A shade of white, impressively crisp and invigorating, reminiscent of the first snowfall, and surprisingly soft and calm.

LRV 90

White is among the first options homeowners refer to when planning a design project since no other color can replace its exceptional abilities to brighten up the space, expand its borders, pair with almost any shade, and adapt to every style in part. This is why we have recently reviewed some of the most renowned white shades from various paint manufacturers, and, today, we would like to introduce to you another outstanding representative in this sense – Simply White OC-117 from Benjamin Moore, an off-white with a refreshing base yet no less impressive soft effect. 

For a start, it is worth mentioning that, despite the name, this beautiful shade of white is rather complex due to its range of undertones and unique mix of features. Simply White was developed as part of the  Modern Farmhouse collection, which instantly makes us appreciate it as a color that embraces tradition, although not devoid of a sleek contemporary air. Furthermore, this soft shade of white was chosen as the color of the year in 2016, which points one more time at its uniqueness that makes it stand out in the category of shades alike. The most important thing is that Simply White has not lost its charm yet, and, years after it was developed, it is still a standout representative of white shades, being applied intensely in interior design projects. Well, such a result is quite inspiring for a seemingly simple shade of white. Let’s find out why so many homeowners and designers have fallen in love with this color!

Simply White paint color features

The newly discovered shade of white from Benjamin Moore is an off-white, impressively crisp and invigorating, reminiscent of the first snowfall, and surprisingly soft and calm – quite opposite features, but this is what makes Simply White special: a perfect combination of various features that ensures its versatility and uniqueness. We have already written about neutral shades with unusual pairings of different feelings, but nothing can beat the mix of stimulation, contemplation, inspiration, familiarity, and harmony that this color radiates.

Simply White: is it warm or cold?

That’s the question that will clarify everything. The gray notes are responsible for the crisp effect that this color replicates, which would make us call it rather cool. Well, that’s not it! The hidden yellow scents are there to offer this shade a slightly warm feeling, which makes it a soft color as well. Actually, Simply White interprets the balance between frosty and soft undertones, and it depends on the lighting what direction this shade will take. 

How does lighting affect Simply White?

This is when Simply White reveals its whole range of features. Let’s start with natural light! In perfect lighting conditions, the yellow undertones are almost unnoticeable, which leads to a fresh white shade, although not devoid of a bit of softness. Once it gets darker, the yellow notes peek through the surface of this color and offer it a slightly muted effect. In north-facing rooms, this color stays true to its natural beauty inspired by the snowy freshness with clearly perceived yellowish notes. At the same time, in the south, east, and a bit in west-facing rooms, Simply White acquires an exquisite clean appearance, but it is enough for the sun to move a little, leaving a tiny splash of shade, and the yellow undertones instantly penetrate this shade. 

Simply White LRV

Even if Simply White is an off-white, it is still close to true whites, and its LRV (Light Reflectance Value), which is appreciated on a scale from 0 to 100, is there to prove it. This crispy off-white reaches a value of 91.7. To make it clear, Simply White is a bright shade that reflects the light all over the room, making it spacious. Particularly the frosty gray notes and the soft yellow scents are the ones to place Simply White a bit farther from the true whites. Still, its reflectance abilities are no less impressive, and the hidden undertones revealed in particular situations add individuality to this shade.

Simply White undertones

We have already revealed the undertones that hide between the off-white surface of this color. These are the irreplaceable fresh gray notes and calming yellow scents. Still, there is another secret that adds even more personality to Simply White. In particular conditions, a small amount of rather green or blue undertones come to the surface, depending on the neighboring colors. It seems that as fast as we discover a part of this color, it instantly prepares another secret. A bit unpredictable, not that easy to work with, but exceptional of its kind – this is the conclusion most designers came to after working with this shade.

Similar colors

We cannot deny the uniqueness of Simply White, but we also cannot overlook some features that this color shares with other hues. The range of off-whites is quite wide both at Benjamin Moore and other manufacturers, even a particular kind of balance between cool and soft notes is to be noticed at other shades as well. It is usually the tiny details that ensure originality for every color in part. Let’s discover some of the alternatives to Simply White!

  • Mountain Peak White 2148-70 – a clear white that hides a surprising depth and sophistication, which is the result of a slightly darker variation of Simply White;
  • Snowfall White 2144-70 – a shade impressively similar to OC-117, although slightly lighter due to less intense undertones;
  • High Reflectance White SW 7757 by Sherwin-Williams – almost identical to Simply White, the difference being noticed when referring to its slightly higher LRV;
  • White 027 by Dulux – crispy white with more intense gray and yellow undertones and a slightly lower LRV;
  • Kissed by Juliet EPWN-21 by Behr – a slightly darker alternative with more perceived warm undertones.

Coordinating colors

It may seem that Simply White would work with any shade. Still, this color is quite picky, even if the range of possibilities as a whole is quite wide. It pairs perfectly with warmer shades of beige or deeper neutrals, where other shades of white are not an exception, particularly true whites. It is friendly towards bold accents, although the soothing ones should also be considered for an exceptional contrastive result. No less suitable are deep shades of green and blue for a rather serene effect. Let’s get more specific!

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 – neutral white enriched with a charming crisp effect, perfect for walls, trims, and pieces of furniture;
  • Oxford White OC-30 – slightly warm shade of white that finds itself between the warm Simply White and the clean Chantilly Lace;
  • White Dove OC-17 – an off-white shade with a slight note of warmth that balanced by the subtle gray undernotes;
  • Cloud White OC-130 – soft shade of white, impressively sophisticated due to its resemblance to thin clouds on a clear sky;
  • Swiss Coffee OC-45 – an off-white shade with beige undertones that looks extremely warm and is very versatile, working with various styles;
  • Soft Chamois OC-13 – light greige with warm undertones penetrated by a slight hint of green that enriches the space with sophistication and relaxation at the same time;
  • Hale Navy HC-154 – deep shade of naval blue that became a classic due to its limitless interpretation of  naval traditions;
  • Accessible Beige SW 7036 by Sherwin Williams – warm shade of beige with clearly visible gray undertones, gravitating towards the cool and warm sides, depending on the lighting.

Use of Simply White in interior

Simply White replicates the connection between traditional and modern values, serving as a perfect option for a contemporary approach to interior styles. Besides its impressive versatility towards various colors and styles, this color works well for the walls, trim, and particular pieces of furniture. Furthermore, it can be used as a background for bold accents and a combination partner for other shades alike. Let’s get convinced of its suitability within contemporary settings by scrolling through various design solutions!

Modern Farmhouse

The warm undertones of Simply White resonate perfectly with the rich wood texture of the Farmhouse style, while the cool gray notes offer such settings a contemporary effect. Therefore, Simply White is a perfect shade for Modern Farmhouse. Be it the walls, trim, or cabinetry painted this way. This beautiful shade should be accompanied by a wooden floor, a rather monochromatic palette directed towards brown, soft textiles, traditional patterns, and a few splashes of greenery. Simply White will impressively smooth the transition from traditional to modern values. 

Rustic charm

The Simply White yellow undertones work very well with wooden texture, while the gray undertones keep it balanced. This is why the beloved-by-many shade of white serves as a perfect companion for rustic settings enriched with raw surfaces, particularly wood in its natural beauty. Besides ensuring the harmony of undertones within the interior, Simply White refreshes the environment and offers this style a contemporary look. 

Industrial chic

That’s right! Even a raw style as the industrial one can radiate charm when paired with an appropriate color. In this sense, Simply White is welcome to soften the strict lines, raw surfaces, and functional arrangement of the Industrial style. Nevertheless, the slight gray hint is there to resonate with the rather formal environment ensured by this style. As you have probably noticed, people have been trying lately to bring softness to their interior regardless of the style, even to the Industrial one, and Simply White is the perfect option.

Living room

Considering that Simply White is versatile, you can really play with any style in the living room. Paint the walls in this shade and use it as a canvas for your design ideas. It works outstandingly well with vintage elements, flamboyant pieces of furniture for an elegant setting, or cozy textures for Scandinavian comfort. For perfect integration of Simply White, you should consider either a monochromatic palette directed towards beige, an all-white setting, or a few accents, such as soothing shades of bolder colors or wooden texture. 


We cannot skip the bedroom when speaking about this warm shade of white, that feels like a breath of fresh air in the morning and a soft blanket at night. Of course, you are free to play with contrasts in any way that suits your preferences. Still, experts suggest opting for an all-white bedroom, using Simply White for the walls, or adding accents by considering matching soothing colors for the bedding or pieces of furniture. You can also go with the classic combination of white and wood for an extra cozy effect.

Kitchen and dining room

Simply White is an excellent paint color for contemporary kitchens, be it a sleek modern setting or an elegant traditional one. Well, let’s see how it works! Consider OC-117 for the upper cabinets combined with naval blue for the lower ones to achieve a modern combination of contrasts. Next comes the traditional Farmhouse kitchen with an all-white approach and splashes of wood. No less astonishing looks a similar all-white kitchen devoid of additional accents for a perfect transition from traditional to modern. One should consider that all cases imply a sleek white backsplash in order not to disturb the clean and serene environment. 

What about the dining room? Simply White for the walls and any contrast you want. Be it the classic white and black or white and wood, although soothing shades are also suitable. Actually, the slight yellow notes of Simply White acquire a surprisingly appetizing effect once applied in such spaces.

Home office

For lovers of aesthetic interiors, an all-white home office, where Simply White is a component part, and a few wooden elements are everything you need for a sleek contemporary setting and a pleasant environment. Nevertheless, the beloved naval blue is a very skilled companion when it comes to timeless results. All in all, the main character, which is Simply White, offers a perfect sense of confidence and serves as a source of contemplation and inspiration, which are much welcome in such spaces.


Simply White works perfectly for cabinetry. Nevertheless, when entering the bathroom, it would be a pleasure to be surrounded at the maximum by this soft color, which means that painting the walls this way is more appropriate. Wood and metals with gold or silver undertones are the true companions for this shade. It should be noted that each combination in part leads to a specific environment, be it a classic or modern one. Nevertheless, you can as well mix all the earlier mentioned elements for a transitional result.

Use of Simply White for house exterior

In contrast with its integration in the interior, Simply White acquires an entirely different appearance when applied to the exterior. The great amount of daylight offers this color a rather clean effect noticed at true whites. Still, there is a slight inviting note to be perceived, which makes it a perfect alternative to pure whites for those looking for a subtle soft effect. The scenario changes entirely when this color is used to paint the front door, where it can reveal its entire range of undertones if applied on a contrastive background, ensuring the same welcoming effect.

The Simply White OC-117 paint color from Benjamin Moore is a delightful off-white shade that not only interprets a perfect combination of cool and soft notes but also replicates the transition from traditional to modern, which is welcome in contemporary interiors that try to integrate a bit from each approach.

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