A spicy reddish-orange that may lean bright coral or Mediterranean terracotta; one of the brightest and most energetic paint colors that stimulate creativity and optimistic thoughts.

LRV 17

Today, we review an unconventional paint color from Sherwin-Williams, one of the most trusted brands. While scrolling through its new Origin collection, a free-spirited selection of attention-grabbing colors inspired by the past and meant for the future, we came across Peppery, the brightest orange shade we’ve ever seen. The paint color, known under the code SW 6615, is an eager and energetic hue looking for equally bold and optimistic homeowners and designers to share its great features with. Peppery may become your next stop if you want to enjoy freedom of expression.

Peppery Paint Color Features

Peppery is an outstanding reddish-orange resonating with sunburnt terracotta’s warm and catchy color. Interestingly, you can find it in such color selections as Retro Revival and Rustic Sun, and we truly understand why. There is something roaring about this color, just like the vivid pops of color from the ‘60s to ‘80s. Simultaneously, its stimulating and earthy trace gives off a modern rustic vibe. 

Peppery is your no-fail paint color option if you are a creative person who seeks more excitement and dynamic color in your house. Still, it may be an excellent chance for everybody to try something new with orange accents. This vibrant color encourages mental activity and underlines your intuitive side. Think of Peppery if your interior or exterior design needs a dynamic and optimistic uplift. 

Peppery: Is It Warm or Cold?

This chili pepper tone feels as hot as it looks. Analyzing its RGB value, we found that the Red value substantially overpowers Green and Blue. We can say without any doubt that Peppery is one of the warmest paint colors, at least from the colors we dealt with. Using Peppery in large doses may lead to an overly warm and stimulating ambiance. This property is peculiar to a limited number of hues, and Peppery is one of them. 

How Does Lighting Affect Peppery?

The red veggie orange from SW is one of the rare paint colors that preserve their natural brightness all the way from rooms with northern exposure to those bathed in warm natural light. Although cold light may cast a more muted veil on Peppery, making it speak bold coral, it doesn’t stop reflecting a vibrant orange sparkle. Still, the brightest Peppery version resurfaces in rooms with southern exposure constantly flooded with sun rays. 

At night, the catchy reddish-orange turns into a somewhat earthy orange, explaining why colorists associate it with the Rustic style. Either way, Peppery is a show-stealing, intense paint color that draws all the attention. Choosing it in your interior supposes spacious rooms and perfect light conditions, even for a Peppery accent wall or furniture piece.

Peppery LRV

Knowing the light reflectivity value of paint colors can help you choose the right shade. On a scale from 0 (colors that fully absorb light) to 100 (those that fully bounce light back), our generously bright and cheerful shade of orange shows a pretty low LRV. A value of 17 stands for a paint color that reflects the smallest amount of light. Once again, use Peppery in large and well-lit spaces.

Peppery Undertones

Despite how red this paint color reads, Peppery is orange with saturated red undertones. Under special lighting, it may lean coral orange or very bright terracotta. One may also notice the most subtle gray hint, yet this is nothing but the play of cold lighting on this spicy paint color. 

Similar Colors

With the emerging popularity of fearless and courageous shades of bold colors, we weren’t surprised to find plenty of orange tones that match the vibe of Peppery. If you ever need a competitive alternative, you know where your source of inspiration is – at Hackrea.

  • Habanero Chile SW 7589 by Sherwin-Williams – a brighter and more saturated orange-red resembling the natural hot pepper color;
  • Jalapeño SW 6629 by Sherwin-Williams – a more brownish orange with red undertones, a more down-to-earth paint color;
  • Hot and Spicy T17-18 by Behr – a more muted and reddish orange yet as vibrant and spicy as Peppery;
  • Tibetan Orange PPU2-14 by Behr – a considerably less saturated red-orange, closer to a vivid terracotta tone;
  • Fire Dance 2171-20 by Benjamin Moore – a more saturated orange with bold red undertones that will steal the show even when compared to Peppery;
  • Teaberry Blossom PPG1189-7 by PPG Paints – a more reddish orange shade resonating with the vibrant organic color of freshly bloomed flowers;
  • Red River DE 5125 by Dunn-Edwards – a 99% similar orange shade to Peppery, perfect substitute.

Coordinating Colors

Unlike other bright paint colors, Peppery won’t allow equally bright pairings in the same space. One show-stealing color is enough. Still, try less saturated shades of green and blue as great complementary colors. Colorists from SW stick to white, off-whites, and neutral browns. You’ll be on the safe side if you pair Peppery with one of the following shades:

  • Faint Coral SW 6329 – a pale coral tone almost fading into a pastel purplish-pink with soft and inviting features;
  • Casa Blanca SW 7571 – a warm off-white penetrated by a subtle yellow note that lends a romantic retro vibe to this color;
  • Coriander Powder SW 9025 – a mid-tone tan with a cheerful yellow trace that brings the ultimate feel of warmth and comfort to this earthy paint color.

Use of Peppery in Interior Design

Orange, especially red-orange, is not often used in interior design. Choosing it for your next makeover may result in a truly original effect. You can always play it safe with an orange accent if a room fully painted with Peppery feels too much. The right decoration will adapt this paint color to a design style. It may be Retro, Mediterranean, or Contemporary. Who knows. Actually, designers know. Especially for you, we prepared a list of awe-inspiring design ideas with Peppery. Bring color to your design!

All in Peppery Spices

Get ready. This design idea is for the bravest out there. If you’re not afraid of vivid colors, consider a total peppery redecoration and paint all walls Peppery. This works for large rooms only with appropriate lighting conditions. That’s not all. Don’t forget about balancing elements, such as a good white pairing, indoor plants, or naturally textured textiles and furniture, to make this reddish-orange paint color feel welcome and at home. As a result, you’ll achieve a high-end interior that sets the right mood for the day.

Add a Mediterranean Accent

No wonder why Peppery reminds us of the summertime Mediterranean coast. How wouldn’t it, with such a terracotta color base? Bring color little by little to your home with daring orange accents. Even the tiniest peppery accent is enough to spread warmth and energy throughout the space.

Modern Design Concepts

As of late, more designers have opted for chaotic design concepts with lots of color and unusual shapes and prints. Peppery perfectly fits in as an accent wall, furniture, or decoration. If you were interested in this color in the first place, it means you’ll most probably be happy with an eclectic interior. We don’t know for sure what trends will come next in terms of years, yet now is high time for maximalism. Use this opportunity to fill your bedroom, living room, or kitchen with color and live every moment to the fullest.

Bedroom Theme: Tuscan Sunset

Try the joyful and mood-boosting paint color from SW in your bedroom; you’ll always be in a good mood. This summertime orange tone effortlessly suits modern, traditional, and eclectic interiors. Pair it with light pastels or stark organic colors like green, blue, or brown.

Contemporary Kitchen

We do not doubt the belonging of Peppery to the kitchen. This paint color seems to have been developed by colorists for this room in particular. Designers use it mainly in Mediterranean and Cottage-style cooking spaces, yet modern colorful kitchens are an equally perfect fit for Peppery. It works great with natural wood and stone. Make the cooking process more exciting and creative with Peppery.

Peppery Home Office

Believe it or not but oranges stimulate thinking and creativity. If you work remotely or have a home office where you do any kind of work, even your favorite hobby, think of painting walls with Peppery. The surroundings play an essential role in our productivity, and Peppery is meant to consolidate your activity efficiency. By the way, Modern and Traditional both work for our new favorite color.

Kids Room

Get the look: a white nursery with reddish terracotta wall accents and furniture of natural materials, wood, bamboo, rattan, or sisal. This design idea is an unmatchable alternative to overused all-neutral palettes. Additionally, the bold peppery color will add expressiveness and interest, which are of the utmost importance in a kid’s room.

Switching to a grown-up kid’s room, you can already choose an all-orange scheme and pair it with neutrally colored furniture. This design concept works most for a girl’s bedroom. The color itself is bold yet delightful, bringing positive energy without overpowering the room’s elements. 


Terracotta tiles are a huge trend in contemporary bathrooms. If you want a much more affordable and quick alternative, try a terracotta paint color on the walls. Or choose orange for accessories, as we like to call accents. Why is Peppery a successful choice? Unlike usual terracotta shades, this one stands out through a much brighter, authentic character. 

Use of Peppery for House Exterior

While many paint colors tend to fade out in natural light, Peppery firmly holds to its inner beauty and bright features. Use Peppery on exterior walls, the front door, or the roof, and it will stay as bold and vibrant as on the color sample. It may be bright compared to other colors, but Peppery feels exceptionally organic and natural, blending into the outdoors effortlessly. 

The Peppery SW 6615 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is one of the most saturated orange shades with an attention-stealing red trace. Reddish-orange, terracotta, coral orange, hot pepper red; Peppery has many interpretations, yet not as many as its positive features. Such bold colors like Peppery help us go more optimistic through the uncertain contemporary times and express our inner colors, whose meaning counts a thousand times more than the overused neutrals we see at every corner.

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