Top 11 Lighting Trends to Try in 2024

Lighting is usually overlooked and left as a last-second decision when it plays a significant role, both functional and stylish, in how your interior design looks and feels. So, don’t postpone this part and get in the know of the latest lighting trends. The season’s best lighting options and pendant designs will surprise you with their originality and practicality. Illuminate your home with the brightest ideas of the year! 

1. Eco-Friendly Lighting

In the context of thoughtful design and environmental awareness, designers suggest paying more attention to sustainable lighting pendant materials and energy-saving sources in the new season. Therefore, they urge us to opt for organic or recycled materials to make a difference. By the way, nature-inspired shapes are preferred while materials like rattan, bamboo, recycled cardboard, paper, rope, ceramic, recycled glass, and others take the fore. Of course, don’t forget to switch to energy-saving LED lights if you haven’t done it so far.

2. Timeless Fungi

Undeniably, the stylish mushroom lamps were all the rage in 2023. While some regard it as a trend that comes and goes, interior designers and true connoisseurs know that the mushroom design lamps are suitable for any era. In a few words, they are timeless. Inspired by the whimsical ‘70s, the fungi-shaped lamps are a real find for contemporary interiors. So, a single lamp like this in your living room, bedroom, or home office, and your home looks like out of a magazine about stylish interiors. 

3. Sculptural Pendants

Opt for clearly defined shapes for your new lighting pendants in 2024. Yet, the more intricate and original, the more focus they will gather. Thus, they are a perfect way to spruce up the space and redecorate it without additional accessories. Distinctive geometric forms, raw materials, and large-scale sizes take center stage. 

4. Curvy Shapes

The rounded aesthetic of the 70s manifests its return through curvy-shaped pendants as well. Thus, expect lots of lighting fixtures with distinguishable round edges, bubble pendants, and wavy features.

5. Rectilinear Fixtures

The futuristic lighting sources with rectilinear forms will gain more popularity in the new season. Moreover, they perfectly integrate into dining rooms and kitchens above the dining table or kitchen island.

In the new design and fashion era, color trends are switching to self-expressive shades, warm tones, and soothing natural hues. So, if you want to opt for a trendy pendant color, you better stick to one of those categories. Yet, don’t be afraid that a colorful lighting fixture will look out of hand and not in the right place. Today, dazzling splashes of color are the hottest trend of the season. 

Start with warming terracotta or soothing green and blue. Alternatively, try radiant pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, or violets if you want a pendant that steals the show. Still, nothing looks trendier than the preserved natural color of organic texture, especially when considering raw materials.

7. Kitchen Lighting Trends

  • Spotlights, track lighting, and under-cabinet lighting for those who spend a lot of time cooking and need practical light sources above the workspace;
  • Nostalgic walls sconces above the cooking area to set an ambient mood;
  • Naturally textured pendants above the kitchen island or in the center of the ceiling;
  • Linear light fixtures above the kitchen island or dining table;
  • Centerpiece chandeliers with designer marks to spread light all over the kitchen.

8. Trendy Dining Room Lighting Options

  • Ceiling window above the dining area for natural light;
  • Accent chandeliers of glass to spruce up ultra-modern interiors and suit elegant spaces;
  • Statement pendants to encourage conversation;
  • Linear fixtures with intricate design features;
  • Naturally textured pendants in earthy colors.

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9. Living Room Lighting Trends

  • Circular pendants on the ceiling;
  • Artistic lighting fixtures for visual interest;
  • Large-scale sculptural pendants;
  • Accent floor lamps;
  • Reinterpreted mushroom table lamps.

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10. Bedroom Lighting Design Trends

  • Brutalist downlight fixtures above bedside tables;
  • Classic or inverted fungi table lamps;
  • Bold, architecturally shaped chandeliers;
  • Organically textured pendants on the ceiling.

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11. Bathroom Lighting Trends

  • High-polish finishes such as chrome and silver;
  • Focus-drawing chandeliers above the bathtub;
  • Colorful LED strips in the wet area for a moody ambiance;
  • Lighting sources with a backlit effect in the vanity area.

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