Kitchen Lighting Trends 2024: Modern Lighting Fixtures & Ideas

In 2024, the 2023 kitchen interior design trends will continue to develop, bringing a few novelties. Kitchens will become more technological and versatile. There is an increase in home and apartment owners’ interest in the island workspace arrangement and combining the kitchen and living room. Thus, particular attention is paid to lighting trends, which should be practical, have a distinctive design, and even express your way of viewing the design style. There are still many new and unexpected things about kitchen lighting this season. Designers offer several kitchen lighting trends relevant to this season. Let’s discover them! 

1. Functional Lighting

Energy efficiency is one of the main trends of our time. This trend will also affect kitchen lighting. Designers recommend dividing different lighting (point, LED, and directional) into groups using dimmers. This option is most favorable for vision. What’s more, it will save money on electricity bills.

2. Eco-Friendly Design

Another leading kitchen lighting trend is eco-friendly lighting fixtures. This specific trend implies using natural materials for the pendant, such as wood, bamboo, glass, rattan, sisal, cork, jute, organic fabrics, and metals.  If you are interested in more sustainable design ideas, check out our article on the latest eco-friendly design trends.

3. Unexpected Shapes and Colors

Traditional chandeliers will be successfully replaced in 2024 with new and surprising pendants. Give preference to the following trendy kitchen lighting options:

  • unique lamps in the form of bunches of light bulbs;
  • austere lamps in the spirit of neoclassicism but with unexpected colors;
  • lighting fixtures with decor (mirror inserts, ethnic decor, etc.);
  • lamps of unusual geometric shapes;
  • pendants with original colors;
  • architecturally shaped fixtures.

4. Wall Sconces

The functional yet mostly decorative wall light fixtures are particularly in demand this design season. Designers underline the importance of an appealing ambiance in a contemporary kitchen; the more attractive the wall sconces, the better. The no-fail wall sconces are the metal ones with retro designs or the emerging round-shape sconces.

5. Clear Glass Pendants

Analyzing interior design trends lately, we came across the idea that designers will prefer glass in the new season. This trend won’t go unnoticed when choosing the best kitchen lighting pendants. Clear glass stands out in particular. So, this budget-friendly and versatile lighting option will surely keep you in style. 

6. Wavy Lines

Undoubtedly, curvy shapes will still reign in 2024. People are tired of sharp lines that feel austere. They want soft shapes that invite and create the feeling of home. Thus, curved pendants come to the rescue and offer the broadest range of design ideas. The round shapes work for all, be it a chandelier, a wall sconce, or a few pendants above the kitchen island. 

7. Handcraft and Natural Materials

Interior design trends don’t usually apply to one area of design only. They come as a wave of inspiration. Similarly, artisanal pieces are firmly entering the 2024 season in all regards. Thus, we encourage you to opt for one-of-a-kind handcrafted pendants of natural materials to promote local manufacturers and decorate your kitchen with conversation-starting lighting fixtures. 

Another excellent kitchen lighting trend is furniture lighting. The kitchen will become visually more spacious if the upper row of kitchen cabinets, open shelves, or glass doors are illuminated. In addition, interior lighting in the top row of cabinets is an effective way to add dynamism to the kitchen.

  • luminaires installed along the upper perimeter neutralize the cramped conditions due to the low ceiling;
  • spotlights installed in the floor covering along the facade create the illusion of cabinets floating in the air.

Designers recommend using LED lights to highlight specific areas of kitchen furniture. For example, a wine cabinet or built-in appliances. With LED lamps’ help, you can focus on an unusual facade decor or decorative element using shadows. Visit the updated article on under-cabinet lighting for more design ideas.

Since most modern kitchens display kitchen islands, we should not overlook the kitchen island lighting solutions and go through a few trendy designs expected to reach heights in the new season.

  • Rectilinear fixtures are the no.1 trend for kitchen islands;
  • Rows of pendants, favoring natural texture;
  • One-piece designer pendants with personalized features to make a statement.

Find more ideas in our comprehensive article on kitchen island lighting trends.

If your dining table is part of the kitchen, it deserves separate attention when planning the kitchen lighting. This space should be emphasized as a functional area underlined by trendy lighting sources that steal the show. Here are a few options:

  • Floating chandeliers as centerpieces above the dining area;
  • Accent pendants with unusual shapes and surprising colors;
  • Customized pieces with large-scale architectural shapes;
  • Round-shaped pendants of sustainable materials.

You can explore more lighting ideas in our new article on the latest kitchen table lighting trends.

Trendy Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Industrial-Inspired Luminaires

In most contexts regarding the latest interior design trends, Industrial style holds a leading position. It couldn’t go without showing respect to lighting, and Industrial pendants work pretty well in the cooking area due to their functionality and authenticity. As for design, consider the trendy metallic fixtures of any shape. Preference is given to bulb-like pendants, black metal or brass fixtures, and bubble chandeliers with ramifications.

Speak Through Color

We are seeing more confidence in using bold colors in 2024, and the new kitchen lighting trends should not be an exception. This is your sign to opt for one or more bright-colored pendants in the kitchen, especially above the dining area. Such lighting sources will 100% draw all the attention. 

Trending Fungi Lamp

It’s not every kitchen that you’ll see a table lamp in, yet that’s not the case when it comes to last season’s favorite mushroom table lamps, which are still in trend. This year, designers brought them to the cooking space as well. If the space allows, expect to see fungus lamps on kitchen counters or dining tables. Yet, we cannot deny the aesthetic effect they have on design.

The trendy kitchen lighting options suggested by designers for the new season are innovative practicality, unexpected shapes, eco-friendly choices, and customized designs. All these options have timeless potential, and you can safely consider them for years to come. Not least, don’t forget to put passion into every element, particularly those illuminating your house.

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