Kitchen trends 2021: the latest kitchen design ideas

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen in 2021 and still don’t have a clear idea of what your dream design will be? It’s time to consult the advice of experts in this field. Interior designers have already formed their predictions for designing and decorating one of the most comfortable and functional spaces in the house. Judging by their predictions, the course towards practicality, individuality, and environmental friendliness of the interior remains. But first things first.

You may not like trendy grays or popular greens. You can be biased towards the current decor and warmly welcome classic chic instead of the still popular, but already slightly overpassed laconicism. However, if you really dream of a stylish kitchen, we do not recommend ignoring the critical kitchen design trends of 2021. Moreover, there are not so many of them – only five, but very, very interesting.

Open planning and maximum free space

Light, air, and flight – in a spacious, impressive kitchen, you involuntarily feel a surge of strength and a desire to move mountains literally. To these emotions, the desire of designers is subordinated to expand the space as efficiently as possible and to organize everything so that not a single detail is visually heavy or redundant.

Happy owners of large houses can relax: as a rule, kitchens’ size in such homes is impressive. Those with a more modest living space tend to follow the well-trodden path and connect the kitchen to the living room. From a design point of view, in situations like this, two options are possible:

  • Various designs of the working area and recreation area. Competent finishing, furnishing, lighting, and decoration will visually differentiate the parts of a large kitchen, creating the right mood and atmosphere in each. The most important thing is to visually combine both zones using accessories of a specific color or decor items and furniture from the same style group.
  • The design of both areas is in the same style. This solution allows you to design a spacious, multifunctional, and harmonious kitchen-living room without the time and financial costs for zoning, which is necessary in the first case.

Which design option to choose, you can decide for yourself. Most importantly, the more space you have in the kitchen, the more comfortable and cheerful you will feel in it.

New technologies and gadgets

Even if you prefer sophisticated neoclassicism to a fashionable loft, you should definitely not neglect the opportunity to equip your kitchen with the latest technology. This is not only incredibly convenient for those who enthusiastically devote their free time to cooking but also allows you to create a modern atmosphere in the kitchen in the spirit of high-tech style. Besides, the designers have identified three key features that the ultra-trendy kitchen 2021 has:

  • Hood. A device that effectively removes kitchen odors and vapors from the room is also becoming a design element today – especially if it can work in automatic mode.
  • Built-in appliances. More built-in appliances, of high-quality and different – from a sink with a waste grinder and scales in a cutting board to a refrigerator with a wine cabinet. There are exceptions to this rule, but we’ll talk about them a little later.
  • Smart devices. If you already own a coffee machine, kettle, and toaster that can be controlled using a smartphone, do not stop there – today, innovations are more relevant than ever.

Returning to household appliances as an attribute of kitchen design, one cannot but mention that this trend is gradually gaining popularity. Its history began with the Italian brand Smeg, which created the famous collection of art-refrigerators in collaboration with the legendary Dolce & Gabbana brand. Smeg did not stop there, and since then has offered a lot of exciting things – from the retro line of the same refrigerators to vintage electric kettles and food processors.

Other manufacturers of household appliances picked up the trend, and today such models can be found not only in the Italian brand catalog. If such devices match your kitchen’s style and mood, do not hide them under any circumstances – they will make the room lively and cozy.

Ultimate ergonomics

Going into the kitchen, you know exactly what is where. Whether you’re cooking or cleaning, you have everything you need close at hand. Looking around the kitchen, you feel complete harmony, not burdened with unnecessary details. This is, in short, the concept of the perfect kitchen proposed by the designers for 2021. In fact, creating a truly ergonomic kitchen space in line with this trend is not so difficult – just take into account a few relevant solutions:

  • 3 Tier Cabinets. Have become the brightest trend of the coming year. Indeed, the space under the kitchen ceiling is most often not used at all, why not expand the number of storage spaces at its expense?
  • Minimalistic facades. The fewer items on kitchen cabinets, the easier it is to keep them in perfect condition. In an effort to be laconic, the designers propose to abandon the handles, replacing them with a push-to-open system.
  • Precise geometry. 2021 kitchen trends imply a complete rejection of bloated, pretentious, and voluminous rounded shapes—the more laconic and more exact the furniture’s lines, the more balanced the interior looks.
  • Competent organization of space. The arrangement of furniture and appliances, comfortable placement of accessories, arrangement of a recreation area – harmony should be felt in everything. If you are having trouble with this, it may be worth contacting a designer or consultant.

Natural textures and materials

One can hardly recall when natural materials lost their relevance – perhaps partially in the era of retro style. Today they are again at their peak – and almost every natural material will find a place in kitchen design:

  • Wood. Its warm, soothing, and noble texture remain a timeless classic – you don’t even need to hide it under the paint. Designers try to use as much wood as possible, which manifests itself in the most unexpected techniques – such as slatted facades or open wood texture inside display cabinets.
  • Metal. Today is trending – copper and brass, delighting with deep natural shades and matte tints. In the kitchen design, they are used more and more often – both in the form of decorative inserts and in the hardware material and even in the decoration of tables and chairs.
  • Ceramics. Monochrome glazed, with the effect of terracotta and majolica, or natural firing effect without staining – such tiles are used both in the decoration of kitchen backsplashes and flooring.
  • Stone. Not a single super fashionable kitchen can do without the texture of polished stone. There is an alternative solution for those who cannot afford expensive stone slabs – thin large-format porcelain stoneware with imitation of natural granite, marble, or onyx.
  • Glass. Transparent, eco-friendly material creates a feeling of lightness and delightful play of light. Colored and frosted glass is used to a minimum – and more often in small decorative elements.

Reasonable eclecticism

If you ask what style is the most relevant in the interior today, the answer will be unambiguous – none. Of course, one cannot fail to note the continuing trend towards naturalness and minimalism, but this does not mean that you need to design your kitchen with the utmost laconism and bias towards any decor.

In fact, 2021 in interior design is a time of self-expression, unexpected combinations, charming borrowings, and cozy mixes. Today the designers successfully combine minimalism and neoclassicism, loft and country, scandi and hygge, art deco and French country. Take your favorite motives from any style and bring them to a common denominator – no one else will have such a kitchen.

The color in 2021 remains an essential aspect of kitchen design – especially when considering that general trends in interior design deny any patterns and ornaments. The purity of color is proclaimed an absolute value – and the choice is offered from the following options:

  • for wall painting – green (mint, sage, apple, green-blue, olive), blue (pastel, sea, indigo, turquoise), white and cream, light gray, dusty rose;
  • for kitchen cabinets and islands – black, brick red, white, chocolate, steel gray, sea blue, wine, warm pumpkin, and sunny yellow;
  • for the floor – all shades of gray, beige, and brown, occasionally diluted with bluish tones.

Such an extensive palette opens up possibilities for different color combinations, but be careful and analyze the combinatorial nature of furniture and surfaces of different shades.

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As mentioned above, the kitchen’s cabinet key trends are 3 tier cabinets, metal inserts, and handleless opening systems. You should also pay attention to the following solutions:

  • natural wood texture;
  • the presence of open shelves for indoor plants;
  • use of ergonomic storage systems inside the cabinets – including pull-out and folding shelves.

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Just like last season, kitchen countertops in 2021 are an excellent way to combine functionality and aesthetics. The following materials have become the optimal solution for this:

  • natural or recycled wood with a minimum surface finish;
  • natural stone – durable, eco-friendly, with an incredibly beautiful mesmerizing pattern;
  • ultra-thin porcelain stoneware – tiles of a new generation, delighting with unconditional mechanical strength, functionality, and a variety of imitation of natural stone;
  • glass is a wonderful solution for dining tables in both classic and modern kitchens.

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The kitchen backsplash still takes on the toughest workloads yet captivate with his natural aesthetics. When decorating the kitchen next year, choose a wall finish in the work area from the following materials:

  • transparent or frosted glass – increased strength without unnecessary drawings and patterns;
  • tiles and porcelain stoneware – a variety of shades and textures of the material will allow you to find the perfect solution;
  • natural stone – decorating the countertop and backsplash with a stone of the same color is considered a unique chic;
  • steel – a great option for a high-tech kitchen;
  • mirror backsplash is a stylish solution for those who cook infrequently.

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Competent lighting and an adequately selected light fixture design are prerequisites for creating a fashionable kitchen interior. The following decisions will receive special attention in 2021:

  • lamps and chandeliers made of metal, ceramics, glass, wood, and acrylic;
  • non-standard shapes – bunches of bulbs, spirals, cells, antique lanterns;
  • unusual decor – mirror inserts, boho-style ornaments, etc.

Track lighting is another undisputed favorite of 2021. A year earlier, track lighting made a splash in the interior of living rooms and bedrooms – now it’s the turn of the kitchen.

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Eco-style and originality are the fundamental principles in the concept of decorating the kitchen floor. Designers recommend actively using the following materials and techniques:

  • long and wide wooden boards;
  • aged effect parquet;
  • non-standard laying of a wooden floor – using boards of different widths or with an extraordinary direction of elements;
  • oiled parquet;
  • tile “terrazzo” and “hexagonal”.

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Replacing kitchen sinks and faucets with stylish and functional ones in 2021 is indispensable. This time the object of close attention of designers was:

  • faucets with brass and copper finish;
  • models with a high spout and a practical pull-out hand shower;
  • “smart” mixers that can be controlled by voice and switched on/off without contact;
  • sinks with colored panels;
  • sinks from embossed and textured materials.

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As mentioned above, an abundance of household appliances is a must-have for a trendy kitchen in 2021. In addition to the devices discussed above, you should also take a closer look at the following technical innovations:

  • combined hobs with conventional and induction burners;
  • blocks with the integration of several functional elements (for example, sinks and hob);
  • mini-appliances for small kitchens;
  • professional equipment (systems with grill grates, plates with special hollows for woks, etc.).

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We have already figured out how to design a stylish kitchen following the newest trends in 2021. It remains only to learn what not to do in order not to achieve the opposite effect. In this case, we are talking about kitchen design trends that are no longer in demand, have gone out of fashion, or simply confirmed their failure.

Next year, designers propose to move away from the following interior solutions:

  • bar counter – cumbersome, impractical, and entirely replaced by a more convenient and functional kitchen island;
  • bright, eye-cutting shades – colors that cause headaches are proposed to be replaced with calmer and more saturated or muted and pastel tones;
  • the lush embossed decor of kitchen facades – smooth doors without unnecessary finishing are appropriate in any fashionable interior;
  • glass kitchen backsplashes with photo printing – gives way to plain glass and monochrome tiles;
  • gloss – a refined matte naturalness comes to replace impractical gloss;
  • cluttering kitchen surfaces – when there is nothing superfluous on the tables and countertops, it looks unusually stylish.

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Trying to bring your kitchen design in line with the most fashionable trends of 2021, do not forget about your own wishes, needs, and habits. Speaking about current trends, it is worth mentioning one more, perhaps the most important one – individuality. Arrange the kitchen space of your home so that you feel comfortable, harmonious, and confident in it. Maybe this is the most significant interior design trend for 2021 – and for all time.

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