemblance with navy blue;
  • Plush Purple S570-7A – a medium-to-dark plum purple with a subtle hint of pink;
  • Cherry Cola S130-7 – a rich earthy brown with red undertones or a cherry-inspired crimson shade – designer’s top choice for Sophisticated Teal;
  • Gothic Purple N110-4 – a mid-tone mauve infused with nostalgic notes and royal flair;
  • Champlain Blue HDC-CL-26 – a dark and bright blue as if borrowed from modern art paintings;
  • Green Meets Blue S430-4 – a middle tone of blue-green with a very soothing pastel cover;
  • Drama Queen MQ1-11 – a bold raspberry mauve that would bring a cheerful scent to the equally bright yet darker teal from Behr;
  • Calypso Blue HDC-CL-27 – a true shade of bright teal that reveals equal amounts of blue and green.

Use of Sophisticated Teal in Interior

Many of us associate home with harmony, balance, and restoration. Luckily, all these features can be infused by Sophisticated Teal. Unsurprisingly, ST is one of the decorators’ and homeowners’ favorite paint colors. If you decide to decorate your interior with teal, the following guide with design ideas will be helpful.

Add More Color

Bring joy and positivity to your life with a brightly painted lounge area, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom by pairing teal walls with natural wood or other bright colors (browns, oranges, and yellows are favorites). Experts claim that such a color palette favors north-facing rooms, providing them with all-year-long warmth.

Familiar Teal Design

The green undertone in Sophisticated Teal adds a Vintage-scented note to the blue. This is why this paint color finds itself at home in traditional design styles. Take, for instance, a Classic lounge, Farmhouse bedroom, or Cottage-style kitchen. The nostalgic teal shade renders familiarity and makes you feel safe and understood.

Luxury Bedroom

Looking long enough at Sophisticated Teal, you may see some diamond sparkle. Indeed, teal bears a few notes of royal beauty. If you don’t mind falling asleep and waking up surrounded by a charming color that boosts your self-esteem and creates a private space, don’t hesitate to choose Sophisticated Teal. By the way, teal works great with white, juicy bursts of colors, and wood.

Kitchen and Dining Room

ST is an impressively inviting and entertaining color. You won’t regret painting the kitchen cabinets teal if pairing them with white walls, gold hardware, and wood surfaces. The resulting design concept leans strongly Mediterranean or Provence. Let the breezy and energetic teal shade assist you while cooking by providing a perfect themed ambiance.

Since ST is intriguingly bold, experts see it as a great asset in Retro-decorated dining rooms. Add more color through a Vintage area rug with ethnic motifs, bright paintings, designer lamps, and interestingly shaped furniture. 

Welcoming Hallway

At first glance, one wouldn’t say ST is inviting, yet the flashy green undertone makes the paint color seem organic in any space. If you add a teal accent to your entry area, you will most likely end up with a modernly decorated hallway that instantly shows off your exquisite taste. Designers usually pair teal with white, yet, as of late, a new design option has been standing out – drawing bright orange or red-colored furniture on the teal canvas. 


In the same way, the duck this teal shade is named after rushes to water; Sophisticated Teal cannot help but perfectly integrate into the bathroom. We’ve seen it on vanity cabinets, walls, and wall paneling, paired with white, green, gold, and wood. 

Use of Sophisticated Teal for House Exterior

Teal is among the hues designers call the no.1 color for exterior house walls. It’s hard to believe this sophisticated paint color is flexible, yet it decorates traditional and modern exteriors effortlessly. Does a house painted fully teal seem to draw too much attention? Try a green-blue front door on white walls.

The Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22 paint color by Behr is the top color option for collected personalities who want to share their reserved views on the style as extroverted and extra-creative people do with truly bright colors. This magical green-blue is rational yet values self-contained originality.

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